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Is it better to take a manner class before becoming a daddy?

 Nice to meet you all!My name is Mizuno, and I work behind the scenes at Universe Club.(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و good!

"What does it feel like to be a rich person?"
"Is it better to take a manner class before going on a date?"

Occasionally, I get asked this question.

After all, everyone is a rich man,,, I'm worried about it

“Should I take a class on manners?”

Ah, what a sweet sound of words(*´д`*)

I can't believe you said that. .

Mizuno is so happy that tears are dripping down( ;ᵕ; )

You don't actually need a etiquette course, but that's all I think
It means that you are very conscious about dating.
As a member of the Universe Club, I'm happy to have you improve yourself with that kind of feeling.
Precisely because it is the first step of dad life that I took courageously,
I don't want you to waste your life as a dad.
As far as Mizuno has seen these highly conscious female members,
There are many people who firmly grasp their dreams without missing the chance of a date offer(´・∀・`)o<・3・´)

 Self-improvement with Papa life

A woman who has a good relationship with a male member
Everyone values ​​each and every offer,
I am brushing myself up as if it were a matter of course.
It's important to say "just like it's natural",
Such people are accustomed to self-improvement,
It's not a 3-day boy, it can be continued all the time.
If you aim for a high mountain from the beginning, before you polish yourself

It feels like my heart is going to wear out. . _:(´ω`” ∠):_
But it's okay.If you have memories of running a marathon, you will understand.

ε”ε”ε”(ノ´・д・)ノ“Let’s go to that telegraph pole.”

"Let's go to the next telegraph pole" ε”ε”ε”(ノ´・д・)ノ

By accumulating small steps, rather than aiming for a big goal from the beginning

You should be able to aim for the goal comfortably.
While running like that, before I knew it
You'll see scenery you've never seen before

.*。♡:.*❀。.* (*゚▽゚*) *.。❀*.:♡。*.

First of all, it is an unreasonable step,

How about improving yourself in the following ways✧\\ ٩(*´ω` *)و //✧

  • If you care about your figure, go on a diet
  • Read the books of people you respect and refer to their way of life
  • clean one's room and clear one's mind
  • Practice not only receiving, but also giving from yourself (both privately and at work)
  • Create a month in which you don't speak ill of others in your heart
  • Create a day during the week to organize your thoughts and feelings

I will introduce them one by one (*´ω`)

If you care about your figure, go on a diet

→ Let's do this only 10 times.Surprisingly, if you decide to think
You can start.It's hard before the start (´・Д・)

Read the books of people you respect and refer to their way of life

→ Why did this person act like this?
There are various discoveries (pq´v`*)

Please look be considered! !

Namie Amuro!

Alice Hirose!

While scratching the buttocks,
There's only one left!There's only one left! !
While watching a wide show full of adultery news
Can you imagine eating potato chips? ?
I can't imagine Mizuno.

Such an atmosphere gradually changes from the usual self-improvement
I think it's leaking! ( ∗︎°⌓︎°∗︎ )♡︎

clean one's room and clear one's mind

→It is said that when the room is messy, the mood is also rough.
I'm sure when you're irritated, your room is also rough.
Try to remember the past.
When it's rough and tired, there must have been less visible area of ​​the floor.
It is said that a house with a large area where you can see the floor will have more income.
It seems simple, but it is surprisingly important.

Practice giving instead of just receiving

→ I feel like if I give it, it will come back to me.
When you're like, "You haven't given me anything ヽ(`Д´#)ノ"
Isn't it good to try to do something from yourself?

Create a month in which you don't speak ill of others in your heart

→ I think it will be very difficult at first if you put it into practice.
Human beings sometimes get rough, but try not to say it as much as possible.
If you say it in your mind, I think it's good to write it in a memo in positive letters.
It's very refreshing.Just be patient with pushing yourself too hard
It's bad for your body if you're in pain, so when you reach your limit
Let's go to karaoke and let it all out♬~٩( ˊoˋ* )و

Create a day during the week to organize your thoughts and feelings

→You can't get a bird's-eye view of what's in your head unless you put it down on paper.
Let's write whatever words come to mind on paper!
This is how I feel nowI got angry, but
I just wanted you to know.I have a lot of discoveries.
Although there are many discoveries, it can be done with just paper and a pencil... 〆(・ω・。) Karano


People who are improving themselves have a relaxed atmosphere,
It has a lovely atmosphere.
It goes without saying that you should treat men with respect,
If such a wonderful atmosphere oozes out,
I'm sure men will find you attractive.
I think it's easy to get a lot of support.

