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How to choose a good father in Daddy Hunting (Long-term contract version) Vol.1


How you look at your dad is important

When you are active as a father, you will be introduced to various men at dating clubs.

Registering somewhere and making good use of a dating club is extremely important when it comes to being a dad and ensuring your own safety, and it also gives you a sense of security.

Now, no matter how many dating clubs you sign up for, you still can't see through the personality of the man who will become your father.

The only thing the dating club can judge is the other party's annual income, occupation, and other external aspects.

Beyond that, including the inside information, it is information that only the actual woman could know.

Well, that's a natural thing to say.

On the contrary, this increases the sense of privacy and can be an element that deepens the relationship between the two.

Well, to all the men who would make such wonderful fathers.

From what I've experienced, there are so many different types.

When I first started working as a dad, I was watching men as a single person.

However, actually getting to know men through being a dad is completely different from getting to know them based solely on information from the Internet and having a fixed idea of ​​``this is what men are like, right?'' (The difference in temperature is immeasurable even if I have just experienced it. Perhaps some women are unable to keep up with the difference in temperature, and some take it very positively, while others take it negatively. There is a huge difference between the information on the internet and reality.)

Especially women who are living as dads in real time should understand this.

So, when it comes to being a dad, there are two main types. (This is just the contract)

Is it a yearly contract with each father?Should I sign a short-term contract and change it each time?The way this business is conducted differs depending on the woman who is working as a father.

Although the idea of ​​having a father become a father is the same, the allowances will naturally differ between long-term and short-term, and this will have a significant impact on the relationship of mutual trust.

For example, if it is a short-term contract, it is difficult to negotiate for an increase in allowances during the course of the relationship.

The reason is that there isn't enough time with that dad to get there.

Therefore, it is necessary to promote yourself highly and secure favorable conditions in the first contract.

Or, it is necessary to handle a certain number of jobs (contracts with multiple dads).

Otherwise, I think it would be difficult to get enough allowance every month to live a decent life. (As far as I've experienced it. It's a different story if you have a model or other brand.)

Also, if it is a short-term contract, it is difficult to develop a mutually agreeable relationship, so if anything, it is more likely to become a mistress relationship that focuses on sex.

And since it's a short-term contract, the contract could be canceled at any time, so the more you're the type of person who can use a lot of energy, and the more you're a really good dad, the more likely you are to be under pressure every month. (Recommended for people with strong mental health, or if you are confident in yourself and the type of guy who doesn't give up on you, a short-term contract may be a good idea.)

In contrast, with long-term contracts, the opposite phenomena tend to occur.

In my experience, there are many differences between short-term contracts and long-term contracts.

So, this time, what kind of man should you choose to sign a long-term contract with?I would like to share my wisdom from my experience here.

If you are the type of man who asks you what you want when you first meet him, you should cherish him.

What does this mean?However, depending on the father, there are surprisingly many men who don't listen to your wishes at all and instead tell you their own wishes first.

This type of man just wants to play with women.

There are many patterns in which a casual relationship where sex is the main focus is desired.

Therefore, even if he makes a contract with one woman, he is only interested in sex, so it can be said that the relationship is quite open.

That's right.

He is the type of man who gets bored easily.

So, for example, even if I signed a contract with this type of man, in my case, he would often ask me to cancel the contract with some reason as early as two months later.

Of course, when we meet, I don't have to be pampered by my dad, so if it's a date, we'll eat at the hotel restaurant, go straight to the room we've got, and break up the next day.

Men who become fathers also attach value to it and pay allowances, so it may be suitable for women who say that is good, but when women understand the essence of fatherhood, I think it feels like a "very dry relationship" or "a somewhat cold relationship."

Also, some people say that these types of men have a high first shot in terms of allowances, but in the end they tend to end up on short-term contracts, so when you think about that, I personally think, "If you look at the contract for one man throughout the year, this is a rather low allowance."

Therefore, if you are the type of guy who only talks about your own needs first, it might be best to assume that you can't expect a long-term contract.

Please understand that this is just my experience and may not apply to all men.

A man who initially sets it low

Many women might judge men who say this to be "stingy" or "reducing the initial investment" in the case of a general business.

However, there are surprisingly many men who think that they should start from here because there is a long way to go.

In particular, in dad-hunting circles, there are many gentleman-like men, so there aren't many of them who would be so kind to women, and if anything, I get the impression that they tend to be more ostentatious.

For this reason, I have the impression that he is more likely to be able to sign a long-term contract than a man who sets unreasonable allowances at the beginning. (Actually, I have been dating this type of man for several years.)

Since the allowance is not set at an unusually high rate, it is easy to negotiate if there is something extra.


In addition, it is easy for both men and women to have a pleasant relationship. (This is just my personal feeling)

If you're about to sign a contract with a new dad, I think it's a good idea to take this into consideration before signing the contract.

Surprisingly, there may not be any negative results.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

Articles by Kumiko Mine

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