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Don't cut it off as a pervert!Special propensity Papa is a gold vein

Hello.This is Nike, a live housewife.

It's sudden, but do you have any slightly unusual proclivities?

In terms of major things, there are D/s and ○○ fetishes, but to be more specific, the point of the opposite sex is really different for each person.

In this way, the relationship between me and Mr. Regular is a little off the royal road of papa activity due to its propensity.

That's why you can say that an ordinary housewife in her forties is able to live her life as a dad without hesitation.

So, this time, I would like to talk about my beloved regular-san's slightly unusual papa and his relationship with me.

Please use it as a reference (I wonder if it will be ... lol).


coming out suddenly

I met Mr. Regular on the premise of "papa katsu", so of course I didn't want to build a relationship in line with Mr. Regular's propensity from the beginning.

The first time Mr. Toshiki told me about his propensity was before I met him in person.

We talked a lot over the months of messaging and online correspondence, but we hadn't sent each other photos before.

However, I started to want people to see pictures that give a glimpse of my daily life, and the first one I sent was a picture of my bare feet wearing veranda sandals (only from the ankle down).

At that time, I was told that "I have a hardcore leg fetish", but in fact, it was only the beginning of Mr. Seiji's coming out...


Mr. Regular's proclivities ① Leg fetish

At first, when I was told that I had a leg fetish, I thought nothing more than "women with slender legs are my type."

So, I just replied lightly, "Heh, that's right," and didn't dig deeper than that.

But after that, when I was taken to the spa, I realized that "this might be a real guy!"

I rented a swimsuit and soaked in it with her, but she kept my legs on her knees all the time, whether in the jacuzzi or the bedrock sauna.

Visually, he strokes my legs like a puppy or kitten, rubs my cheeks, and kisses me lol

It's very strange, but there is no eroticism at this time.

I feel like I'm rubbing a small animal that can't be helped because it's cute lol

For the first time, I learned that a true leg fetish is about admiring the existence of legs.

Since then, I've sent regular photos of just my legs from time to time, and even if it's a photo of the soles of my feet, she's very pleased.

Of course, I will dutifully remit the photo fee.


Regular-san's propensity ② NTR attribute

Ms. Ryuji and I are both married, so from the beginning of our relationship, we had decided on the principle of "not interfering in each other's marital relationship and not destroying the family."

However, at a relatively early stage, I recognized that we liked each other in a way that was close to romantic feelings, so I refrained from talking about my family, especially my husband.

At that time, the flow of the story turned to talking about each person's sex life, and I told about, "My house is always like this...".

Then, on the following Monday, for some reason I received a happy message saying, "Did you enjoy your weekend?"

At first, I said, "I don't want to talk about it because I don't want to be irritated by telling you everything honestly." Coming out from Mr.

She says, "I want to see you having sex with my husband," "I want to touch you after my husband has held me," etc. yes.

I don't understand this at all. .

I can't understand it, but it's also true that there are no particular disadvantages for me.

As expected, I can't make a video of what I'm doing, but I secretly recorded the audio and sent it to Mr. Regular!

At this time, he was really happy, and he sent me an amount that was one digit different than usual♪


Mr. Regular's propensity ③ Tribute masochist

From around the time when the NTR attribute was found out, Mr. Shoji will release himself more and more lol

When I received the watch as a Christmas present, Mr. Shoji confessed that he had a desire that he was too embarrassed to say.

I honestly trembled when I thought that leg fetish and NTR would have to be D/s or perverted play lol

However, when I opened the lid, I was told, "Giving a present (such as a watch) is a pleasure to give."

From a person who doesn't have that propensity, it's a world view that you don't know what you're saying.

However, the category of "tribute masochist" and "tribute slave" (I don't know if it's correct to say?) It seems to be the royal road to let go.

And I think this characteristic of being a tribute masochist is the biggest reason why I, who has a child in my 40s, is able to work as a dad with Mr. Regular.

"I'd like to donate soon, but can I send money?"

In other words, for Mr. Regular, giving money and sexual desire are connected, and sending money to me is the same as indirect sex for Mr. Regular.

I can't understand this at all, but it's a propensity that has only merit for me.

It is necessary to stimulate them with words and pictures, but after that, Mr. Toshiki usually fantasizes on his own and makes me feel good. It's very easy once you get used to it.


Is peculiarity acceptable?

In the first place, if I was in my twenties, I don't think I could have done dad activities.

Even more so, a man who is a year older than me with a slightly strange habit should never have been accepted.

But now that I'm in my 40s, I may have become more tolerant of all things men do, but most of all, what I get from regulars is irreplaceable to me.

He affirmed everything about me, taught me new knowledge, and listened to all my complaints and complaints.

There is no one else like him, and my husband cannot replace him.

Before I knew his propensity, I had a deep sense of trust and a tremendous sense of security in Mr. Regular, so I was able to accept Mr. Regular, whose peculiar propensity was a bit congested.

Of course, there are probably more than a few pj who say that this kind of propensity of men is physiologically impossible.Especially if you are a young pj.

Whether or not you can accept your dad's proclivities depends on whether you can like him as a person rather than as a man, and whether the characteristics of your dad's proclivities are beneficial to you.


If you're a dad with a special propensity, you'll definitely get swamped! (summary)

The reason why I can continue to have a good relationship with Mr. Regular, who has multiple propensities such as leg fetish, NTR, and tribute masochism, may be because I am now "married in my 40s and have children."

However, even if you are a young pj, if you are the type who has little resistance to minor sexual preferences of men, I think it is worth challenging yourself to be a dad with a propensity.

Papa, who hides his propensity due to his social position and entanglements, once he finds a partner who can fully open up to him, he will follow me and cherish me (financially, of course). and).

If you can become an irreplaceable existence for a propensity dad, the allowance should increase steadily regardless of the frequency of meeting.

Even at dating clubs and sites, there are dads who openly show their propensity in their profiles, so it's worth trying just to meet them first!

Until a year ago, I was a full-time housewife who lived comfortably without any inconvenience, and now I am a full-time housewife who is pampered by her beloved regular.In the middle of dad activities and extramarital affairs, days of leisurely enjoyment with regulars. .I would like to tell women in the same position that even if you are a full-time housewife who is ignorant of the world and you are in your 40s who have turned a few corners, you can be happy and live as a dad.

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