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[Extreme of adult spots] What is a happening bar?Is it fun to go with Daddy?

"Hapbar""Happening Bar".

I've heard the name, but what kind of place is it after all?Can I go on a date with my dad?
For such people, I will share my basic knowledge and experiences as a Hapbar experienced person.


Basic knowledge of Happening Bar

Happening barTo put it simply, "a place where men and women enjoy sudden happenings when they meet for the first time".

There are many shops mainly in the metropolitan areas of Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya.There are probably very few shops that carry the word "happening bar" on their signboards or advertisements, so if you don't know anything about it, you won't be able to find it.There are quite a few places where the location of the shop is kept private, saying, "Please call me when you arrive at the nearest station, XX."

(By the way, when I checked to see if there were any in the Tohoku prefecture where I currently live, there were none.)

I often went with a man I met in Universe, but most hap bars basically allow anyone over the age of 20 to enter.
Just by the store "No men alone" "No SM play"There may be detailed rules such as this, so be sure to check the official website of the store you want to visit before you go.There are also shops where you can check the congestion status in real time.


Happening bar, when is "golden time"

Basically, it's okay to go to a hap bar without feeling overwhelmed, but if you're a beginner, you'll definitely want to go during peak hours.Go at a strangely quiet time Sipping a drink in an awkward atmosphere…I don’t like it.
Of course, it depends on the store, but there are many women who enjoy just drinking and leave the store early."around 20:XNUMX", Another stimulus after drinking!and core men and women gather"Late night around XNUMX-XNUMX"is particularly exciting.


Can I go even if I don't have a special propensity?

I think some people have an image of a happening bar as a place where people with special sexual preferences who want more than ordinary sex gather.
In short, the image is incorrect.
If you feel that there are no good people here, or that you have tried coming but you are not feeling well, you can leave without doing anything.You can expand your world just by listening to the stories of people who came to the store, or just watching how other people are playing (!).
however…The possibility of developing into happening = sex is higher than any place, so it is necessary to like sex more than usual.


Flow of entry

When entering the store, many stores require you to present an ID card with a face photo if you are entering the store for the first time.Be sure to bring your driver's license and My Number card, and if you think "It's a little strange to show your ID in a place like this...", give up on using the Happening Bar.

Fees often include admission and membership fees.In addition, most of the shops offer discounts such as 0 yen for women or just charge the entrance fee.
In the case of couples, the fees are cheaper.


Heading to the main area

The inside of the store is roughly composed of "bar counter", "play area" and "shower room".
If it's a large place, for example, it's divided by floor, such as "bar in the basement", "reception and shower room on the XNUMXst floor", and "play floor on the XNUMXnd floor".
The play area is usually blindfolded so that it doesn't look too big.

Usually the staff will call out to you, so it's okay, but please order a drink at the bar counter first.
Well, at this point, it wouldn't be strange for a man to call out to you at any time.Of course, there is no such thing as sudden coalescence (laughs), and at first we start with normal conversation.
Name, age, why are you here today?From the story, we will go into racy topics such as the number of people who have experienced so far, favorite positions, and play.

Basically, everyone is a stranger, so you don't need to be shy.
Therefore, there is no problem in calling out to men from yourself.

By the way, depending on the store, there are places that offer amenities exclusively for women (cosmetics, etc.).It is safe even if you want to fix your makeup after playing.However, in this day and age, it may be better to refrain from using it and bring your own...


And finally, is it safe?

Safety is a concern, especially for women.

First of all, it is important to choose a happening bar with strict rules as a top priority.
How to use:"There are always multiple staff" "It is forbidden for a single man to talk to a woman who comes as a couple"It's a shop that has a system and rules.
Men without delicacy hate ``strict rules'' and ``troublesome'' above all else, so if you go to a happening bar that publishes these rules, the chances of encountering strange people will be greatly reduced.

Of course, don't leave it up to the staff at the store, but don't forget to insist on your own will.
If the person who calls out to you is not your type and you reluctantly respond, trouble may arise later.Most decent men will withdraw if you refuse properly, so if you don't feel like it, let them know.Choose your words, of course.
Even if you make a mistake, it's not common sense as a person to say things like "because it's disgusting" and "I like handsome guys".

As I mentioned earlier, if you've tried coming but still don't feel like it, it's okay to leave without doing anything.
In my experience, not everyone enjoys "happenings" at happening bars.Rather, there are more people who do nothing in particular, just chatting and watching other people play..

Beginners, both men and women, should not expect too much, and should go with the mindset of "taking a peek into the unknown world" and "listening to various stories from the visitors."


Precautions after "happening"

Now, in the event that an "happening" occurs, it is recommended that you stay with the other person for a while.

This is because if you leave the person immediately after the match is over, people who are watching will think, "I can do this with her, too." .

In fact, after playing, there are more people who chat in a relaxed manner than those who leave quickly.


[Points to note] Whether or not you can enjoy it even if you go with a dad active man ...

Based on my experience, almost no one interferes with the other party in a proper Happening Bar.
Papa-katsu couples are basically men and women who are far apart in age, so they tend to stand out in ordinary places. There seems to be

But with Happening Bar, you don't have to worry.There are men and women of all ages, so there is no one who asks "Do you have a dad activity?"
No one will be disrespectful if asked.In the first place, when I go to the Happening Bar, I'm in the same hole..

Rather, it is the best solution to go to such places with a papa active man who has a lot of experience and is relatively comfortable with perverted play.

However, it should be noted that"Whether the man can handle the air of the happening bar.".

I'm sorry to write that anyone can enjoy it without being overwhelmed...

Speaking of the high-income group, is it possible that there are almost only doctors in the countryside?Is it regional in cold places?Or is it because I have a hard job?
I often get offers from straight-laced men, but such men have no connection with happening bars.In the first place, there is no such shop unless you go to Sendai.

People like this are people who like Junichi Watanabe's works and love erotic novels, but they don't know the true pervert play.EasyTo do.Perverted virgin.(On the contrary, even ordinary sexual intercourse...to be honest...much worse than young men ( ;∀;))

On top of that, when it comes to talking about conversations, it's about politics or about your educational background and status.To put it simply, it's "Ufufu, intelligent conversation", but every time we meet, it's that kind of topicBoringThat's it.

Of course, I understand that the other man earns many times more than someone like me and has a higher social status.
But I'm not here for a job interview or an interview for a business magazine.

When I first joined Universe, I might have said, "Wow, it's amazing," but if I met a man like this now, my dick would be the Sahara Desert.Because he's not an attractive male, he's just an old man who can study.

Why don't such a person go to a happening bar with a woman, or inspired by some sensual novel?
First of all, he is intimidated by the young men and battle-hardened perverted gentlemen around him, but he never fails to appeal smartly, so there is no doubt that he will let other women talk about his boring political theories and liven up the erotic atmosphere of the place. .

And since he has a strong desire to monopolize, if you try to play with another man who happened to be in the shop, you should ask yourself, I feel it." After returning home, I will send you a troublesome LINE.

A woman who wants to go to a happening bar can sort out such men, but anyway, it's important to have someone to go with.
"I'm accustomed to going out at night," "I'm good at sex," and "I have a masculine charm."



So far, I have told you the very basic knowledge (+ complaints) of Happening Bars.
Please enjoy an extraordinary experience that you can not usually experience at Happening Bar.

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