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A story about when my dad was taken away by an ambulance while on a date.

Nice to meet you all.

My name is Sayuri and I will be writing a column for Universe Club.

Let me briefly introduce myself: I'm a single mother around XNUMX.
I am working as a full-time employee.

And I am also working as a dad.

By the way, "daddy-katsu" refers to activities in which young women receive money called allowances in return for eating, going on dates, or having physical relations with middle-aged and older men called "daddy."

Young women generally refer to women in their 20s to XNUMXs, so women around XNUMX are not eligible.

So, if you ask me if I can't be a father in my early XNUMXs, I would say no.

There is no doubt that it is more difficult to find a father than it is for women in their 20s and 30s, but it is possible to find a father even if you are around XNUMX.

By the way, there is no demand for women around XNUMX at Universe Club. (Except for super-beautiful witches who are comparable to actresses Yu◯ko Ishida and Nozomi Amami.)

High-spec men like those who register at the Universe Club choose women who are ``young,'' stylish, beautiful, and have a good personality.

Even if you are around XNUMX and lucky enough to register for Universe Club like me, you will not receive any offers.

Universe Club is recommended for women in their 20s and 30s, but not for women around XNUMX.

I think the best way for women around XNUMX to meet a father is to register on a matching app, or so-called dating site.

In fact, I have met and gotten to know some wonderful dads here.

However, unlike Universe Club, where the rich and gentlemen gather, the men on dating sites are a mixed bag.
Finding a wonderful father requires effort, perseverance, and a strong mind.

Before I met my wonderful father, I had met a lot of landlocked fathers, and had countless bad experiences.

In this column, I will mainly write about my experiences and failures as a father.

We hope that PJs of a wide range of ages will find this useful as a reference for their father's activities.

The introduction is long, but the first article is about the most memorable moment in my life as a dad, when my dad was taken away by an ambulance while we were dating.

Papa K was over 0 years old, but he was an active father who still ran his own company and enjoyed playing golf and traveling with friends.
We met through a matching app.

One day after we had been happily dating for about half a year, we were planning to go to a hotel and then go out for dinner.

Dad seemed like his usual self when I met him, but when we arrived at the hotel, he started acting strange.

“What day of the week is it today?”

“Where was this place?”

"You're Sayuri-chan, right?"

Repeat about 50 times.

In the end
"The seagulls flew away~, the memories flew~"
I started singing.

He usually has a good memory and is a quick thinker.

When I got worried and said, ``Let's go to the hospital,'' she flatly refused, saying, ``It's okay.''

I managed to convince Papa K and decided to go home for now.

When K-papa tries to go back to the large supermarket where they usually meet, he says he doesn't know the way.

Even if I say, ``I'll take your place!'', he won't hand over the steering wheel, saying, ``I'll drive myself.''

I had no choice but to navigate back home.

He kept saying strange things in the car.

The 20 minute journey from the love hotel to the large supermarket where we were meeting felt like 2 hours.

I think I was able to return home without any accidents.

I tried to persuade her to call my daughter in the parking lot of a large supermarket, but she wouldn't listen.

Even if I say I'll call an ambulance, I'm just adamant that it's okay.

This was the first time I saw the stubborn side of K-Papa, who was always kind.

Eventually I got out of the car and started wandering around the parking lot.

I was desperately trying to get him back because he was hit by a car.

K-papa at this time was almost a wandering old man.

I couldn't leave Papa K in the parking lot and go home, so I called an ambulance.

I frantically waved as an ambulance pulled into the parking lot, its siren blaring.

A crowd of onlookers gathered around, wondering what was going on, but I couldn't pay attention to that.

K-papa, who was reluctant, was pushed into the ambulance, and I also got in the ambulance and explained the situation.

The paramedics asked me, ``Are we related?'' and since it would be strange to say ``We're lovers,'' I answered, ``We're acquaintances.''

In the ambulance, the paramedics began asking for Papa K's personal information, and I learned his address and his daughter's name.

I was surprised that it was so close to my house.

Once my daughter was safely contacted, I got out of the ambulance and Papa K was taken to the hospital.

I was so worried that Papa K was going to die, I didn't feel like I was alive.

In the unlikely event that Papa K passed away, I felt that I would be responsible for explaining the situation to my daughter.

The only saving grace was that Papa K was single (divorced).

If he had a wife, he might have been in big trouble.

That night, I received an email from Papa K.

``The cause of my illness was dehydration from drinking alcohol last night.I was not hospitalized and came home with an intravenous drip.I am truly sorry for the inconvenience.I am grateful to Sayuri-chan. Thank you very much.”

When I read that email, I felt relieved and sat there crying.

K-Papa, it's okay.Good, really good.

There are various risks lurking in the life of a father.

Sexually transmitted diseases, voyeurism, stalking, recruitment into pyramid schemes and religion, blackmail, death from the stomach, wife finding out and demanding compensation, etc.

It is necessary to understand that there are risks associated with fatherhood activities, and to proceed with extreme caution.

Thank you for reading for me until the end.


I'm working as a father around XNUMX.Oldest dad ever? (lol)

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