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[Dating club] One-piece brand recommended for women who want to show their individuality

One Piece is fun anyway.Femininity comes out easily

I like dresses, and XNUMX% of the clothes I own are dresses.
The reason why I like it so much is because it's "just wear one and you're done" (explosion)
Put on a brassiere, wear underwear, put on a dress and put on pantyhose, and you're ready to go.Depending on the type of dress and the season, you can wear a dress over a bra.You can also show off your cleavage and appeal to a slut! (crazy)

Once you know how easy it is to wear, even if you find tops and bottoms that look nice, you won't buy them.5,000 yen for tops and 5,000 yen for bottoms is ridiculous. Buying a dress for 7,000 yen is enough.

If you look it up on Papa Katsu Clothing, you'll find plenty of advice and recommended brands, but this time I'd like to tell you about brands that no one else recommends.
To be frank, I don't know what brand and what kind of clothes other people are wearing, but anyway, if you're tired of the clothes that appear in fashion magazines and papa-katsu sites! Please read.
It's a pity that I can't post product images here.

This is the only place to express your unique personality! "DIANE von FURSTENBERG"

Reads as "Diane von Furstenberg".
Diane's dress has a unique pattern.
Papua wears Diane's dress not only on dates at the dating club but also in everyday life, and 99% of people say it's "unique".It's a pattern that leaves an impression, whether it's praised or not.

Diane's "Wrap One Piece" is especially recommended.Made of 100% silk, it is extremely comfortable and easy to move in, both in summer and winter, and you can wear it comfortably even in high-end environments.However, if you don't tie it loosely, your pants will be exposed when a strong wind blows, so be careful.

If you are confident in your style and bust, you should definitely wear this brand.

The price range is roughly 6,000 yen to 60,000 yen.Mercari and waja are cheap and easy to get.

The cool and extraordinary pattern is perfect for travel ``purple rain''

Like Diane, Purple Rain has many dresses with bold and unique patterns, but what is different from Diane is that there are many dresses with so-called “resort patterns”.
It's also useful for resort trips and overseas trips where you think it's a bit out of place to wear tight, conservative clothes or clean clothes.

The price is also quite reasonable compared to Diane, so in Papua's closet, there are many Purple Rain dresses next to Diane.

The price range is 3,980 yen to 5,980 yen.

Pretty and classy.Ralph Lauren impresses everyone

Ralph Lauren may have a strong image of polo shirts to many people, but they actually sell dresses as well.

Unlike Diane Purple Rain, Ralph Lauren's one piece suits the word "pretty" well.
There are many dresses with elegant and small floral patterns, and unlike Diane, who may have different likes and dislikes, regardless of age or gender, it is full of atmosphere that makes you think, "This woman's clothes are nice and cute."

This brand is highly recommended for women who want clothes with a slightly different atmosphere, but Diane and Purple Rain are too flashy.

They sell not only patterned dresses but also monochromatic dresses, and this one is really chic and elegant, and I can't stop thinking that I want to be a woman who looks good in such a dress.

The price range is 5,000 yen to 50,000 yen.

"Tommy Hilfiger" whose simple and sophisticated design raises women

The feature here is that there are many dresses with relatively simple patterns but unique forms.I personally feel that this brand will choose the person who wears it the most.Celebrities like Nanao, Nana Komatsu, and Kozue Akimoto.I think being tall is a requirement.The ideal is 168 cm or more?Let me introduce myself, but I have never bought a Tommy Hilfiger dress (;^_^A

However, if you wear it, you will definitely stand out no matter where you walk.
It's a shame for you, who has a super model body and is smoldering in an orthodox clean fashion.

In addition, if you type "Tommy Hilfiger dress" in Google search, only casual polo shirt dresses will come up, so it's good to search for Mercari or waja as usual.Wear a polo shirt dress outside the social club when hanging out with friends.

The price range is 5,000 yen to 38,000 yen.

If you want to buy a dress, waja is better than AliExpress (Personal impression)

I learned the word "aliexpress" the other day in someone's column in "Cinderella".
It sounds like the name of a professional wrestler, so I searched for it, and it turned out to be an Alibaba online shopping site.Like Qoo10 in Korea?

I was told that I could buy beautiful clothes at a low price, so I immediately checked the women's fashion category, but what is "wo-tea" in the category?When I clicked, it was about T-shirts.
However, even if I search for "One Piece" again, the search results are just like Yokai Street, which is wonderful!There is no product that seems to be.The quality is the same as that of fraudulent mail order products.The site is suspicious in the first place, and I don't want to give my credit card information to such a place.
Ali Express seems to be popular in Twitter's papa katsu girls area, but is it okay for Japanese people to buy obese without any doubts at such a place?I'm worried.

So I recommend "waja".
This is also common with Ali Express in that it handles overseas products, but the sense of security and quality are different. A waja exclusive buyer (a Japanese person living overseas) handles all aspects of product management, from inspection to photography and warehouse management, so you can purchase reliable and high-quality overseas brands at a great price.
Of course, the four brands introduced here are also sold at waja, so if you are interested, please check them out.

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