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How to dodge well when an adult is proposed

Have you ever thought, "I've been offered an adult, but I don't know how to refuse" or "I wonder if I can pull a little more..."?

This time,Tips on how to refuse well when an adult is proposed and how to pull it out for a long timeand so on.

If you refer to this article, you may not only be able to break up with your dad smartly, but you may also be able to create a regular dad who just does rice..

Please read it to the end!

How to dodge well when an adult is proposed

How to dodge well when an adult is proposedare as follows:

I will explain each of them.

Avoidance method XNUMX: Sex is traumatic

It's a way to tell people that "I can't be an adult because I have a trauma."

It's a mental thing, so daddy can't go too deep.

Therefore, it is easy to give up and break up quickly.

Experience of dv or being attacked in the pastIf you add a real story, such as there is, the credibility will increase.

I actually had experience with dv.

I thought I might be able to use this experience, so I told my dad that I was afraid of sex because I had a past with my ex-boyfriend.

There is a case where a father sympathized and said, "You don't have to be an adult. I'm sorry."

On the other hand, "If II can be kind to you, and I'll help you overcome your trauma."

Also, most dads leave when they find out that adults can't do it,Rarely, Papa still wants to be with meThere is.

This type of dadIn addition to not inviting adults in the future, he will meet regularly as a casual dadSo let's use it.

When asked, "Then why are you working as a dad?"

If you tell her that sex is traumatic, she might ask, "Then why are you working as a dad?"

If so, let's talk about:

From the beginning, I want to be an adultSome dads think they've been duped if they don't speak up.

Be careful, as it may backfire.

Also,"I didn't really want to tell you about my past, but I said it because I trust you."If you say that, it will give a good impression that you are open-minded.

Avoidance method ② Another dad with good conditions appeared

"Because another dad with good conditions appeared, you and the adultsIt's a way of saying you can't do it.

It is also effective to say, "I want to be an adult at my timing, so I will choose someone who will wait until then."

If you're a dad who's easy to give up,You can cut ties with a snap.

Also, a dad who burns with what his rival can do,Possibility of paying more.

but on the contrary,Daddy who feels uncomfortable by being comparedThere is also.

Use this workaround after identifying your dad.

Workaround ③ Fade out

Instead of blocking suddenly, it is a method of fading out while exchanging messages with daddy.

Use this method for dads who can cut now.

By fading out naturally,without embarrassing daddyGoodbye.

If you suddenly block him, he may get worried or angry.

Also, let's stop because it is a violation of manners as a person.

For peace of mind,Gradually reduce the message and let it fade out naturallyIs recommended.

What is the trick to pulling it for a long time?

If you want to earn money without adults,I want to pull it out for a long timeHowever.

Here are some tips for long stretches:

I will explain each in detail.

Be the kind of person that makes you feel satisfied just by talking to them

For daddy, let's be "a healed presence without being an adult".

Of course, to polish your appearance,affection and reactionIt is also important to do well.

Listening to and sympathizing with complaints about work,it feels good to talkLet me think.

Appeal that you want a long-term relationship with one person

Ultimately, focus on just one dad and appeal that you want to be an adult or have a long-term relationship with that person.

ThenPossibility of patiently waiting until adulthood in XNUMX minutes by bus from Yonago Station.

It's effective to say things like "I choose my dad carefully" and "I value trust".

Also, "If you have adult relationships with multiple people,Increased risk of sexually transmitted diseasesIt's scary because", it will be easier for dad to understand.

Put up a protective line so that you don't call yourself an adult right away

We recommend that you take precautions in advance so that your dad doesn't casually invite you to an adult.

Say things like, "I'll choose only one adult," or "I'd like to choose someone who's easy-going and kind."

Also, "There was a person who rushed the adult in the past, and I withdrew."You're not like that, are you?words that remind you ofis very effective.

If you make such a statement, dad will alsoLet's be carefulbe conscious ofSo I recommend it.

Summary | Avoid making daddy uncomfortable as much as possible!

This time, I have explained how to interact with adults and tips for pulling at random situations.

To avoid trouble when parting,Behavior that makes daddy uncomfortableLet's stop.

Conversely, if all goes well,Opportunity to be a casual dad.

In fact, the author also succeeded in making a shift change to a casual dad by saying that "sex is traumatic" to a dad who has been demanding an adult.

Different dads react differently, but I think it's worth a try.

Please use what you learned in this article when you are invited by an adult!

Gappori only with rice!Introducing the techniques and experiences taught by an active female college student pj ♪ Please use it for your own dad life ^ _ ^

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