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Dating a quirky dad

Mysterious Encounter with New Daddy

Let's talk about Lena's new daddy.

Lena, I feel so lucky to have him.

As those who read Lena's article will know, Lena is pretty picky, so it's rare to meet a dad that Lena wants to get.

Meeting this dad was kind of strange.

I think it can be said that he is a bigoted dad who has a slightly obsessed view of daddy girls.

Even now, I'm glad that I met you on that day of torrential rain.

awesome message on site

Lena and Papa met on the site.

I got a sudden message from my dad.

An empty profile with no photo or self-introduction.

"I am in my 40s and married.Up until now, I've dated a few girls from high-end clubs, but I've registered on the Papa Katsu site and tried it out for just a month.'

Lena also got a lot of messages, so I don't remember the messages from each man very clearly, but it was something like this.

I remember that it was an awfully serious message, but it was an awfully arrogant message.

Rena told me that if I didn't send her a picture of her face, I wouldn't be able to meet her, and I was told that I wouldn't pay for transportation at our first meeting.

When I was told that way, I thought what a great dad I was, and most of the time I didn't even reply to the message, and that's the end of it.

Lena, I hate people with big attitudes.

I will never go out with such a one-sided dad, and I will end it.

But for some reason, we decided to meet.

Lena must have been interested in Daddy's polite but blunt side.

Meet at a cafe designated by Rena

The meeting with Papa was at a cafe that Rena had decided on.

I was asked to specify a place, and since it's a cafe, I can't make a reservation, but I chose a calm cafe where Rena has been to for a cup of coffee for about 1000 yen.

Lena, I made my dad wait a lot because of the train delay due to heavy rain.

Lena immediately said, "Sorry for the delay.please come in firstmessage.

I'm afraid if I make you angry.

And Papa replied, "I'm hanging out so please message me when you get there"And.

I wish you could wait inside...Daddy's a little weird.

Ikepapa with a little weirdness

When we met in front of the café, my dad was a handsome guy that I had seen on TV.

Hmm... I'll keep it a secret who he resembles, but he has a pretty face, beautiful skin, and no gray hair or baldness.

She was a Lena type.

And with that S feeling on his face, he bombarded Lena with questions.

Papa was skeptical about Lena's answers, even asking her questions about her occupation and home environment.

I didn't believe in Lena's work either, can you show me?I asked.

Lena also has a decent amount of camouflage, so "I hope we get along'' I replied with a smile.

What dad feels from many face-to-face meetings

Ultimately, this is a word from a dad who met with a lot of girls.

"It's ridiculous that a man has to give a woman 1 yen after talking at a cafe for an hour.Even if I go out with someone, I've never paid for them with meals, and most of the girls I've met so far aren't worth giving.Instead of telling funny stories that are useful for entertainment like a high-end club, I'm going to tell you funny stories and give you pocket money.The girls on the site are licking the world too much.It's not like I have a tremendous libido, and if I can't find a girl I like, I'll just quit, that's all.'

When Lena heard that, she thought that this papa didn't like papa active girls.

It's not like he's going to pay me for food, and he doesn't want to be in an adult relationship, so I wonder what he's looking for.

I wonder why, about Lena...

For some reason, Papa, who has such a habit, liked Lena.

I don't know why, even now that we've started dating.

But Lena and Papa, even though they're twice as old, I think they look like a normal couple because Papa looks cool and young.

Rena was also attracted to such a papa and opened her heart, so papa may have noticed it and naturally opened up to him.

I was happy to hear that Lena was different from the other girls and that she wanted to see me again.

Maybe this special feeling is also a trick of Papa?

It would be amazing if it was a performance of an overly handsome dad.

…Let me still dream.

"Rena-chan smiles all the time, so I'm not sure if she's telling the truth or not.She's just met her.She's had an interesting experience though, and she had a good time today.For the first time in a long time, she met a woman she wanted to see again.She's the cute Rena-chan type, and she's incomparably more attractive than any papa katsujojo I've ever met.She's never given me an allowance or contact information, but I want her to receive it.'

Lena couldn't believe that her blunt dad would like her and treat her so special.

He's handsome enough to be Johnny's, has a sense of cleanliness, has a good style, and is youthful.smile

It's a nice surprise to get an allowance in addition.

Ikepapa, I love you.

"Rena-chan is younger than the girls I've dated so far, and if I don't train her properly, she might hate me.' is cute.

All girls like handsome dads who treat them special, right?

Lena is really lucky to have met such a dad.

Since we don't get to see each other very often, he's allowed me to have another dad.

I am attracted to such a big-hearted dad.

It always hurts, so I have to try not to get too attached to Papa.

Aiming to start a business, I started Papa Katsu for networking and saving money.I had a lot of wonderful encounters, so I would like to share them with you all.

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