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Memories of a precious three-person joint date

Hello, I'm Natsuyuki.

Recently, I've been addicted to Caesar salad, and when I go out to eat, I eat Caesar salad at various restaurants.

Caesar salad is an interesting and simple salad,

Depending on the shop, the way of serving, the shape of the lettuce, the shape of the serving vessel, etc.really diverse.

It's interesting because I feel like I can see the characteristics of each restaurant..

The story of a three-person joint date

Well, this time, I participated for the first time,I would like to talk about a three-person joint date.

I think this is a very rare experience.

I was invited to this meeting,In the first place, I was really happy ♩♬ And it was fun~*


Even if it's a three-person joint date, it doesn't mean that three couples get together.I don't.

Simply put, it feels like a companion for entertainment.


At that time, the meeting was hosted by two men.It was a meeting to entertain business partners who came from afar.

Three girls were called there.

I was one of them.

And all the other girls are nice to meet each other.

Moreover, without a preliminary meeting,As usual, we will head directly to the designated meeting place,

What kind of meeting will it be?What kind of girls do you work with?It was a performance that I didn't know at all.

Let's all have fun and drink.

Venue (It was a reserved room in the hotel.)When I arrived, I was the first girl.

Good evening.

At that moment, I wondered, "Who is my partner?"

Male A had a chat with male C, whom he had invited, over a drink.

Man B greeted me and handed me a glass of wine.

"You don't have to be nervous. Let's have fun drinking together."and kindly say,

I was guided to sit next to the guest, male C.


Unlike usual, this feeling is not one-on-one.

When I tried to find out what to say and greeted,

Surprisingly, that man, C,Don't you look tense?

what,He seemed surprised when a woman came.


Man A says without hesitation.

"Since it's a big deal tonight, I've invited three beautiful women.

 We have plenty of food and drinks, soLet's all have fun and eat together. ”

While doing so, two other girls also arrived.

"Nice to meet you~" and sat between the men,While doing so, the meal was brought,A chat began.

Free time to find a compatible partner

For meals,especially formal on a platter at a large table where everyone sits aroundprepared.

The girls quickly ate, especiallyThe host man became a wine attendant,

The smooth entertainment even in the ad-lib production isI was impressed that it was a group of professionals.


The chat started with the self-introduction of six men and women,It's like a joint party while everyone is cassava and hashagi.

After a while, the men started talking about business,

Sometimes I get up from my seat and approach the girl and talk in her ear,

Everyone had a good time together.


And as you may have noticed, during this meal time,No partner has been decided yet.

It was a time for everyone to enjoy themselves.

Rather, free time to find a partner that you feel comfortable with,It felt like it was time for a so-called arranged date.


And it was about XNUMX hour and XNUMX minutes later that the meal was over.

Male A whispers to Male C.

“How are you doing tonight?

Then man C gives a signal to the girl he likes with his eyes,

"Then, we apologize in advance."

and join hands with a girl,I went back to my room.

I see. That's how partners are formed.

It's so reassuring to have friends

After the guests left, me and another girlEach man nominated and left the dining hall.


And we got to our room.

The man A who chose me said, "Ah~Thank you for dating me~ I'm tired of entertaining you~"While saying

Give me a hug, "Let's take it easy. Shall we drink again?"And open more wine.

Unlike before, the atmosphere is quite relaxed,After talking for about XNUMX minutes, I went to bed.

"If you meet with this kind of entertainment,It's great to see if there's a girl that the guest likes, or if it's the first time I'm able to have fun chatting with fellow members.You take care of me~"

While saying, "But it was fun ♡"I was impressed by him who showed me a mischievous smile.


On the way home, Male A gave me a large amount of pocket money,

"Aren't you tired? I can call you a taxi, so take your time on your way home."He even paid for the taxi.


It was the first three-person joint date,No more confusion than I thought,

It was a good impression because everyone was able to have a good time.


and more than anything,I met girls who also enjoy dating,I was happy that we became friends.

On a date like this, sometimes it's hard to talk to people,

I was grateful that I was so reassuring to have friends.


What is a three-person joint date?I don't think it happens very often, but

If you have such an opportunity, please try to participate actively.

Xia Xue

Hello, I'm Natsuyuki. "Snow that falls in the summer" is somewhat strong, ephemeral, fantastic, and outlaw image... I think women in their XNUMXs like me are such a living thing.I would be happy if you could look forward to reading such a neat post written by Natsuyuki.By the way, my favorite saying is "The secret is to make a woman beautiful."You got a little nervous, didn't you? *

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