There are many shining women who like themselves

It has the characteristics of the nicest women Mizuno has ever seen.
There are actually various things, but since it's going to be long
I will introduce only one (。 ̀ω-)b✧

i love myself

This is very important.
People who love themselves are better than people who hate themselves
Above all, I have a lot of room in my heart. (sometimes more)
People tend to get nervous when they deny something.
The person you have been with the longest in your life, which only happens once, should be yourself.
Every time I look in the mirror, every time I think of myself
I hate myself (´・ω・|||)

I'm nervous,,, that's it.

It's such a waste (*˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭! ! !
Because I was born as a woman,
I want you to enjoy more women.

People who take selfies, don't you think?

Isn't it lovely!Is enjoying yourself such a bad thing?
I was born as a woman! Posting cute photos on Instagram
Nails and taking long baths are all for myself.
I take a bath because it feels good.

Is that ok.Is that ok.I love people so much
Is that ok.It's not the time to sing.

It's ok.It's ok.Even if I love myself so much
It's ok.

It's ok !!!


When you lose confidence, you might not be yourself.
I don't find myself attractive.I thought so and thought of myself in her head
I'm just blaming my words.
what do you do when you deny yourself

│What are you going to do~│

My body stiffens every time. .

Self-improvement cannot be done without first of all the room in your heart

As you may have understood from the discussion so far, self-improvement is first
It's impossible if you don't have room in your heart.When you don't have room in your heart
It's painful to return even one LINE message.
I can't help it because I can't afford it (#)Д`;;)…
(You can't think about math problems while running a marathon, right?)

Fall in love with yourself so quickly! !

It's hard to say, but
(Isn't it scary to suddenly dive into a hot hot spring?)

Praise yourself for your good points, even if it's little by little
I think it's good.
When you're just denying yourself,
I'm sure even with some great support from my dad,

"I'm not a receiver"

Even if you go on a date,
I'm no goodWith words of self-denial in my head
I think it's filled up, so I'm sure the atmosphere is
I think this applies to men as well.

If it's a big deal, men should also want to have fun dating! !
A woman who is innocently happy is wonderful!
Of course, don't overdo it (/・ω・)/.。.:*☆

I think it's okay to take a break when you're thinking, "I have to improve myself."

When you're like, "I have to do it,"
"I don't want to do it" is the real intention!

If you force yourself to do something like that, you won't be able to have extra peace of mind.
When you're trying to force yourself to do something or put up with it, you feel confused
It's drifting with Doyoyon.within reason,
Little by little is fine.but I've been standing still
If the state is fuzzy, I think it's good to take a step.
Shall we read this and give it a try?
I would be happy if you could think about it even a little ヽ( ̀ω ́ )✧

When I was wondering if I should improve myself,
I will move within 5 seconds without thinking about anything!I also recommend it!
While I'm counting down for 5 seconds in my head, I'm doing it before I know it.

By the way, what kind of person is the male member of the Universe Club?

Hmm.There are many people!rich men,
The male members I met were friendly and young for their age.
There were a lot of men who said that they were so refreshed \( ·ω・ )/
I think that there are some men who are not compatible with each other, but

Everyone is hard at work and they are excellent at something.

Rather than denying it right away, what is the charm that this person has climbed to this point?
I think it's also good to look for it.The man Mizuno met
Each of them has a naughty side, but they were fun and very attractive people!

I would be happy if there was some kind of discovery triggered by the Universe Club.

The universe club that I joined.Don't waste your precious chance

Please send a wonderful daddy life!

That was Mizuno behind the scenes of the universe~(。・ω・。)ノシ


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