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Saving zero yen around XNUMX dad life


Outwardly, she scatters negative ions, but in reality, she's an Arafo girl who is overflowing with eroticism every day.

It's the rainy season, isn't it?

People say that rainy days are depressing, or that rainy days make them feel uncomfortable all day long, but I don't dislike damp days.

Because it moisturizes your skin.

After the age of 40, the moisture in the skin gradually disappears.

Pecan-shiny midsummer skin really feels like a desert every day.

After the rainy season, the pecan season will come.

In that case, my skin costs a lot of money with beauty essences and esthetics.

Well, this time, I and everyone else love "about money. "

I would like to talk to you.

what is dad life for

I've told you many times, but I'm reasonably well paid.

Because of his age, I think he is earning a decent amount of money.

Of course, the head is by no means a bad person.

I'm a person who likes to use my head to squeeze out wisdom, but I don't want to spend the money I earn there.useI like things even more.

It's in bad taste, but I also love watching people spend a lot of money!

It's one of my bad tastes that I can brag about (laughs).

And I'm always thinking about business.

However, the ratio in my head is 6% eroticism and 4% business.

No, this ratio may be reversed from time to time.

When thinking about money,what is the money forI think.

I'm the type of person who has a purpose and wants to earn money.

I have goals.

For example, if this business succeeds, let's use the profits for this!and.

All managers are like that.

We don't know what will happen to the company, so let's pull for now.

It's not going to be.

I want to keep my money alive.

I think that it will be used more and more to generate profits.

What is the original purpose of this activity?

do you want a bagdo you want a carWant a nice place to live?

In terms of usage, I think it's the same as here.

The scale is different, but what do you want to use the money for?The part is the same.

Mind you, buying a bag or buying a car will never make you profitable.

And I love people who spend money.

I"I want to save my father's allowance for "some time"A person who says.

for some time


I'm sorry, I just can't understand.

Because I don't understand people who save money without a purpose.

saving?For what?

Do you really need savings?

In my brain, which has a slightly crazy idea,Savings other than when you feel the needI have never had the concept of

You can't save money without a goal.

I'm not bragging, but my savings are always zero.

No, recently I'm becoming proud of myself.

Even at my age, I still get scolded by my parents on a regular basis (laughs).

My friends always say they can't believe me because I sometimes brag about being a woman with zero savings.

I think so.

I work hard, earn a good income, live in a decent land, and people see me as an upper middle class, so I don't think I have zero savings.

But it's zero.

Genuinely zero.

When I asked my mother, who is good at saving money, for tips on saving money,

"don't use'

I got the answer.

Scales from the eyes.

A long time ago, when I saw a friend who was a heavy smoker succeeding in quitting smoking, I asked him about the secret to quitting smoking.

"Do not smoke.just that'

It was an answer, but even then it was a scale from my eyes.

Things seem to work better with simple thoughts.

Well, if you don't spend a lot of money, you will eventually save it.

However, if I save a certain amount of money, I will use it all at once.

I think about how to use it while being excited like a child.

The other day, I persuaded a company executive to go overseas for a long period of time on the side of work, and actually travel alone as an adult, something I've always wanted to do.

Mixing in with young children and chatting from morning till night, or suddenly going on a purposeless trip with a stranger.

It was my first experience to buy stimulation.

There was a lot of stimulation there that I couldn't get from work or sex.

After that, I bought a branded product for the first time in a long time.

As a result, I returned to Zero Woman again.

I'm always like this

Repeat this.

But I am able to make a decent living.

Even if there was no allowance for dad life.

When I was surrounded by brands

There was a time when I, too, was surrounded by brand-name products, just like the Papa-katsu-jojo.

I want that!Next is this!And it was non-stop.

At some point, during the unbranded period.

Even now, I still wear branded accessories to some extent.

I don't wear a jingling watch, but at least a watch that doesn't get in the way, a necklace that doesn't get in the way, and a bracelet that doesn't overstate.

However, I have lost interest in everything else.

I'm getting more and more plain.

What wins is the confidence gained from the way of life and the experience so far.

Neither are visible on the surface.

I don't really express this to the man I met.

If only you and a few people you trust understand, that's all you need.

It sounds pretty, but it's true.

The brand bag I bought for the first time in a while the other day was 70 yen.

Before that, the long-term overseas travel expenses were 120 yen because I was able to save quite a bit.

I have no hesitation in spending money.

I don't hesitate to use it on people, so if I play rock-paper-scissors and lose, I'll laugh and pay for food for 10 people.

Papa Katsu's allowance is not particularly useful.

Lately, I've been thinking that if you're a good dad, you don't have to get an allowance.

I want you to heal more than that!I want stimulation!I want to satisfy my libido!And.

Their expectations are getting higher.

However, in order to satisfy this desire, it will not be fulfilled unless there is a thrill.

This is bad, isn't it?

seeking healing

I don't have romance exclusively these days.

One year has passed and my dad activity is not active at all.

It's bad.

I want romance

I want to beat.

I want to be healed!

My preference is a gentle date that makes my head clear, so I think it would be nice to have an older daddy.

In fact, Papa Katsujoshi, whose heart is filled with money, is in many ways a poor person.

I am by no means poor.

heart and life.

However, it may be that you are looking for a gentle relationship that will heal you when you are a little tired.


Is this really poor?

I don't understand.

I'm a hard-working person, so I painfully understand the feelings of men who are always on the battlefield.

Sometimes I get hurt, and sometimes I get very tired.

But when I'm busy working, I'm lively, and my heart is always sleepless and excited.

But if it continues, I will eventually run out of breath.

And in the middle of such a busy time, I didn't have time to go on a date, and I couldn't help but take care of my libido.

After it's over, I feel empty for some reason.

lonely and empty.

Ah, but most of the men in dating clubs have money and freedom, so this doesn't apply to me.

Money isn't my number one priority, but sadly, I've yet to meet a dad who can think without money.

This is a matter of feeling (laughs).

In fact, in the near future, I will meet my dad who I haven't met since I met him once.

There was an offer that if we could meet again and start, I would like to talk about the future.

what kind of story will it be?

It's up to me, will this be the end?

Or are you blinded by money?

Would you like to bet on another future?

Inactive, I take 3 steps forward, 2 steps back, and go back to where I started.

Thank you for reading this time.


I love humans!She shows interest in everything, and her head is always full of erotic things.She wants people around me to be happy, not just for herself.I want to be a special existence that makes everyone feel surrounded by negative ions just by being there, but sometimes makes their heart beat faster.This is a column that suggests a little eroticism, enjoying "dates" at dating clubs, neither papa activities nor mistresses.

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