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Dad activities help you lose weight! ?A story about how I lost 5 kg through dad activities

“I gained weight while working as a dad” “I want to balance dieting and being a dad!”Are you worried about this?

When I started my life as a father, I also gained about 3 kilograms.

This was because I had to eat and drink because I was earning money through tea.

Another reason is probably because I had a lot of dads who fed me lots of delicious food lol.

This time, the author will introduce the method and key points for losing 5 kg through dad activities.

If you practice using this article as a reference,Balancing diet and being a dadYou can make it come true!

What is the key to losing weight while being a dad?

Tips for losing weight while being a dadare as follows:

We will introduce four points to lose weight!

Point XNUMX: Just walk a lot

1 steps or more per dayLet's walk towards this.

If you walk a lot, you will burn more calories, which will inevitably lead to you losing weight.

In addition, Tighten your legs and gain strengthThere are many benefits.

It can be a good change of pace, so try to be conscious of walking a lot.

Point 1: Schedule several events per day

Schedule several events a day, such as two meetings and one meal.

Earn moneyOf course, there will be more movement, soEarn stepsIt will be.

Therefore, the authorThe location of each item is intentionally set a little far away.I was increasing the distance I walked.

As you walk around various places, you can discover shops that you didn't know about, so it's very refreshing and fun.

Also, even if you are canceled on the same day, you will have more time and feel more comfortable because you have plans with other parents.

Point 1: Schedule one meal per day

Planning a meal with dad?Preferably 1 case per dayLet's.

In my personal experience, the restaurants I go to with my dad tend to have relatively large portions.

Therefore, when you are on a diet,Plan to eat either lunch or dinnerlet's put

As a reward for walking so much, I often scheduled a meal in the evening.

I recommend it because it gives you a sense of accomplishment for the day.

Also, dadA child who eats a lotseems to be happier.

In fact, I once heard a father say, ``The other day I went to dinner with a child who was a picky eater, and I was worried that he was eating only himself.''

It's true that if you're going to eat together, you'll be happier if your child eats well.

When eating,Reactions such as “It’s delicious!”Let's not forget that too.

Point 0: Choose drinks with zero calories

Drink as much as possibleLow calorieLet's choose one.

People tend to think that drinks don't make you fat, butSurprisingly high in caloriesIt is

Also, I tend to drink gulps because I don't feel like eating.

If you do this, you will increase your calorie intake without realizing it and end up gaining weight.

Be careful when meeting people or eating together.

You can drink it even while on a diet!low calorie drinks

Low calorie drinks areUnsweetened coffee, unsweetened tea, tea.

These drinks have almost no calories, so you can safely drink them while on a diet.

My recommendation is unsweetened coffee.

Effect of improving bowel movements and reducing appetiteI really recommend it.

However, drinking too much can make you feel unwell.

Limit it to 1 or 2 cups a day.

How to spend your day after losing XNUMX kg

I would like to introduce an actual day when I lost 5 kg.

This is a day filled with the points I introduced earlier, so please use it as a reference.


Wake up, get ready, have a light breakfast

Train movement


1 meeting in Shinagawa (1 allowance)

Walk for about 40 minutes


1 meeting in Ebisu (1 allowance)

Walk for about 40 minutes

Shopping and taking a break at a cafe


1 meal in Omotesando (2 allowances)

While I burn calories by walking, I reduce my calorie intake by limiting myself to two meals, one in the morning and one in the evening.

This is just an example from the author, so please feel free to use it as a reference.

What to bring and wear when going on a diet as a dad

Bring as little weight as possible,Be sure to wear clothes that are comfortable for walking.

I will explain each of them.

Water is a must!

When walking a lot,water or carbonated waterPlease carry it with you.

You'll sweat and your throat will be dry, so be sure to stay hydrated.

Especially in the summer, staying hydrated is essential.

One 500ml plastic bottle will be enough.

Carbonated water isYour stomach will swell and you will feel full easilySo I recommend it.

My luggage is light

To make walking easier,Minimum luggageLet's narrow it down to.

In addition, shoulder bagThis will free up your hands and make it easier to walk.

I only carried water, a small wallet, a smartphone, earphones, and eyebrow, lip, and powder to touch up my makeup when I went to work as a dad.

Avoid shoes and clothes that are difficult to walk in!

Beautiful appearance andClothes that are easy to walk inPlease keep this in mind.

However, avoid wearing loose clothing such as sneakers or jeans, as this will give a sloppy look.

In addition, High heeled shoes and tight long skirtsis not recommended as it is difficult to walk.

Summary|Be beautiful while dieting and being a dad!

This time,How to lose weight by being a dadI have explained about.

Since this is my own experience, I believe that the method I have introduced is reproducible.

Please refer to this article and aim to balance diet and father life!

Gappori only with rice!Introducing the techniques and experiences taught by an active female college student pj ♪ Please use it for your own dad life ^ _ ^

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