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Papa-katsu market is in recession... What are the tricks for new entrants to make money?

Papa active girls increased due to the recession of the new corona.It is said that there are more women sellers than dads of buyers, and the bear market continues. Looking at SNS and matching apps, there is no end to the newcomers of Papa Katsu Joshi.

However, it is said that most of them quit without earning as much as they want.I tried to focus on why the new entrant Papa Katsu Girls can't earn money.


■ What is the reason why new entrants to Papa Katsu cannot earn money?


① Daddy activity = I think there is no physical relationship

A common misunderstanding among women who start dad activities is that they think that “papa activities = no physical relationship.”No matter how much the woman says, "Adults are NG", dads who don't think about meals and dates at all are in the minority.

If you are going to start dad activity with a matching app or SNS, I think you should consider the risk of being an adult to some extent.


(XNUMX) High pricing

The dad live market is now falling due to too many women entering the market.Therefore, if you do not decide the price after understanding the market price, you will not be able to earn new Papa-katsu-joshi.

If there are two women who are exactly the same in appearance and have “diet 3” and “adult 2”, men will choose the latter without hesitation.

When starting a daddy activity on a matching app or SNS, carefully check the level and market price of other women, and decide the price after you are satisfied.


(XNUMX) You take too much information on SNS without question

A well-known dad account that you often see on SNS.I think there are many people who started Papa-katsu after seeing the lives of Papa-katsu girls who are earning money without a physical relationship.

They can earn money because they are good at pampering men, or because they have some experience in the bar business.

There is no way to earn money even if a newbie to daddy tries to do the same.Also, there are sex scouts, brokers, and illegal deli dealers, so be careful not to take information only on SNS blindly.


④ Poor bargaining

A common mistake that new dads make is that they are not good at bargaining with their dads.Are you satisfied with the conditions presented and treat your dad in a businesslike manner?

From the side of the dad who pays, I think it would be better to spend money on a cabaret club that will entertain properly.

There are many people who like amateur women who do papa katsu.Amateur = unmotivated.If you want to maintain a long-lasting relationship with a good dad, you should master the art of bargaining and love.


■ What is the trick for a newbie to earn money?


① Improve your profile

Let's devise how to write photos and profiles when newly registering for the Daddy Matching App.In the photo, not only your clothes but also your appearance should be neatly arranged, and the appealing points in your body should be shown well.

It is recommended to process and hide it to the extent that you can imagine the image of your face without showing your face.In your profile, you will be more likely to be selected if you clarify “why you started dad activity” and “what kind of dad you want to meet”.Men who work as dads prefer amateurs and neat women. It is also a good impression to make an unfamiliar feeling, such as "I'm nervous because it's my first time...".


② A good dad is raised, not found

Only about 1% of SNS and matching apps are “good dads” who give a large allowance for one meal or sign a monthly contract.Meeting a dad like that is an extremely difficult skill... it's almost a miracle.

However, instead of trying to find such a dad out of the small odds, you should raise him.If you find a dad who seems to have a lot of money, don't try to get him on a single date.

Let's catch the amount of money as you get along with Daddy.Girls who are earning money from dad activities have long-term relationships with good dads.Don't get caught up in immediate money alone.


③Register in a dating club

In the current situation, it is not recommended to use a matching app or SNS to do dad activities on your own.If you are looking for a stable income, a dating club that only sets up dates is the safest bet.

Papa is only a male member with a high status who has paid a high admission fee and passed a tough interview.Since the market price of allowance is decided from the beginning, there is no need to negotiate by yourself.

You can also have a professional photographer take pictures, and you can fully demonstrate your appealing points, so you can quickly meet a good dad.


Make an effort to find a good dad

A woman who says she can't make any money even after starting a dad activity doesn't make any effort.Just presenting her own conditions is insipid and does not choose a man on the father's side.

Even though it's a dad activity, it's a relationship between people.You can start a relationship with a good dad only after you have become close to each other and established a relationship of trust.


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