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[Exclusive for dad life] What is the strongest way to express affection than "I love you"?

When I was a child, I was told that relationships without conflicts of interest were treasures.

I remember an adult saying, "When you grow up, you have a lot of interests."

I would like to tell the me of those days, when I was just ignoring things like, "Hmm."


Twenty years from now, you will be immersed in a ridiculously complex human relationship that mixes "interests" with "love between men and women".




The introduction was delayed.

My name is Miki Fujisaki.

I am very honored to receive an offer to write a column from "That" Universe Club.


Since I was in my teens, I've been a dating site and an (adult) chat lady, and I've been moving around the questionable neighborhood, and in my mid-twenties, I was the mistress of a gentleman. I understand that the two years of mistress life were "very meaningful" in my opinion.I wish I could write about my experience at that time here.While presumptuous, please leave your acquaintances ♡

Precisely because it is a relationship that involves giving and receiving money


Regarding the "human relations with interests" mentioned earlier, the main topic of this article, mistress/papa activity, may be the best "human relations with interests".


Therefore, this time, I would like to share with all the girls the effective way to make my daddy sick!


I think there are a lot of wonderful gentlemen who really want to support girls in Papa Katsu Ichiba.And there must be many attractive girls in this world who can meet the eyes of such gentlemen.

On the other hand, gentlemen who only want to "spear" with "minimum money", girls who "just get money" and then become wild and mountainous.It is also true that there are more or less people with such attributes (although there may be more or less).


It's a mistress/papa activity market where various races with such various expectations are mixed, but if you could walk a dreamlike Cinderella story...It's the ultimate joy for girls.Of course, it's all done under the name of self-responsibility, and it's a kind of "adult" business.

"I don't want money"

What are men looking for when they visit Papa Katsu Market?

For the time being, if you are looking for a sexual desire processing team that just wants to "spear" (please enjoy it elsewhere), you have money, a position, a certain position, a little power, and so on. Gentlemen who have something close to them and are highly valued in society.What does such a man want?


I don't dare bring it up again. It is "the existence of a woman who truly falls in love with me and says she likes me."

A man with money can have 100 enemies.People who come to me, especially women who come to me, I don't mind unless there's a problem with their personality.Such men are fed up with flimsy human relationships for money.And because of his position, he has the inconvenience of not being able to move the way he wants.The Anguish of the Rich.


Against this background, talented gentlemen seek pure "romance" and "affection", and embark on papa activities using papa katsu sites and dating clubs as windows.


In that case, we, girls, have no choice but to respond to that true desire!


When I was lucky enough to meet a wonderful gentleman (papa) and my relationship became stable.When you receive your allowance, please say the following.



"I don't need your care."

A good woman is not afraid to take detours

"Do not need".


The point is to say it out loud.

At the moment when the banknotes appear, you can't help but let go of the "Yes!"


Look the other person in the eye and say it seriously.


Rather than making a joke or vaguely refusing, this seriousness makes you think, "This child really wants to be with me."It's such a killer word.


There is no need to refuse a fixed or monthly large allowance such as ○ XNUMX.A little pocket money, a piece of Yukichi-san, etc. "I had a lot of fun today," "I've had enough," "That alone makes me happy."Then he will be very happy.


I also used it occasionally when my mistress relationship started for a while. (Even if you make a mistake, abuse is strictly prohibited.)


Magical words that can dispel the anxiety of dads who always hold them because of their position, "Anyway, you're only looking for money" = "What about myself?"

If you make your child think, “This child is different,” and “This child is necessary for me,” the relationship with a capable father and the feeling of gratitude (treatment) from the father will last forever.Because there is no alternative.Rather than being a cute and beautiful woman, if you give her a "woman who really cares about me", she will definitely be chosen.I, who was unpopular, ugly, and lacking sex appeal, practiced and succeeded, and you can do it too.The one-time refusal of the allowance becomes an absolute scene that grabs his heart.Losing and gaining is exactly this.




A gentleman who has accumulated life experience over thousands of bloodsheds can see through the superficial words in an instant.Rather, a simple offer of "no need" accompanied by concrete actions.

"I love you" "I don't need it".Even with the same five letters, there is a clear difference between them in the long run.Even in the number of appearances of Mr. Yukichi after that, in building a smooth relationship with his father.And even in the future of your Cinderella story, which no one knows yet.


In order to know the market value of her as a "woman", she started working as a dad and mistress. was her mistress for two years in her mid-twenties.I would appreciate it if you could share the joys and sorrows of those days, and highly reproducible how-tos.

Article by Miki Fujisaki

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