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Expression of affection in Papa activities Vol.1


how to express affection

The number of women who are working as fathers is increasing in the world, and recently I have begun to confide in my friends who have been silent.

is this good?Is it bad?Putting it aside, I'm happy when the demand for what I've been doing increases.

Because it will lead to the fact that what you have done has been recognized, and above all, it will lead to less stress on yourself on a daily basis.

However, if the number of daddy-active women increases too much, won't dads choose me?What an uneasiness comes out, and when I think about various things, there is no end.

That's why I try not to think too hard about future projections.

I'm sure there are many women who are working as fathers and don't think too far into the future.

By the way, what I was thinking today is what kind of affection do the women who work as dads show to their dads?I think the approach is probably completely different depending on the woman.

Here I would like to introduce how I express my love for my dad.

Of course, this time I would like to introduce only the expressions that my father was pleased with.

Always hug when we meet

I think all women who are working as dads already know.

Most men who become dads are shy, right?It's not an exaggeration, but really, I feel like an old man.

Isn't that why open men are less than 1%?I think. (This is just the percentage of dads I've met.)

So, unless we do something from our side, we're in a state of turmoil.

From a woman's point of view, it also looks cute.

Having said that, if the woman is shy, honestly, nothing will shorten the distance, and I think that papa-katsu is a service industry.

For that reason, honestly nothing will start unless some kind of approach is taken from the female side.

I think most dads truly want to become women.

However, because he is shy, he does not act on his own.

As long as I'm working as a dad, I think that no matter how shy the woman is, as long as she receives an allowance, she should show courage. (This means that you need a sense of discretion.)

So, as with all dads, I make sure to hug them the moment I see them.

Whether it's at a station or on the side of the road, it's everywhere.

I've never met a man who doesn't like this.

Men who are extremely shy have a stiff body, but when you look at their faces, they don't dislike you.

I think this is really effective for dads.

In the first place, when it comes to dad-hunting, men sign contracts with women because of their looks, style, and type.

Is there anyone who doesn't like that type of opposite sex hugging themselves?That's my own theory.

I've been working as a dad in this way for several years, but I've never been told by my dad that it's "troublesome" or "I want you to quit", and if anything, most of the patterns make me feel better. was.

There are many women in Daddy Katsuuchi who are not used to hugging.

But try it once and see. (Be brave)

That's why I think it's more effective for people who don't have confidence in their appearance.

The reason for this is that when a man looks at a woman, her appearance is of course a criterion for judgment, but in the case of a long-term contract, there are many patterns in which this alone is a one-off contract.

Most of them, after all, are internal and gestures will become important elements later.

In particular, women who have been dating a single father for a long time have a behavior and personality that men tend to like.

For example, she's good at being spoiled, she's a natural character, she's playing a woman that men can't leave her alone.

If you're a dad, you probably understand that a long-term contract is more stable than a one-time contract. (This is because women are less likely to feel anxious about their lives.)

Please try it at least once.

Always look into the eyes when talking.

I think it's pretty normal human behavior.

However, many women are surprisingly unable to do this.

For example, talking to my dad while looking at my smartphone, or looking away and listening to what I have to say.

I think this is the worst situation in dad life.

In particular, if you look at your father's face and talk to him in a way that makes him happy, you can expect a great effect. (proven by me)

Honestly, I feel sorry for Dad, but there's no need to listen to everything he's saying, and there's no need to listen to him that seriously.

However, it is important to look at your father's face and listen to what he has to say.

Honestly, I only remember about 3% of what my dad says.

But just by looking into her eyes and listening to what she has to say, she realizes that the presence of women is important to her dad.

In the first place, most dads are lonely.

That's why many men are now fathers.

That's why there are many men who become dads just because they want to be listened to or have someone to talk to.

That's why it's so important for women to look their father in the eye and be willing to have a conversation right then and there.

It's good to observe a woman who is doing well with papa life once.

Most girls are perfect at this.

That's why, even during a meal, if Papa starts talking, I'll stop and look him in the eye and listen to what he's saying.

I'm also very careful about that.

I've said it many times, but do you have the story in mind?Subtle if you ask me.

However, I believe that my attitude of listening to my dad will keep me from losing.

By being careful about this behavior, you can maintain your dignity as a woman, and above all, make men think that you are taking them seriously.

This is really an important element as a person.

Inevitably, there are many women who lack this kind of natural behavior in their dad activities.

I have a friend who says so, and I once gave him advice, "You should look seriously when you talk to him."

Then, she also said that the reaction of the man was completely different.

If you say you're not confident once, please review your actions.

It really should change the way men look at you.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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