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"It's fun to talk with this girl!" Reaction that captures daddy's heart

This time,I'm going to explain the reactions that make a good impression from men.


There are almost no popular papa active women who have little reaction.

Business owners are lonely.At least when I go on a date with a woman, I want to have fun talking about trivial stories!It's a lot of people who think.

Drinking and eating deliciously, listening to stories happily.

Even if the conversation is meaningless or uninteresting, whether or not you can create a fun atmosphere will affect how your dad likes you.

Many of the women who receive many offers are very good at "making them look happy".


People,Something that makes you happy when the other person looks happy.

Also, if you are a proud and passive man, you will say, "Because you seemed to have fun with me."I want to see you again.


When you think of reactions, you may think of exaggerated laughter or comedian-like reactions, but the point is backtracking.

Of course, this is also the basicMen are often used in cabaret clubs.


As expected

didn't know


good sense

Is that so?


You can't leave an impression on customers with the same reaction as the hostesses, or the same reaction as the girls around here.


Even if a woman intends to use this ``sashisuseso'' with all her might, men are

"Come out, it's exaggerated~"

"Yes, yes, it's a customer service. I'm going to wake up."

And it is also possible to receive it in a bad way.


First of all, basic

"That's right."

Words and smiles that give a positive impression.

"What?" "What is that?" "I'm not very interested" is out of the question (unless you get along well).

Positive words while nodding while looking in the eyes.


By the way, I have a fundamental communication disorder, and I'm not good at making eye contact with people.

So when it's embarrassing to look at both eyes, I try to look at only one.

Strangely enough, it's not so tiring with just one eye.

If you do it too often, you might think, "Is there something wrong?"


Here are some words that actually work.


① “I like you”

Man: “I’ve gotten fat lately. You want to lose weight, right?”

"Actually, I'm not good with thin men...seems to be tolerantSo, I like a body shape like ○○'s♡"


For those who are reluctant to say "like", you can replace it with "like".

If you say "I like you" for no reason, people might think "Is it true?"

In the example above, a girl who is close to you can boldly say, "You look like a bear."But choose who you say it to.


It's easy to get stuck in your heart when you say "like" or "preference" about the person's innate complex or something that seems to be troubled.

In addition to "body type", "voice", "hair volume", "height", etc.

"Somehow, Mr. ○○'s voice makes my heart beat faster. I like it~".

People like to be praised for things they can't change.


② "We get along well" "Like friends"

Man: “When it comes to alcohol, you really like wine, don’t you?”

"Eh! Me too! We get along well~!"

I get along with you.I think it's similar.If you ask me, it's strange that I think, "Oh, maybe I'm on the same wavelength as this person."

"It's like a friend" isn't suitable to say at first meeting, but...


③ "I don't hate you"

Man: “I don’t like fat people~”

"I don't hate you♡"

Man: “Sometimes you have a short temper, sorry.”

"I don't hate you♡"

Man: “Do you like having sex?”

"Hmm, I don't like it♡"

Or something.


"I don't like it" is easy to use for things that are difficult to answer or difficult to say "NO".

In particular, there are not a few men who ask the last question, "Do you like having sex?"(arbitrarily)It will get you excited.


④ "That story is interesting!"

Well, it's not boring, but it's not enough to laugh at.

I honestly don't know much about men's inner circle. (Even if you talk about the medical society, it's difficult and I don't really understand it~( ;∀;))

When it comes to conversations between people with an age difference, such as Papa-katsu, there are a lot of stories like that.In such a case,


Man: “Something like this happened~ (laughs)”

"Hey! I like that story. It's interesting."

Say it.

There are a lot of young women who get away with things they don't really understand with "heh sweat", but even if they don't really understand"I like it! Interesting!"Just by saying that, the impression changes completely.


I can't relate to the story!How do you respond in such a case?

Occasionally, in the Universe Club's anonymous question box, questions such as ``Papa told me ``I think ○○ is XX,'' but I couldn't agree with that opinion and got into a fight'' were posted. will be

Despite the age difference, it's easy to retaliate when an opinion that is different from my own is asserted as if it were 100% correct.

However, it is best to be patient here and let it flow.

Of course, if you trust each other enough to have a fight, you can do whatever you want, but it's not a good idea to quarrel with someone you've only met for the first time or just a few times.

When you disagree with a man's opinion,
"That's the way you think."
"I see."
"Well no."


That's why the earlier "that story is interesting" is also good.However, be aware that the story may spread further, saying, 'Oh, my idea is interesting.'

An answer that neither agrees nor denies is safe.


not only that,It is also an ant to replace it with a general theory.

"I see! Certainly, men say 〇〇!"

"I understand! There are many girls who are 〇〇."

If this is the case, it will give a positive impression without saying your own opinion or true feelings, and it will leave a good impression.



Papua is rather bad at conversation, and I've actually struggled several times in the Universe Club, but anyway, if you're conscious of the above words, it will be easier for the conversation to flow.

It can be said that it is a useful communication technique not only for dad activities but also for human relationships, so please use it as a reference.

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