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Choosing a dad who sometimes fails Vol.2


A father who is too two-faced

As a father, there are things I always cherish.

That's the part of me that, since I've signed a contract with any of the dads, I want to be friends with them to some extent, and I try to get closer to them.

However, when I'm working as a father, I always think about the man who can be my partner's father.

Basically, he's much older.

Therefore, even if we wish to improve the relationship to some extent and try to control it, is it simply due to our naivety in life experience?I always end up making a mistake, and I feel like the other guy is always one step ahead of me.

So, if I say that most of my thoughts are being read, I hope you understand.

In the midst of all this, even though I am aware that I have very little life experience, I am thinking about my life as a father.

If I had the ability to read people's insides, I would be able to instantly read them and find a good direction when I met my dad for the first time.

However, such ability does not exist.

So I keep repeating my failures.

In the past, I used to feel depressed each time, but now I'm starting to think positively, thinking that I'm learning and growing.

Having said that, there are some types of dads that I simply can't handle.

That's the type of dad who is too two-faced.

It's understandable that there are two different sides when you're a dad and when you're in your private life.

This is because I am the same way.

However, it would be very troublesome if my two sides were exposed when I was working as a father.

First of all, one of the reasons is that it becomes difficult to know what the father's true feelings are.

I think women who have been involved in the fatherhood life to some extent will understand, but basically you have a physical relationship with your father.

In that case, even though women are working as dads, don't they sometimes reveal their true nature at some point?It would be an understatement to say that there will always be scenes that cannot be fully acted.

Simply put, sex is easy to understand.

Maybe it's just me, but since I can't play the role all the way to the end, I just feel it. (On the other hand, I think people who can play that role are amazing.)

So, when you reveal your true nature, don't men who are now fathers react in various ways?For example, some people might say, ``Do you have that side of you?'' while others might say, ``Huh? Was that your personality?''

From a woman's point of view, it would be nice if they could take everything as a plus.

Inevitably, depending on the situation, it can often be viewed negatively.

However, aren't there a lot of people who are becoming fathers who are able to communicate this information face-to-face?In my experience, is it 2%?Is there a level?

Most dads never say it out loud.

I think it's probably a consideration on the part of the man who is the father to avoid hurting the woman.

I think what women really want to know is what they really think behind the scenes.

But most dads don't tell their women that.

So, for example, even if I have a lunch box, do I really think it's delicious?It makes me feel anxious.

I've said this in the past.

At that time, I decided to go on a trip with my dad, who I had a contract with.

So, since my dad was driving, I decided to bake some cookies, hoping to do something at least a little.

Of course, on the way, my dad ate it deliciously and smiled kindly at me.

I, too, felt glad that I baked it, and thought, ``I'll try to make something different next time.''

So, when I arrived at my travel destination and was wandering around the city, a problem arose.

There was a sweets shop in front of me, and my dad and I were eating the cookies and they looked delicious, so I guessed that I liked sweets.

So, when I asked him, ``Dad, you like sweets, right? Would you like to go get something to eat?'' His response was as follows.

``I don't really like sweets, so I generally don't eat them,'' she said.

From my point of view, the only reaction I could make was, “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” moments.

Of course, I can understand that she ate the cookies I baked out of consideration for me.

But why didn't you tell me?I thought so.

Because you'll probably guess it.

I wonder if this person isn't honestly facing me?That's right.

Besides, I had done some homework on Dad.

During that time, I was asked about sweets, and I answered, ``I don't have any particular dislikes.''And yet...

As someone who considers dad-hunting to be a service industry, I honestly blamed myself for not being able to listen to his true feelings in business, and I felt like I was failing him as a job.

I felt like I was just a ``kindness pusher.''

There was another scene

Do you like miniskirts and long boots in terms of appearance?When I asked my father, he replied:

"I think it's really sexy, and I want my dad to see it," she said.

So I put on a miniskirt and long boots and wanted to go on a date with my dad.

And, after the night's activities at the hotel, this is what my dad said to me.

“〇〇-chan, you look good today, but I might prefer a one-piece dress.”

And I answered:

"What? Daddy said miniskirts and long boots are sexy, right?" I protested, but that's what daddy said to me.

``Actually, I don't like to sound like a gal who says things like that.I'm saying it now, but I haven't been able to say what I really mean.''

I don't know why I asked my dad in advance.

However, there are many dads who are willing to face and talk about their true feelings.

In fact, at this point in time, I still have a contract with the dad who said that.

It's true that he may not be the kind of dad who would cancel the contract on the spot, but honestly, in the long run, my personal feeling is that he made a mistake by signing with that dad.

After all, what is it like to have a relationship where you can't bring out the dad's true feelings?I think so, and even have a physical relationship with my dad.

In the process, we also receive allowances.

If such a father wants a cold relationship, I can agree with him.

But as far as I've seen, even fathers with two sides, depending on the woman, do they really speak their true feelings?There are times when I feel this.

That's because some men talk about their past relationships with women who are active dads.

There are many times when I think, ``Oh, I don't know about that aspect.''

Every time I find out about that, I feel a little depressed.

Therefore, I would like to refrain from signing a contract with a father who has two sides to me, and if I found out after the contract was signed, I would feel like I had failed.

If I think I've made a mistake after signing the contract, I'll set up a process so that it's easy for Dad to cancel the contract after some time. (This is just my way of doing things, so I can't say it's correct.)

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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