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How to choose a good father in Daddy Hunting (Long-term contract version) Vol.2

Having a dad who listens to the details of the contract gives you peace of mind.

In daddying, there is always a contract between women and men..

This part is the basis for building a relationship of trust between the father and the woman.

Well, I really want to be with my wonderful dad for a long time.

No, if possible, I would like to sign a yearly contract and secure a solid allowance so that I can feel secure about my life and the dreams I am pursuing.

However, if you don't find a father properly, you have to constantly look for a man every month, and it may not be easy to find the right man for you. (I have actually experienced it.)

So, depending on the dad, there are some who are polite and polite on the spot, and some who are surprisingly sloppy or rough.

Lately, it seems to be becoming more and more popular around me to enter into a very rough contract and meet with the father every week so that the terms of the contract can be determined more deeply and in detail.

Indeed, what does a man want unless you meet him several times?There are things you don't understand, and even if you have a contract signed at the first meeting, if you later say that you wanted to do something like that, it's difficult to change it or talk to your father about it since it's a contract.

How should women who are new to daddy life sign a contract?I think there are some girls who don't understand in the first place, and they can't just do what men tell them.

Having said that, some children whose fathers have been active for a long time have a certain template for the contract details and have them ready in their heads, while others use smartphones to write them down.

Since I have a certain amount of information in mind, I try to write down only the terms and conditions of the other party's contract in a memo pad on my smartphone. (The reason why we leave the information on our smartphones is because each dad has different requests, and we think it would be rude if we actually provided a service that another dad requested.) (It's divided into folders.)

However, I am generally not the type to make loose contracts.

From the beginning, talk to the man who will be your father and make sure you decide.

At that time, depending on the father, he may provide information on the day of the week to the weekly time of the meeting. (When we first met)

My dad said this, so basically I'll try my best to sign a contract.

The reason is that the men who said this are the type who firmly keep their promises to each other when it comes to fatherhood.

I believe that the type of person who doesn't go into details from the beginning is quite general, and even if they start dating, if something happens during the relationship, they'll make excuses.

It's fine if you're both doing daddy activities in a rough sense, but if you're taking it seriously as a job like I am, it's not suitable for you.

And even if you have a contract and start dating, the type of dad who keeps his promises from the beginning will generally not cause any problems.

For this reason, we can expect a long-term contract as both parties can stay stress-free throughout the year.

However, if the relationship is rough and there are no mutual commitments, there is a pattern where the contract is suddenly canceled a week in advance for some random reason, and I have experienced this several times. be.

Some women often rely on allowances from being a dad to cover their living expenses.

So it would be really troublesome if the contract was canceled suddenly.

In my case, it wasn't a problem because I had other dads, but if I had narrowed it down to one and that one dad was just like that, it would have been pretty bad.

Therefore, I personally recommend someone who will ask you about the terms and conditions in detail when you sign a contract, such as when you meet them for the first time. (In fact, I also have a long-term contract.)

Dads who manage their schedules can sign long-term contracts.

Even though you may have made a detailed contract when you first met, there are many aspects of the contract that you will only find out after you have met.

So, what I want to help you with is schedule management.

Surprisingly, after the relationship, the father's schedule management is sloppy, and even though I ask him about his schedule in advance, there is a pattern where his schedule doesn't match up.

Of course, as long as you are receiving an allowance, it is important to have the will to accommodate this to some extent.

However, some women have many hobbies outside of work and are busy every week, right?In that case, there is a pattern in which the woman has to put up with the hobbies she has suggested and adjust her schedule to match her father's.

Of course, you don't have to force yourself to match if you don't want to.

However, if you do that, your allowance may be reduced, so you may have to make two choices: ``Do I take the allowance? Or do I adjust it?''

Then, what is the purpose of being a dad?There are some women who don't understand the meaning of this, but as someone who covers most of their living expenses from allowances, it's hard to say with that much leeway, ``Okay, I'm canceling my contract.''

Therefore, the place is tailored to the male side.

However, especially women with many hobbies or women who hold multiple jobs, become fed up with men's lack of freedom and end up having no choice but to terminate their contracts.

Looking at my friends around me, I've seen quite a few cases in recent days where they were in exactly the same environment and just tried to adapt to the other person and things didn't work out.

I think the average time they can endure is about 4 months.

Usually, she gives up at that point and starts looking for another man.

I always say that.

It's better to date someone who can manage their schedule well from the beginning, and you should ask them about this when you first meet them.

But there's no point in giving advice.

Apparently, when the time comes, she forgets or looks for a man again.

By the way, I try to ask men first.

"I'm a bit of a busy person, but do you think we can manage our schedules and get along well? I'll do my best."

Then, if you say your best at the end, the other person will listen seriously, you will be able to discuss schedules with each other, and if you find it difficult, you can say goodbye on the spot.

As far as I can see, I don't know of any free men who can't control their schedules and are able to sign long-term contracts with women.

In most cases, dissatisfaction occurs and most of the patterns are irreparable.

If you are a woman who is thinking about a long-term contract, please keep schedule management in mind.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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