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Choosing a dad who sometimes fails Vol.3


A man with a very stubborn personality

When you're a dad, you meet all kinds of men.

There are some men I have doubts about.

However, there are quite a few men who think they should have never signed a contract.

This time as well, I would like to introduce a man who has had the same experience.

In the contract when we first met, I wonder if he is a man who doesn't say many words and is willing to accept anything.That's what I thought.

Actually, it wasn't.

It is said that a smile is a weapon for women, and I think the same can be said for older men who become fathers.

When we first met, my impression of him was that he was a ``gentleman'' with a really nice smile.

So, naturally, I was really happy when they liked me and asked me about a contract.To be honest, I thought it would be okay if I paid a little less.I thought so.

However, when I met him for the second time, I thought, "Yeah?"

It's dinner and time.

Anyway, I can't decide on a menu.

I'm also indecisive, but I'm slow enough to make decisions.

Then, when the food is actually brought to them, they start saying, ``This taste is different than before,'' and keep telling me about it.

At that time, I felt like, ``Oh, did he just want me to eat the perfect dish?'' There was a part of me that had doubts, but since it was only the second time we had met, I ignored him anyway. (I think about it too much, right? I kept it in my head.)

However, I didn't realize that this was just the beginning.

From there, the number of times we met increased, and since I had a good impression of him when we first met, I started thinking to myself, ``This daddy still has a lot of things I don't know about, right?'' We were dating with each other.

However, an incident occurred.

It was time to meet up.

By chance, I was about XNUMX minutes late.

Of course, there was a good reason.

Due to heavy rain, the train was delayed and we were late to the meeting point.

Naturally, I also contacted my dad.

On the phone, I told her to be careful...

In fact, when I meet her, I don't feel well.

Then I moved to the hotel restaurant and had dinner with my dad.

Dad keeps telling me something, almost like he's talking to himself.

The contents are as follows.

He keeps saying something along the lines of ``Are you the type of person who is late too? It's a shame, Dad.''

I thought I couldn't be blamed for being late.

However, I contacted them in advance, so if it's a transportation problem, I guess it can't be helped.That's what I thought.

During dinner, he kept preaching.

Honestly, I wanted to go home.

But I knew it was my fault, so I just put up with it that day.

The next time I met my dad, the first thing he said to me was, "You weren't late this time, were you?"

As expected, isn't it dragging too much?I thought.

After all, it's been a week since the last time, right?I apologized profusely for that, so what should I do?That's what it felt like.

So, during the meal, I brought up the topic, saying that I needed to tell my dad clearly.

When I asked him, ``Daddy, are you still angry? What should I do?'' this is what he told me.

"No, I don't really mind. But it's not okay to be late, and I just wanted you to understand that. Dad's generation is very picky about time. Even just five minutes isn't a good thing, right?"

To this, I answered:

``I really feel that it was my fault, and I apologized, right? But even a week later, my dad keeps talking about it.''

Dad is silent about this.

So, I said to my dad, ``It's not just about this case, but when we're together, I really feel like if something were to happen, I'd have a deep sense of him.That's why I don't think dad and I are compatible, so I decided to make a contract. Would you like to cancel it?'' I appealed to my father.

Then my dad said this.

"Are you going to cancel the contract that easily, 〇〇-chan? It's fine with your father, but isn't it a waste after all the effort we've gotten to get along? Huh? Maybe you should think about it a little more?" For some reason, I was looking from above.

At that moment, I completely realized that this contract was a mistake.

Would you like to cancel the contract with me?However, for the next two hours, my dad kept saying things like, ``Are you sure? Is it okay if I increase your allowance?'' and ``But being late is not good for a person, after all, right?'' Anyway, he had turned into ``just a troublesome dad.''

That day, we first decided to calm down and went home after dinner.

And I thought about things in my own way.

During that time, my dad's line, which usually doesn't happen at all, came in every hour.

"Dad, did I do something wrong? I want to see you again."

Honestly, if I had been able to be a good dad to my dad, I'd be happy to receive messages like this.

But with this dad, I thought it was probably impossible.

I'm sure there will be some problems in the near future even if I continue with the contract here.Even I, an idiot, could have predicted that, and above all, Dad didn't think it was his fault in the slightest.

As I've said many times, I was the one who was late.

Therefore, I am responsible for this matter.

But, you apologized thoroughly, and the next time you met, did you bring tea and sweets as an apology?Even so, when people say things like that.

As expected, I thought it would be tough.

So I said goodbye to this dad.

Of course, I wanted to make sure everything was clear, so I didn't receive an allowance for that month, and only received the allowance for the trip.

Dad told me this.

"Just accept my allowance, okay? It's how I feel."

Certainly, there will be pros and cons here.

I had no intention of receiving it.

If I receive this, there is a possibility that others will say bad things about me, right?Moreover, these types of men, in my experience, are the type who want to gain an upper hand by paying money.

So I thought it would be a hassle later on.

Besides, for me, being a dad is work.

If you are unable to provide a service that satisfies the customer, you should not receive compensation.

This is also because I didn't want to change.

If you meet a man who is interested in you, it is better to quit the contract.

How can being a dad be stress-free?I think that is important.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

Articles by Kumiko Mine

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