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The reason why a 33-year-old elite handsome man is addicted to dad activities

offer from young daddy

Surprised Lena and everyone else, she received an offer from a 33-year-old young dad.

If you say 33 years old, the image of the age where you are looking for marriage rather than playing with daddy.

According to the person in charge of the dating club, this young daddy seems to be unmarried.

I wonder what kind of person he is...

I wonder if he didn't look good and didn't get popular, so he started working as a dad.

Or maybe he had too much money and dabbled in adult entertainment.

Heading to the meeting with excitement.

Meeting at a certain big station

Dating club offers typically meet in the lobby of a luxury hotel.

At the meeting, the woman calls the man's phone when it's time to meet.

But this time, it was Rena's first time meeting at the exit of a large station on the Yamanote Line.

It was a weekday evening, so it was a busy meeting place with a lot of people coming and going.

What appeared was a slender and handsome man with a height of about 180 cm.

She's fair-skinned and looks good in a suit, so she looks like an entertainer.

Um... Rena, are you the wrong person?A man who looks so perfect is unmarried?Are you alive as a dad?Isn't that a lie?

To be honest, this young daddy was Lena's type so much that I fell in love at first sight.

I could see that my face was red.

At this time, for the first time, I felt like I understood the feelings of a daddy.

Meet up with a young and pretty girl, eat together, laugh and talk.

Your heart will be pounding.

If Rena were in a man's position, she might get nervous and freak out.

You probably don't remember half of what you said on your first date.

It felt like falling in love.

Move to Izakaya

When dining at a dating club, it was normal to go to a hotel restaurant or a somewhat upscale restaurant with private rooms, but today I moved to an izakaya with private rooms reserved by my young dad.

Of course, it's not like you'll be disappointed if it's an izakaya.

Rena is surprised to find herself dating a handsome man at an izakaya even though she should have come to meet her uncle at a dating club.

Maybe it's because we're so close in age, we get along so well, and it's a lot of fun.

While exchanging food and alcohol, Lena approached the essence of the young papa.

A young daddy who is cool, young, funny, and probably rich like a model.

Why are you doing dad life?

With the help of Grapefruit Sour, I thought I'd bring out my true feelings with the talk skills I've honed through Papa Katsu.

The reason why young dads are active as dads

The young dad was actually a married man who got married as a student.

I have been married for 10 years.

I had children.

And young dad was a gambling professional apart from the elite job he got as a tax accountant.

This alone makes me feel like a player, doesn't it?

What surprised me was that he earns 10 times more from gambling than he does from his main job.

When I go to overseas casinos, I see a group of uncles with cute girls.

It seems that some of them have gambling professionals.

It seems that the young dad is playing various games with the money he earned from gambling.

Of course, the cabaret club is exhausted.

Papa-katsu is currently popular among papa's playmates and gambling groups.

In the past, when I went to a casino, I used to take a hostess from Roppongi with me, but now it seems to be a trend to take a young daddy girl with me.

Then dad life is looking for a papa in a casino?If you say so, it doesn't seem to be the case.

After playing around with young dads and daddy sites, it seems like it's fun to go on a date with a girl like this at a dating club.

From the dad life boom in the male society

At first, I was introduced to it by a casino friend and was just curious.

It seems like it's fun to just talk to a young girl you don't usually hang out with and remember when you were single in your twenties.

On a date with Papa Katsujoshi, sometimes the relationship goes beyond the meal.

It looks like it's going to be fun to drive.

Have a meal with various daddy girls and talk about silly things.

He said it is fun now.

Some girls I took to casinos.

It's also fun to talk about daddy girls talking with casino friends.

It is said that he is addicted to dad activities now.

Young Papa, I guessed straight about Lena.

"Even Rena-chan is looking for new people even if she has a lot of offers and a dad.If she doesn't want to meet face to face, she will refuse.But she is excited and heading to the meeting.That means I'm addicted to dad activities.She goes to eat and gets paid.Sometimes there are handsome guys like me or funny old men.It's a topic among the girls who are active as dads, and they're enjoying their dad life, aren't they?If you decide to quit being a dad, won't it take time?It is as addictive as tobacco, alcohol and gambling.'

"Don't get addicted to alcohol, women and gambling"

It's a story I often hear, but Lena was also addicted without realizing it.

I was surprised at myself who was addicted to dad life without knowing it.

Rena, who is single, will have to graduate from her dad life someday.

I wonder when Lena will graduate from Papa Katsu.

Will I be able to graduate?

It was Lena who was looking forward to the graduation ceremony that she promised with her young dad.

Aiming to start a business, I started Papa Katsu for networking and saving money.I had a lot of wonderful encounters, so I would like to share them with you all.

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