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Can you earn money just by eating as a dad?Active pj will teach you! Vol.2

This article is a continuation of the previous article.

If you haven't read Vol.1, please read that article first.

In Vol.1, we introduced how to create a profile and send messages.

This time,Characteristics of land mine dads and points when actually meetingAnd so on!

Please read to the end.

What traits of a dad should you avoid?

So-calledFeatures of Mine PapaHowever, the following are mentioned.

Let's look at each one.

I will ask you for an allowance that is lower than the market price

Papa who offers an amount lower than the market pricePlease never meet.

In dad life, most of the market is decided. (Example: face-to-face 0.5 to 1)

If you're a dad with common sense and money, the average price - or more.It should show you.

If your allowance is extremely low, it will be inefficient and there is a high possibility that you are a landmine dad, so try not to meet him.

Asking for deferred payment of allowance

In deferred payment,Possibility of payment not being transferred.

Be careful, especially when you meet a father for the first time, as you don't trust him.

If possible, it is recommended to have it the moment you meet (pay in advance).

By paying in advancePrevents unpaid bills.

However, just because you got the money first, don't treat them roughly or run away from them.

Don't forget to be grateful and considerate, and stay connected until the end.

Also, it is rude to suddenly say "Please pay first" after meeting.

Send a message in advance to say things like, ``I'm sorry, but I would appreciate it if you could pay me first.'' or ``It's my first time and I'm nervous.''

This is just a request, so the point is to convey it in an apologetic manner.

If you're a kind daddy, you'll be happy to approve.

In addition, you can see the kindness and leeway of your dad by "approving or refusing" the advance payment, soCriteria for determining whether a father is a good father or notApplication

Too young

Too young men in their 20s are not dadsPossibility of soliciting suspicious businessis expensive.

I can't believe I have such a young and handsome daddy!I understand the feeling of wanting to meet with you, but I do not recommend it because there is a possibility that you will be solicited.

I try to meet you as an adult from the beginning

If you want to earn money only through fried rice, avoid meeting a father who tries to be an adult in the first place.

However,Try negotiating with something like, "From the beginning, adults are reluctant, so why don't we meet face-to-face first?"I think that's true.

In fact, I have had the experience of negotiating with dads who have proposed an adult from the beginning, saying, "Would you like to start with a face-to-face meeting first?"

There was also a case where we became friends from there and developed into a meal.

Well worth a try.


The meeting is basically tea, but some dads sometimes suggest meals.

At first glance, it seems like food is more economical than tea.

But,Dad pretends to go to the bathroom after eating and runs away (eating and running away)It seems that there is

Not only do I not get paid, butPapa and I have to pay for what we eat.

To prevent this from happening, we recommend drinking tea when meeting face-to-face.

What are the meeting times and fees?

For about 30 minutes to 1 hour of tea, the average allowance is 0.5 to 1..

Hours and allowances vary from father to father.

In my own experience, some dads gave me a 5 after talking for about 1 minutes, while others gave me a 1 after an hour of tea.

The basic location is a cafe or lounge!

The meeting place is basicallyCafe or hotel lounge.

Also, if you arrive a little earlier than the meeting time, it will leave a very good impression.

Papa says that there are many pj who cancel at the last minute and are late.

With so many pj's going on, I got a very good impression when I arrived at the meeting place early.

Keep the conversation simple with a smile

From the content of the story,Emphasis on appearance and personalityWill be

Let's be thorough with a smile and a sense of cleanliness.

Also, if it is determined that there is no problem after actually meeting, you may be asked about the line and cacao.

Line and cacao names are real names, this means a Let's change it.


If you can break through the face-to-face meeting, next is a meal.

For meals,Opportunity to get to know each other better!

What are the meal times and allowances?

About 1 hour to 2 hours 30 minutes, allowance 1 to 2 is the market price.

The location is beautiful restaurants and high-end shops.

LocationBeautiful restaurants, luxury stores, hotel restaurantsAnd so on.

In addition, Papa takes into account our favorite foods and areas of interest, and reserves restaurants for us.

You can actively suggest a shop from here.

Be conscious of pleasing Daddy!

The point is to make daddy think, "I'm glad I brought this child."

In addition to being a good listener, you can also make reactions such as "It's delicious!"Let's not forget.

In addition, take pictures of foodDad will be happy.

If you say things like, "I want to put it on Instagram, can I take a picture?", my dad will be happy.

Also, proactively suggest restaurants that you want to go to next time, and let's bring it to the flow of meals next time.

Summary | Understand the risks and learn preventive measures in advance!

This time, I explained the characteristics of Landmine Papa and points to remember when actually meeting him.

Papa life is an exchange between individuals,Self-responsibility no matter whatIt will be.

Only you can protect yourself.

Be sure to understand the risks of dad life and think about preventive measures and coping methods.

We also recommend checking Twitter and message boards regularly.

You can hear the real voices of p and pj, so it will be helpful.

Gappori only with rice!Introducing the techniques and experiences taught by an active female college student pj ♪ Please use it for your own dad life ^ _ ^

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