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Recruiting writers for Papa Katsu column

Nice to meet you all m(_ _)m

My name is Kamei and I am in charge of marketing at Universe Club.

I am in charge of editing the women's column "Cinderella"!

From time to time, it will appear more and more, so please take care of it (^q^)

Today, I would like to thank everyone who regularly reads my column. news There is!

\ We are looking for people who can write a column about dad activities /

Why don't you post your valuable experiences in the Universe Club column?

Admission Information

Daddy life experience storywho can write

dating club-mistress/papa activitywho have experience of

problems in the past
Those who can write sentences such as

inexperienced writer
But you are most welcome! !

* Even if you have experience as a writer, we do not accept false statements (;_;)

About rewards

It will be negotiable!


We are always looking for writers (^^)b

If you are even slightly interested, please contact Kamei using the contact form below.


We look forward to your application (。・ω・。)



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