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GW is quite important for dad life Vol.2


Let's make Golden Week a paradise with dad activities

The world is in the midst of Golden Week.

Are you enjoying being a father?How are you doing?I don't think so, but you don't enjoy your private life without being a dad, right?In particular, no one is playing around with their boyfriends, right?It is true that privacy is extremely important.

Many women say that because they have a private life, they can do their best as fathers.

However, my idea is a little different.

I agree that private time is important to me.

However, it can also be seen as saying that because you have money, you can have a fulfilling private life.

It's like having money means you can spend time with your boyfriend and family in your private life.

I think you can understand that by watching GW.

Some people travel abroad or go far, while others go to places that are crowded and spend their time at home or at a nearby pub.

Don't you think we're completely polarized here?It's true that everywhere is crowded.

However, this may be a feminine feeling, but isn't it true that you would want to travel abroad if you could, and you would also like to go on long trips?But that costs money, and if it's a private matter, it's impossible to ask the other party to pay for everything.

In the end, what I'm trying to say is that if you don't have money, your options will be limited, whether it's traveling or drinking locally.

Isn't it better to earn a lot of money and have a variety of choices?That's what I think.

Honestly, I think GW can do that.

While everyone else is resting, I get active with my father's activities, and when everyone's vacation is over, I go on a trip and play around.

It's not crowded anywhere and the prices are lower when it comes to travel.

With just one idea, there are many benefits.

However, I said that I'm going to be active as a dad, but with just one mindset, I'm sure you can make it into a vacation for fun just like everyone else.

In the first place, daddy life is dominated by women, right?Of course, there are many situations in which he is also concerned about his father.

However, those who have actually started working as dads or have already been involved in the journey for a long time should understand this.

Yes, being a female protagonist means that a certain amount of selfishness (of course there is a limit) is forgiven.

If you had a normal daytime job, this would be an idea that you would never think of.

However, when it comes to dad-hunting, it's a common idea, and the environment is such that it's almost tolerated.

This is because dads attach value to women getting along well with dads on the spot, and they help us in the form of allowances.

Well, I guess all you have to do is make a request to GW.

My friend flew to America with her dad two days before Golden Week.

Apparently they're going to Universal Studios in LA.

Compared to Universal Studios in Japan, even just one attraction seems to have different firepower and is quite impressive.

So when I asked my dad to see the real place, he apparently said, ``Okay, let's go.''

It's wonderful.

When I heard about it, I wanted to go too, but by the time I heard about it, I couldn't get a flight, so I gave up.

You see, if you ask your dad to fly you on a plane, there's no way you'll get economy.

Always take business class or first class.

In the past, I went on a trip to New York with my dad, and we all flew first class.

To be honest, when we travel privately, we definitely avoid business class and first class because they are expensive.

However, if you're a dad, you can ride it as a matter of course, and above all, you can experience genuine service.

The same goes for when you're traveling, right?They let us use shops that we would never normally go to, and we were able to do things that we would never normally be able to experience.

In particular, some fathers find it difficult to take long holidays, and even if they go on a trip, they may have to return home after only 2 or 3 nights.

However, during Golden Week like this year, even fathers who are still working can often take long vacations.

If you can experience experiences that you would otherwise avoid due to costs through dad-hunting, you can change your mindset from work to play.

To be honest, the trips I take with my dad every year are nothing short of paradise if you ask me.

Certainly, as I have said many times, there are many situations where you need to be careful.

Because when I go on a long vacation, I spend a lot of time with my dad.

That's why, although it's not a fight, there are moments when a strange atmosphere flows, and there are unexpectedly many situations where you have to manage it well, and in my case there are a lot of them. (I think it's because I'm selfish.)

But, even if you take this into account, I honestly feel like I'm in paradise during my trip.

Also, as I mentioned in Vol.1, women who have many fathers can go to many places in a short period of time, so I have friends who have been to all the countries they wanted to go to in a few years.

I'm also the type of person who wants to meet as many dads as possible during Golden Week, so it's difficult for me to spend more than a week with one dad.

However, as I think this can be said for all women who are working as fathers, there is bound to be a favorite father.

And if possible, there are probably many women who would like to be together for a long period of time.

I also have a strong sense of work when it comes to being a dad, so I try to suppress my feelings as much as possible, but even so, if you've been together for a long time, you'll inevitably end up with a favorite dad.

In my case, on the contrary, I try not to meet my dad during Golden Week.

The reason is that if we meet during Golden Week, the schedule will be a bit unreasonable, and I won't have much time or space.

Rather than that, when Golden Week is over and I have more free time in my schedule, I think it's time to take it easy and meet my favorite dad and go on a trip, which I honestly enjoy and fully enjoy. I can feel the feeling of being able to do it. (Of course, I try not to forget that I am at work during this time as well.)

By all means, everyone, please use Golden Week wisely.

I'm heading out to the city tonight as a dad.

During Golden Week, everywhere is crowded, so it's hard to keep dad in a good mood.

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