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Expression of affection in Papa activities Vol.3


Expression that shows the true nature is important

When you're a dad, how important is it to show the dad you're contracting with?Have you ever worried about it?And how will it be received by the other party?From the father's point of view, all of this is seen as an expression of love on his part.

In other words, the way you interact with your dad while spending time with him will have an impact on your contract with him.

However, for people like me who view fatherhood completely as work, I think there are many people who don't want to show their true selves.Honestly, so am I.

Basically, I only want to show my true face to my family and close friends.

First of all, one of the reasons is that I can't divide "papa activity = work".

Inevitably, when you put out the raw material, emotions will spring up there.

I'm not saying it's bad to be emotional.

However, if love arises, the relationship may deviate from the framework of ``dad life = work,'' and the relationship may no longer be a father life.

I have seen women who have said that, and I think they can understand how they feel.

Women tend to be heedless of their work when their emotions move.

But when I'm working as a dad, I can't help but spend time alone with my dad.

Once you sign a contract, the amount of time you spend together will get longer, and the things you talk about will become more in-depth.

And what daddy wants from me becomes more and more similar to that of a boyfriend, and unless we end up having a somewhat open relationship, we won't be able to reach a long-term contract.

On the contrary, the allowance is far from being increased.

So what am I doing?This bothered me a lot too.

After all, if you get too close, your true feelings will definitely come out, and when alcohol comes in, you'll end up revealing your inner feelings.

But even if I'm wearing a mask, my dad will find out right away.

If you're a woman who's a father, you probably know this, but the moment the mask is taken off, doesn't the atmosphere become very heavy?Somehow, even though I'm not lying, it feels like the lie has been exposed.

I've experienced it many times, but I can't really get used to it.

That's when I came up with the idea of ​​acting.

I realized that it's no good because I try to hide something from my dad in a really half-hearted way.

Then, the gap between them is looked into, and the result is a negative chain of events where both parties become disillusioned.

So, wouldn't it be better if we could play well until the end?I got the answer inside of me.

Some women may find the act of acting itself tiring or painful.

Therefore, this method may not be suitable for such people.

But think about it.

Being a dad is a job and a service industry.

Some women have children with several fathers.

There are many children who are in situations where something could happen to them somewhere.

I'm not saying that I'm right because I think there are many different ways of thinking about this, but my way of thinking is that if you're going to do a job, it's natural to provide the same service to every customer.

Of course, there is compatibility with me, and there will always be some compatibility.

Therefore, there is something called a contract when you meet someone for the first time, and if they like you, a contract is signed with your father, and if the conditions match with your father, you can move on to the next step.

No matter what kind of work you do, it's insane to just say what you want to say.

It is a service that depends on the other person.

I think this is especially true for dads.

So what should I show my dad?

It is important to act authentically.

For example, when you're funny, just laugh honestly, and when you're angry, just be angry.

However, when I get angry, I communicate with the image that I am angry with the customer in the service industry.

This alone can make a big difference in how dad reacts.

Men seem to be able to see women for who they really are, but they can't.

What they are looking at is the reaction at that time.

On the other hand, if you try to hide your laughter even though it's funny, you'll end up saying, "You're laughing behind my back, aren't you? You're making fun of me, right?" or half-heartedly is the worst thing to do.

Regarding laughter, in my case, when I laugh out loud on the spot, my father naturally takes a positive view of me, thinking, ``I'm showing my true self.''

Do you know how each other reacts like "Oh!!!" when something is dropped?That's out of the ordinary, but do you usually live your life with that kind of reaction?If you ask me, I don't think so.

There must be someone who is reacting because there is someone nearby.

That's what I mean by acting out what I want to say.

Doesn't that kind of atmosphere naturally make you laugh?And even though I'm not showing my true self, if someone reacts like that to me, wouldn't it feel like they're showing me their true nature?I feel it.

Even when talking about something, there are a lot of women who sometimes say, "I don't usually say things like this," right?From my point of view, those words are superfluous, and from my father's point of view, they are almost overlooked.

Rather, if you don't include such unnecessary words and just act as you are and proceed with the story, there will be no doubts about it, and the result will often go in a better direction.

After all, don't you want to be more suspicious of people who say, "I don't usually say things like this to women?" Don't you think, "Absolutely, you say that to every woman?"Especially when you're a dad, you know it well.

A father who is good at leading women will never say unnecessary lines like that.

Men with short-term contracts tend to say a lot. (This is also based on my experience.)

I've heard that some women manage to survive being a father with only their true side, but I don't think that's possible for me.

Also, if you show your true side too much, it becomes difficult to receive allowances.

My style is to think about fatherhood separately in daily life.

And my way of expressing my affection for my dad is to make him look simple and create an environment where the other person can have fun.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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