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Tokyo | 4 recommended areas for meetings

“What kind of place should we meet?” “I want to know the recommended restaurant!”

Are you having trouble choosing a restaurant or where to meet?

This time,Recommended restaurants and precautions for meetingsand so on.

If you know a few shops that are most suitable for you, you can proceed smoothly with your meeting!

4 recommended areas for meetings

The four recommended areas are as follows.

  • Yurakucho
  • Hibiya
  • Ginza
  • Tokyo

What all locations have in common is thatA calm and stylish spaceTo be.

Also, Yurakucho, Hibiya, and Ginza are all very close to each other, so it's convenient to remember these areas all at once!

I will introduce each of them.


Tsubakiya Coffee Shop Yurakucho Saryo

Located on the 2nd floor of Yurakucho Itosia.

Only 1 minute walk from Yurakucho Station, very close to the station!

Inside the store,Calm atmosphereSince the customer base is older, it's not noisy and you can have a relaxed conversation.

The drinks and cakes are also delicious.

Cafe Lexel Tokyo International Forum Branch

Directly connected to Yurakucho Station.

This is a little-known cafe located on the basement floor of the Tokyo International Forum.

There are few peopleTherefore, it is highly recommended for those who are concerned about being seen.


Base Q Cafe by Royal Garden Cafe

A cafe on the 6th floor of Midtown.It's directly connected to the station, so it's perfect for rainy days.

In addition, It is relatively empty at night and you can see the night view.So I recommend it.

Starbucks Coffee Tokyo Midtown Hibiya Store

This will also be directly connected to the station.

Also, it is located right after exiting the ticket gate, soIt's easy to meet up and leave quicklyIs attractive.

However, please be aware that it can get crowded depending on the time of day.


bills ginza

It is located on the 12th floor of Okura House.

Close to the station, 2 minutes walk from Ginza Station.

Also, inside the storeCalm atmosphereThe seats are spacious and you can talk comfortably.

We recommend going on weekday evenings as it is less crowded.

Laduree Salon de The Ginza Mitsukoshi store 

Located on the 2nd floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi.

1 minute walk from Ginza Station.

On weekday evenings,very emptySo I recommend it.

Another benefit is that it not only tastes good, but also looks cute and can be posted on social media.

After meeting, I asked my dad to buy me some macarons.lol


Afternoon Tea Tea Room Marunouchi Shinmaru Building Store

It is located on the 4th floor of the Shinmaru Building.

Close to Tokyo Station, 1 minute walk.

clean and relatively emptySo I recommend it.

Also, the Shinmaru Building has many beautiful restaurants, so it's easy to make an appointment for your next meal.

It may be helpful to say something like, ``Next time, I want to try this restaurant!''

Sembikiya main store KITTE Marunouchi store

It is located on the 1st floor of KITTE.

 This is also close to Tokyo Station, a 1-minute walk from the station.

From weekday evenings,not very crowdedSo I recommend it.

Also, the parfait is really delicious, so be sure to try it!

Fear | Face-to-face meeting in a car as experienced by the author

At the face-to-face meeting,Please never go to a closed room.

I have met my father twice in his car.

There was nothing special about the first person, we just chatted for about 1 minutes and got paid.

But with the second child, problems arise.

After chatting for about 10 minutes and receiving the allowance,I tried to touch your bodyIt is

I immediately said, ``I have plans, so I'm going home now,'' and got out of the car.

Dad still listened to me, so I gave it back to him normally.If someone is dangerousI shudder when I think about it.

Even though I had talked to them in advance via message, I still didn't know them.

Never forget to be cautious.

5 points to keep in mind when meeting face-to-face

Here are some things to keep in mind when meeting face-to-face:

  • It's good to meet at the store!
  • Pay attention to appearance and cleanliness
  • don't speak loudly
  • If you think it's too long, cut it up
  • Avoid seats where people can easily see you

Be sure to keep this in mind.

Points to note: XNUMX) It is best to meet at the store!

In front of the store or inside the storeLet's meet up.

It's easy to get lost and things may not go smoothly when meeting at the station.

Also, there are a lot of people passing by, so you may be concerned about what other people are looking at you.

Decide on the store with your dad before you send the message.

Once you have decided on a store,I won't be invited to a closed roomSo you can rest assured.

Points to note ② Pay attention to appearance and cleanliness

Of course,Appearance and cleanlinessPlease be very careful.

It is no exaggeration to say that first impressions are determined by appearance.

It's best to wear clean clothes and don't wear too much make-up.

From dad,"Landmine style and frilly clothes are cute to look at, but I don't want to walk next to them."I also heard the opinion that.

Precautions ③ Do not speak loudly

Have you ever seen people working as dads at cafes?

Especially, I feel like I see it often at Tsubakiya Coffee.

And on rare occasions, you may hear words such as "adult" or "allowance."

Such people not only attract attention from those around them, but also get looked at in a negative way.

in public,It's insane to talk about adults and allowances.So let's stop.

Note #XNUMX: Round up if you think it’s too long

Rarely, there are dads who have very long face-to-face meetings, lasting more than an hour.

The average meeting time is approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour.

If it's too long, it's a waste of time, so cut it down.

``I'd like to talk to 〇〇-san more, but I have plans after this...I have to go soon.''How to say something that doesn't make people feel uncomfortableplease do.

Also, during a conversation, you might say something like, "I'm going to get my nails done after this!"Unceremoniously,Let me know that you have plans after this.Is also recommended.

Dad will also start paying attention to his time.

Note XNUMX: Avoid seats where people can easily see you

Being in a place where people can easily see people is simply embarrassing,Risk seen by acquaintances.

Also, there is a possibility that people around you will see you as a daddy.

I was so concerned about this that sometimes I didn't include my father's story.

Window seats or terrace seats where you can see passersbyAvoid it as much as possible.

Summary|Don't be too careful when meeting face-to-face!

  • Recommended areas for meetings
  • A dangerous encounter that the author experienced
  • Be careful when meeting face to face

This time, we introduced recommended restaurants for meetings and things to keep in mind.

Please use this as a reference when you meet!

Gappori only with rice!Introducing the techniques and experiences taught by an active female college student pj ♪ Please use it for your own dad life ^ _ ^

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