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Introducing myself and how to choose my partner

I'm an average office worker in my 30s.

A woman who has never stood out in particular, both in appearance and contents.


such me

Happy life with 7 dads

I would like to write.


First of all,

I would like to introduce myself briefly.

そ し て,

Please let me spell out my knowledge of partner selection.



I'm a woman in my mid 30's.


As a full-time employee during the day

I work in a very ordinary social worker style.




on first impression

They say I'm grown up.

Not flashy.

Short in stature.

To put it bluntly,

Slender figure.




A female sister with a girlish personality.

I'm not smart, but

There is a social experience value in the mid-30s.

It tends to look like an adult, but

The contents are moderately children.



In other words,

Easy to get along with.

to put it badly

It's unimpressive.



Low expectations from first impression

High sensitivity after going out is rising to the right.


A personality that can take everything positively.




I'm in my mid-30s and never married.

As a full-time employee, I live my life diligently every day.

the fiancée is stupid,

I am not blessed with a boyfriend.

generally objective

A person who "sends a lonely life".



I have irregular shifts and come home late at night and hurry to sleep

Repeatedly getting up and going to work.

Holiday schedule for next month

We won't know until the end of the month, of course.


Hearing complaints alternately from superiors and subordinates,

A standing position that makes them envious of each other.



When I feel like a parent who doesn't know anything,

just talking about work

Not a single floating story comes out

Night after night, I think about my daughter's future.

Isn't it the days when you can't sleep with worry?





But I don't have time to feel lonely.

Every break, every night,

While staring at the notebook,

Days to fill the schedule of meetings with partners.


'Cause I've had 7 partners

I am giving you happiness as a gift.



Each partner has their own circumstances.

A person who has a busy day because of his position.

A day off is a family service.

A person who is busy with work and has no time to make a girlfriend.



I also want to satisfy my partner

I want time to polish myself.




people are a little busy

If you don't have time to carefully observe the other person's behavior

Dating is going well.



book so far for him

I asked for too much.

Treat others as if they were your own,

to one man

I wanted to fill all my loneliness.


But that's just not possible.

So things don't go as planned.




Meeting with a partner

dating bar,

introduction office,

dating club registration.


Of course, no partner is an excuse.



my policy is

Only with attractive men

keep in touch.


The negative aura you feel when you meet.

Negative emotions that you feel while talking.

The opponent's vessel when viewed objectively...


A person whose heart would be worn out by meeting,

I try to keep my distance.


While leaving the encounter to fate,

prepare yourself

A woman's intuition,

I intend to polish it every day.




What are the characteristics of a good man?


For those I chose

There were some commonalities to be sure.



Owing to these characteristics,

work and love

I guess I can get it.


I will always be my partner of choice

I can't help but feel respect.




Good men have in common.

For example, this type of person.


know your winning pattern


Managers and smart men are

Convert things into numbers in an instant

I have a habit.


Is the cost and time commensurate with the value of women?

Will I be able to let this woman down?

There is no hesitation because it can be calculated immediately.


A man who cannot do math

Do you want to date or don't want to date

What is the purpose?

don't know….


How often do you meet such a man

It's a waste of limited time.




act fast

A nice man is very quick to respond after making a decision.


Quickly plan to arrive at the specified purpose in the shortest possible time.

Designating the date and time, choosing a shop, and negotiating is very smooth.


His purpose is clear and his footwork is light.

Even when you convey your intentions, you can be straight and likable.

The following promises are sure to bind.





Fun to talk to (maybe work)


Talented people must give merit to others

I know that it won't lead to the next promise.


How do you entertain others?

That's why I often listen to women.

Compliment and empathize.


I will also talk about myself.

If you're a nice man, talk about your hardships to the extent that it's not offensive 

Popular story There will be one or two heroic stories.


If you make it small every time,

Storytelling has the magical power to make women chase.


(The point is to the extent that it does not touch your nose. 

Elite men who don't go on dates more than three times in a row.

The boredom of the story stands out more than his own charm

It may be dead. )




Also, talk about a cafe popular with women

There are plenty of topics that can be excited with women, such as entertainment news.


This is also because he is a popular man.

Experience speaks for itself.



but most of the time

It's something that makes up for it with effort.



women's favorite stories

Variety for lunchtime housewives.

Women's fashion magazine.

It's something that is encrusted in SNS for women.



Focusing on things that don't interest you

It's a pain, isn't it?


However, the effort

If you could see a woman's true smile.


each other in the truest sense

I hope you have a great time.






I only spend time with men I find attractive.



When you're with a really nice guy,

It has value that money cannot buy.


In many encounters and choices, people

I believe that I am formed.


Who do you spend your limited time with?

By that choice

You get what you can't get with money.



I'm in a boring position, but I'm the kind of person who judges people based on their charm.

I think there are pros and cons,

We live in a time when that is possible.

Daily life of one woman

I hope you will enjoy reading it.

I'm an average office worker in my 30s.A woman who has never stood out in particular, both in appearance and contents.I would like to write about my daily life with 1 dads happily.

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