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"Techniques to earn constantly with dad activities" taught by active female college students

Every day young women enter the dad market.What should I do to earn regularly without being bored by my dad even in a crowd of women?Also, do you have any tips for meeting a good dad regularly without getting your allowance lowered?We asked an active female college student Papa Katsu Girls, who constantly earns 20 yen a month from Papa Katsu, about the knowledge and techniques for earning from Papa Katsu.

Asking an active female college student how to earn money as a dad

(XNUMX) Don't get hung up on short-term profits

In order to earn a constant income through Papa Katsu, it is important not to get caught up in immediate profits.When I'm working as a dad, there's a dad who offers a large allowance from the beginning with an adult relationship.It may be good as a one-off pocket money earner, but such a dad wants to play with a wide range of women, so it's unclear if the relationship will continue after that.It may be good as a one-time pocket money earner, but you can earn in the long run by getting to know each other well and deepening your relationship.

XNUMX) Compensate for time spent together

Women who are worried that they can't earn as much as they want from their dad activities may misunderstand that "papa activities = having sex with dads and getting pocket money."From a man's point of view, if you just want to have sex, I think it's better to do sex or compensated dating.Many men want women not only to have sexual relationships but also to talk to and be healed by papa katsu.When you meet your dad in a dad activity, you will naturally change your response to your dad by thinking that you are getting paid for the time you spend with him.If you are worried that your allowance will not increase, why not try it once?

③ Don't neglect self-improvement

A woman who earns money as a dad is always improving herself by dieting.Even from a man's point of view, I think it's a pleasure to see women who go on dates become more beautiful.For her, self-improvement is also an opportunity to get a high allowance when meeting a new dad. No matter how close she gets with one dad, isn't she letting her guard down?Petit plastic surgery, beauty salon, diet, hair removal, let's invest in your own beauty as much as your dad spends.


Asking an active female college student, techniques for earning as a dad

① Always incorporate information and expand the drawer of conversation

A woman who is constantly earning money as a dad is not only attractive for her appearance.She has a lot of daddy girls who just look good.What you need to do to maintain a long-term relationship is to make them think, “I want to hear more about this child.”Papa-katsu is a man of high social status to some extent.If the men don't think it's interesting to talk with this girl, it's difficult to connect to the next one.Stay informed and keep your conversation drawer stocked with topics.

②Thank you once in a while

In order to build a good relationship with your dad over a long period of time, don't forget to thank him in addition to receiving an allowance.Even if you say thank you, it's not exaggerated, and it's better for dads to be less concerned about something casual.It's a good idea to buy souvenirs when you travel, or if you find sweets that your dad likes, give them as gifts.On the other hand, things that are not allowed to be given as a gift are branded items or things that remain in shape that might make your wife suspect.For dads, the trick to making money with dad life is to always remember to be grateful and considerate.

③ Be a good adviser to dad

Dad katsu men have a social position and are relied on by their families as the main pillar of the family, so they are fighting against pressure.At times like that, I'm looking for a woman who can listen to a little trouble consultation and heal me.If you can be a good adviser to your dad, you will be the only one for him.Let's build a relationship of trust through our daily efforts, such as replying even to trivial conversations and contacting during the time zone of daddy's life.



It is said that the majority of women who start working as a daddy do not earn as much as they want and immediately quit.However, women who can earn money from there analyze what is wrong with themselves and why they are not stuck in their fathers, and make efforts and ingenuity.

Women who can earn a constant income from the beginning are in the minority.A woman who can develop her own strengths and selling methods without finding value only in youth and womanhood can be used as a lesson not only for her daddy life but also for her own work and life.

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