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10 things housewives do to live as a dad without their husbands finding out, part XNUMX

Hello, this is Nike, a housewife in her 40s.

This time, as a married mother of two children, I have compiled 10 items that I usually pay attention to so that my husband does not find out that I am a dad.

The first part is mainly about how to receive allowances and gifts and how to use them.

And in the second part of the next installment, I would like to mainly explain how to handle smartphones, starting with the point of "how to prevent them from being found out."

I would be happy if it would be helpful not only for housewives like me, but also for those who are secretly working as dads without telling their boyfriends, or for those who do not want their families to know about dad activities.


(XNUMX) It is convenient to create an online bank account in your own name.

What you should definitely do before starting dad life is to open an account in your own name.

Originally, I had an online account to receive my work as a writer.

Of course, the account is in my name, and my husband is completely untouched.

My husband does not know when, from whom, how much money was deposited, or how much the deposit amount is in total.

Since it is an online bank, there is no passbook, and all management is done only by the app on my smartphone.

It is important to create an area where your husband is not concerned at all, not just in terms of money, when doing dad activities.

I regularly transfer my cash allowances to this online account.

Now, I'm saving up for NISA from there, and next year, I'm planning to try stocks based on Mr. Teiji's guidance.


② Basic cash principle, but also use electronic money

I basically receive my allowance in cash, but the corona crisis has made me realize the importance of electronic money.

In fact, it took four months from matching on the site to meeting him in person.

My child's summer vacation coincided with Mr. Regular's careful consideration of the risk of meeting in an unvaccinated state.

So what I was doing during that time was online dating.

And the allowance was sent by electronic money (PayPay in the case of me and Mr. Regular) every time.

The best advantage of electronic money is that you can exchange money without meeting, but another point is that you can use it for shopping without your husband knowing.

I don't have a credit card in my name.

If you make a purchase with a credit card, you can send an email to your husband, who is the registered owner, so you can't use a credit card for purchases that you want to keep secret, such as gifts for regular customers or lingerie.

On the other hand, if you use electronic money, you can use it for online shopping, and you can buy it without your husband knowing.

Aside from paying in cash at a store, electronic money payment is convenient when you want a little extravagance on your allowance or when you want to make secret purchases.

By the way, in the case of PayPay, as long as you send a remittance link, you can exchange allowances without knowing each other's phone numbers.

It is recommended because it also maintains anonymity.


③Presents are “small and expensive things” or cosmetics

In my case, in order to prevent my husband from finding out, I can't get clothes, bags, or other items that my family can easily see from my dad.

Our house is a small 3DK house, so it's almost impossible to hide it.

Even if I had a big closet to hide the clothes and bags my dad bought for me, it would be a shame if I couldn't wear them in front of my family.

So when regulars ask me what they want, I try to request something compact, easy to hide, and expensive enough to keep their face.

I have received birthday and Christmas presents so far, but I asked for a ring and a watch.

I wear both during the daytime on weekdays when I'm alone, and hide them in my jewelry box when I'm with my family.

In addition to accessories and watches, cosmetics are also recommended.

My husband (male) doesn't know much about cosmetics brands or prices, and he usually doesn't notice when there are one or two cosmetic bottles in the bathroom.

Next time, I plan to order high-end skincare products that I can't usually afford to buy from regular customers♪


④ Do not change the pace of purchasing personal items (clothes, bags, cosmetics, etc.)

When dad activity gets on track, naturally the money on hand will increase, and you will be able to buy what you want freely to some extent.

But it's unnatural for a full-time housewife like me, who doesn't have a side job or a part-time job, to suddenly start spending money one day.

In addition, my husband, who doesn't know that there is a supplementary income called Papa-katsu, may antagonize me by saying, "Isn't it overused?"

In my case, as a man, I really like regulars, so lol, I think I want new clothes for dates or new lingerie, but I'm holding back. .

If you really want to buy something, you should either hide it like a present from your dad or wait for the timing to come out.

For example, you can buy it as a reward for yourself on your birthday or at the end of the year, or you can buy it from your parents.

That said, housewives in their 40s don't dress up in different clothes every time, unlike the Kirakira PJs of the world, so they sometimes go on dates at Uniqlo.

Mr. Regular is also a casual person like that, so it may be important to find a dad who can be with you without decorating the housewife's dad life.


⑤ How to treat your husband thoroughly "as before"

If the man you met through Papa-katsu is a person who is connected only by money, I don't think the way you treat your husband or boyfriend will change.

However, like me, when you fall in love with your dad as a man, you need to make an effort to find a balance so that you don't neglect your husband.

For example, she suddenly refuses invitations from her husband for the night, or the amount of conversation is obviously reduced (it seems boring).

On the other hand, it is also unnatural to be strangely kind to your husband out of guilt, or to suddenly say "thank you always" and give him a present.

Even if you are doing dad activities, even if you like the daddy, please make sure that your attitude towards your husband remains flat.


Zero risk is impossible for a housewife's dad activity, hide your allowance well

As a married person, my dad activities have different risks than single pj's.

However, with the understanding of Mr. Regular, the exchange of allowances and gifts is very smooth.

Also, at least for now, my husband hasn't found out, so if you're a married dad, please take a look at it.

Next time, the second part will finally be about the most dangerous item in dad life lol, how to handle smartphones.

What do you use to exchange messages with your dad?should it be locked?And so on, I will publish everything about how I usually manage my smartphone.

My experience as a writer is related to the fact that I came to know the points of smartphone management that my husband does not find out, but I will talk about that in the second part.

I would be happy if you could read the second part as well.looking forward to.

Until a year ago, I was a full-time housewife who lived comfortably without any inconvenience, and now I am a full-time housewife who is pampered by her beloved regular.In the middle of dad activities and extramarital affairs, days of leisurely enjoyment with regulars. .I would like to tell women in the same position that even if you are a full-time housewife who is ignorant of the world and you are in your 40s who have turned a few corners, you can be happy and live as a dad.

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