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Would you be happy if I sent a long LINE message to a man who sent me a long LINE message about his daily life?


Would you be happy if I sent a long LINE message to a man who sent me a long LINE message about his daily life?





Thank you very much for your question.


Children around elementary school age happily report to their parents what happened at school.


Parents will be happy to hear that and respond with "That's right" and "That was amazing."The child was delighted with the parent's reaction, and the next day, he reported to the parent about the incident that happened at school.I think that this kind of repetition is done hundreds of thousands every day in Japan.


I don't know if the questioner has such an experience, but I think you can understand that this world is full of such repetitions.


Then, would the child be happy if the mother reported to such a child, ``What happened to your mother today?''


Children may be happy if it is once or twice.But if it is repeated, the child will not be pleased at all.


The child just wants to tell his story and make his mother laugh.So I don't want to hear the parent's recent report.


Your question will be the same.


Unfortunately, updates are often boring.


Perhaps the person who asked the question also felt that way after hearing the other man's recent report.We are not the main characters of comics or dramas, but our recent reports are mediocre and boring and have no interest.


Therefore, even if the questioner reports on the recent situation, the other man will probably feel "boring".For the first few times, you may be happy that "the other person responded", but the story itself is boring, so you will soon get tired of it and feel it is boring.


However, this does not mean that the questioner's story is boring.


It's fun for those who do updates, but it's boring for those who do.


When asked about your age, some people ask, "How old do you think you are?"


That quiz is not something that has accumulated from the person who gave it.However, the person who puts out the quiz is fun and can't help it.


I want you to know me, I want you to think about me, I want you to guess me.


Human beings are creatures that have such a psychology.


However, while having such a psychology, humans do not think that they want to know the other person.I don't want to think about the other person seriously, let alone hear the other person's recent status report.


So, if the questioner wants to please the other man, he should listen to the other person's boring recent report happily, instead of posting a long line of the questioner's recent report.


Like a mother looking forward to her child's latest news.Sometimes giving someone an excuse to tell them what's been going on is the only way to make them happy.

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