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Expression of affection in Papa activities Vol.2


Expressing love is surprisingly simple.

When you're working as a dad, there are surprisingly many things that men want from you.

After all, what is common among the things that are required is the relationship between dads and women.

From the father's perspective, I think it's important to see how much the father likes me.

It can be said that the behavior of each woman is an important factor for Papa to make a contract.

Surely, when you think about it that way, it's pretty simple, don't you think?Certainly, it may not be something that can be done simply.

But even if you think about it, each dad has a different personality, and what they want from a woman changes.

However, if I were to narrow it down to one path, I think it's important for women to think about how they love men and how they treat them.

This is pretty much what women want from men.

The expression of love is the key here.

I honestly think that the allowance is the main affection that men give to women in Papa Katsu.

Without this, the relationship of Papa Katsu would not be established in the first place.

Of course, in detail, it is selfish on the part of women, such as "I want a man who treats me like a princess", "I like a man who takes me to places I can't usually go", or "I like a man who gives me luxury". There is no limit to what you can say.

However, from my point of view, I see Papa-katsu as a service business, so everything is determined by the allowance and the contents of the contract.

For example, if you have a dream there, something to support it.

However, the pattern that is most likely to fail in dad life is a woman who asks too much of a man.

I often see women around me whose contracts have been canceled because most of them are too selfish.

Papa's explanation is different, but when I heard about it from a female friend, "Ah, that's clearly an afterthought, and the real reason is your excessive selfishness." More than ten percent.

That's why I think women who are doing well as dads are good at bargaining there.

And maybe I'm not good at it because I've been doing it for a long time.

How do I simply interact with men?I always keep that in mind.

Because overthinking always backfires.

Therefore, the important expression of affection for men is the same.

I try to act more clearly.

When a woman receives an expression of affection from a man, wouldn't she be happier if it was something that anyone could see and understand, rather than a complicated "I need you to understand me" kind of feeling?At least I'm happy and understandable.

I would like to introduce my way of expression.

me on the phone with daddy

Surprisingly, many women don't guard themselves when talking to their dads on the phone.

I'm not

Anyway, the moment my dad answers the phone, I try to say words that make the other person happy, such as "I want to hear your voice" or "I feel relieved."

"Hello, what's wrong?" is a taboo phrase for me.

In most cases, a faceless phone imagines the other party's actions in the head.

Therefore, if you don't respond in an easy-to-understand way, the other person won't be happy, and it will be difficult to understand your tension.

Dad life is a service industry.

It is natural to please the other person.

You don't have to force yourself to say, "You have a nice voice."

Just say, "I wanted to talk and I wanted to hear your voice."

Just by saying this, there is a high probability that they will reply, "Really?"

Generally speaking, in my dad's case, most of the time this response is a grinning pattern.

Of course, I can't say that all dads are happy.

But 9% will be happy, right?I think

That's what I found out was the video call during the corona period.

I often had a video call with my dad during the corona period.

At that time, I was talking with the same feeling as on the phone, but I don't usually do video calls, right?But during that period, it was a video call, so I could see what kind of expression the other person was making.

Then, I thought, "Eh, did you listen with that kind of face?"

That's when I thought.

After all, even just a phone call is important to express your love.

Really, it may be a small thing, but I want you to try it once.

Daddy's reaction is easier to understand than I thought.

cut something apart

How do you feel when you go out to eat with your dad?If it's meat, I'll cut it myself, and if it's vegetables, I'll share it on a plate.

Sometimes women do nothing.

This is really bad.

It's the same with pouring sake, but it's very important to take care of each one.

From the papa's side, he begins to recognize this as "he's a thoughtful child".

Then, even if you are not used to it, that hard work is transmitted to men as an "expression of affection."

I think it's the same with women.

If a man does something for you in an unfamiliar way, you'll say, "Thank you for my sake," right?It's really simple, but in dad life, this kind of action is really important.

The same goes for presents, right?She certainly cares about the amount of money, but the important thing is her feelings.

Papa really looks at the behavior of women who say that.

It's around me too, isn't it?

It's only natural to have the other person do it.

A child who doesn't feel like returning the favor even if they do something for him.

When a child like this does dad activities, most of them have their contracts canceled immediately.

As the same woman, I always think, "Of course."

In the first place, for us who have nothing, Papa is helping us with allowances.

And even though he treats me to a meal, if I don't think it's strange to take it for granted, I don't think I can establish a relationship with Papa in the first place, and I even think that it shouldn't be established.

If you want your papa to love you and take care of you, I think it's natural to find something you can do and do it. (This is a human story.)

And I think that it will lead to good contract conditions as a result, and it will also lead to an increase in allowances.

As a matter of fact, I am.

There are many different ways to express your love, but if you are not able to do it, please try it with your father, starting with a small part.

I don't think you will ever lose anything.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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