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Recommended spots for dad life that I choose 2023 Vol.2


I choose a place where I don't have to worry about what others see

Don't you care about the eyes around you when you're working as a daddy?Of course, I am quite long in terms of my dad life.

Even for me, there are times when I don't want to be heard talking like this.

If this is a woman who is new to daddy activities, I think that she will start from the place where she doesn't want to be seen before the conversation.

Indeed, looking back now, there was a time when I said that too.

For example, when you meet your dad for the first time.

I don't want to be seen by anyone anymore, and I don't want to be overheard in my conversations.

I mean, are you talking about conditions?Papa-katsu has become popular among the general public to some extent, but there are still many people who look at it with disdain.

And honestly, you talk about money, right?It is not possible to tell each other the line on the spot and exchange letters.

That's why meeting places are so important.

Of course, this is true even after the contract is signed.

After all, no matter what I say, there is an age difference with Papa.

It would be nice if the people around me saw a normal father-daughter relationship, or a normal couple of the same generation, but it would be impossible.

Normally, if someone with understanding sees it, they'll know it in one shot, and even though I'm not particularly guilty of doing daddy activities, I can feel a little gaze.

Women, in particular, may not like it.

I have a long history, so I'm a little paralyzed, and I'm usually spoiled by Papa in the city.

But the reality is that it took a long time to get there.

That's why, if you're going to meet Papa, you probably want to choose a place as much as possible, and especially when it comes to conversations, you probably don't want people around you to hear them.

After understanding that to some extent, I would like to introduce a shop that is suitable for dad activities.

Of course, I would like to introduce shops for advanced papa katsu.

big sushi

Speaking of Tsukiji, here.

The main store is in the old Tsukiji area.

About 5 minutes on foot from Tsukiji Station.

If you go, I definitely want you to go to the main building.

There is a prefabricated paid parking lot right next to the store, so it's good for driving home with daddy.

And the reason I recommend this place is the time zone.

Surprisingly, there are a lot of women who can't meet their daddy until late, right?However, there must be some women who don't like going straight to the hotel.

There are many women who choose sushi restaurants because they are hungry and want to eat somewhere else. (I have quite a few)

However, sushi restaurants usually end quickly.

But here, the last order is until 23:XNUMX.

Amazing, right?And the taste is just amazing.

No matter what you eat, there's no doubt about it, and it has a bit of a downtown feel to it, so my dad will be very happy with it.

I've talked to many different dads here, but not a single dad said it wasn't delicious.

Besides, the price isn't too high, so even if I strangely choose a restaurant and make a request to the male side, it won't leave a bad impression.

However, since the store is quite small, it is not recommended if you are a newbie to dad activities or if you want to talk about something you don't want to be heard by people around you.

In that sense, it may be a recommended shop for advanced dads.

But definitely recommended for a sushi date.

Although it's small, everyone is having a good conversation, and it doesn't feel like they're looking at me.

Also, Odaiba is close to Tsukiji, right?Besides, Ginza is just a stone's throw away.

Therefore, it can be used on the way home from shopping, the night view is beautiful, and there are good spots all over the place.

So, even in that sense, I can recommend it on a dad activity date.

Especially if it's been about two months since I met my dad, it might be even better.

Please take advantage of it.

Wolfgang (a little cliché)

There are probably a lot of people who know this place if you are a woman who is working as a daddy.There are several stores in Tokyo, but I personally want you to visit the store in Minato Ward.

The reason is that other stores require a dress code, but this store allows you to enter even if you are casually dressed.

That's why it's the only store where you can casually enter on the way home from going out to play with your dad. (Why? I don't know why.)

Normally, the meat is delicious, and it's good to have seafood.

Also, the good point here is that everyone in the store is basically concentrating on conversation.

So-called, there are many tables lined up and there are many people, so you don't have to worry about the eyes.

Originally, if there are many tables and many people, I think that people will be concerned about being seen.

However, as anyone who has been to this place knows, conversations are surprisingly lively at every table, and the food is wild, so everyone concentrates there.

So, even though the tables are close to each other, I can't hear what people are saying at all.

Of course, if it still bothers you, there are private rooms, so you might want to reserve them.

Did I not care at all?

A long time ago, I couldn't make a reservation at all, but now it's relatively easy to make a reservation, and if the time is right, you can call me on the day and enter the store.

Besides, many dads like wine, right?There is a wide variety of wines here, as well as a wide variety of different alcoholic beverages, so alcohol-loving dads will definitely be pleased.

And you can take pictures of the promises that women like, so you can both feel happy.

Well, there's no parking here.

So if you're the type of dad who likes to travel by car, you might not like it.

It happened once.

When I chose this place and actually went there with my dad, it took a lot of time to choose a nearby parking lot, and I was told, "It's inconvenient because there's no parking lot nearby." .

From my point of view, a 3-minute walk didn't feel too far, but it seemed like a hassle to my dad.

At that time, my dad said something like, "When you come here, drink alcohol and use a taxi."

That's when I thought.

Certainly, it is not a store to stop by on the way home from a date.

But if you're going to enjoy dinner with your dad normally, you can really recommend it.

I think that's why even women who are new to daddy activities can easily enter with daddy.

I think it's really strange and rare to find a restaurant where you don't have to worry about other people's eyes even though the tables are so close together. (Is it designed to say that?)

Also, if you're going to add it, it's for women who are new to dad activities.

If you have just started dad activities and go to this store, your sense of money will start to go crazy.

So it's better to be careful there.

After I went to this store, when I was working as a regular dad, I started to lose my sense of money and started to think that a 3 yen meal was cheap.

It's all the more so because my dad takes care of everything.

Think of it as a shop at that level.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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