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Played Woman, Abandoned Woman


played and discarded

I have bad luck with men and it really hurts.I can't cry because it's outside, but I missed my promise again today.

I'm not going to do anything

Is there something different from normal women?

someone who can tell me clearly(Aunt of esthetics that goes through)I was told before that it was the aura of the night.

Because it's useless if I don't go back to being a day person.




Thank you very much for your question.

The person who asked the question must have been terribly hurt by the love affair that was just being treated badly by the worst man.Even if I apologize instead, the questioner's wounds won't heal,1As a man, I would like to apologize to the questioner.

By the way, there are many women in the world who say that "men are unlucky" like the questioner, but such women"a common point"It can be said that there is

I am very sorry for the aunt of the esthetic, but the common point is"aura of the night"Well then.

For a simpler, simpler reason, the questioner is not blessed with man luck.



The creature called a popular man does not discriminate much against women, for better or worse.

They treat women in the same way whether they look good or bad, and they tend to treat women the same way regardless of their social status.

They are popular, so they don't care about women, for better or worse.The language is bad, but women will come to me as much as I want,1People1It is no exaggeration to say that people are not that interested.

Your question is misunderstood here.

I think that the questioner probably thinks that he is being treated badly because he has some kind of problem, but I have to say that it is a misunderstanding.

A man who treats women roughly, especially a popular man, treats any woman roughly.In other words, even if you become as beautiful as Kanna Hashimoto and completely erase the aura of the night, they will still treat you roughly as they do now.

The questioner is not treated roughly because there is a problem with the questioner's personality or appearance.

whoever they are"equally"treat roughly.In that sense, they can be said to be extremely equal human beings.


The problem of choosing a partner

There is almost only one difference between women who are valued by men and women who are not.

Opponent selection.

A man who values ​​a woman will generally treat any woman with some degree of care, and conversely, a man who treats a woman roughly will generally treat any kind of woman roughly.

A woman's personality, appearance, aura, and more can be said to be trivial matters.Whether or not you are valued depends almost entirely on your choice of partner.

So what you should think about is not how to improve your personality and appearance, but how to like a good partner.


have an eye for men

The self-proclaimed "woman who has no eyes for men" unfortunately has an extremely good eye for observation.

They are accurately choosing "scum" from among a number of men.I can't say that I don't have an eye for observation because I can see through men so accurately.

And perhaps the person asking the question also has an extremely good eye for observation.

It's a story from a male perspective, but men in the world8Treat women with respect for the most part.In other words, if you choose your partner appropriately,10回中8The times should be "a man who is kind".

Even so, if you always meet a terrible man every time, it is the person who asked the question accurately every time.20It's nothing but because I'm choosing XNUMX% of men.If the questioner has ever10If you are drawing a scum man in a row, the probability is0.00001%This is almost the same probability as the XNUMXst prize in the year-end jumbo lottery.Unfortunately, the person asking the question is probably not the lucky owner of the year-end jumbo.


to choose a good man

A woman who has bad luck with a man is not unlucky, nor does she have an eye for men.

Accurately seeing through the trash and falling in love with the trash is why they continue to be treated rudely forever.And Trash treats Kanna Hashimoto roughly, so no matter how much you try to improve yourself, you won't be treated kindly.

So if you want men to treat you kindly, all you have to do is choose a gentle man.Moreover, it is convenient for men in the world8It is very easy to meet such a man because he is kind to the extent.

The problem is after this.

In the first place, "I like scum" is nothing but "I can't like a gentle man" if I turn it inside out.Excuse me, but the questioner has probably rejected the approach from the "gentle man" by saying "something is wrong".

So what should I do to fall in love with a kind man?

Let's start by acknowledging that "I like trash men".

I understand the feeling of wanting to say, "No, no, that's not true."But unfortunately I like it.At least keep in mind that you tend to pick scum.If even this is not allowed, then unfortunately I cannot do anything.

The person who asked the question is a living being who will fall in love with him if he is with a trash man.There's nothing I can do about this.

Then there is one solution.

Keep your distance before falling in love.

You can tell in seconds whether your opponent is trash or not. Please take it as a lie to protect your self-respect, saying, "I didn't even show a glimpse of my scum before I started dating, but as soon as I started dating, I became a scum."The questioner clearly sees through the trash man and chooses it, so he definitely knows it before he goes out with him.

It's too late when you fall in love

LINEturn offCut off contact.Never meet

"I was invited and I couldn't refuse……”?

Liar.If it's a disgusting man's invitation, you can refuse it properly.I have the ability to say no.Decline.Or block.

don't lie to yourselfYou know it's crap.Never turn a blind eye.

block it.TwitterMake it a key plaque.Stop Instagram.

When you fall in love, it's over.There is no other way but to clap your hands before you fall in love.

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