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Recommended spots for dad life that I choose 2023 Vol.4


I don't know any papa katsu girls who don't like meat

I went to many shops with my dad while I was working as a dad.

Of course, the first premise is "I can take Papa without worrying about the surroundings".

There are many restaurants that I honestly want to introduce, such as sushi and Spanish cuisine.

However, if I recommend seafood or Italian, I think everyone will be confused, so I think I'll stick to meat this time.

In the first place, I want to ask all women who are dads.

do you like meat?Are there people who don't like meat?The women around me who work as dads love meat.

That's why there are a lot of people who want to go with their dad if there is a good store.

So women often exchange information with each other.

37 Steakhouse is recommended

Perhaps, among the many steak shops, this may be the most recommended one.

I've tried Wolfgang in the past, but I don't know of any other place that would definitely match if you were going on a date with your dad for the first time.

First, the location is easy to understand.

Located in Roppongi Hills.

You can go up Keyakizaka next to Roppongi Hills, but the place is stylish anyway.

Especially during the Christmas season, Keyakizaka itself is lit up, so it's worth going just for that alone.

And since it's Hills, you can go shopping with your dad and then go to the store, and I recommend parking here.

For the time being, the store itself is on Keyakizaka and is across the road from Hills, but if you eat at 37 Steakhouse, parking is free.

It doesn't matter if you drink alcohol, but if you don't drink and just go for a drive with your dad, it's the most convenient.

The atmosphere inside the store is also quite good, and the lights are dark and the partitions are solid.

So, I don't care about the eyes of people around me, and I don't think it's likely that people around me will hear me if I talk normally because it's not made to feel like the customer's voice echoes.

The store is fairly large, and the store clerk doesn't come to ask for orders every so often, so conversation isn't interrupted.

Therefore, it would be easy to negotiate with Papa on the spot, and the location is the best place to beg for something you want. (I also often ask for help here.)

As for the food, the steak is highly recommended and delicious.

So, I think even papa who has a tongue can take you with peace of mind.

Even if you drink alcohol, I don't think you'll be dissatisfied because there are all kinds of wine and so on.

My dad, who has the longest contract, loved this place.

Japanese Yakiniku Hasegawa

To be honest, I was blown away the moment I entered the store.

In the first place, the reason I found out about this place was after I learned that celebrity MISONO and celebrity rapper Deprive went there. (I'm actually a fan)

I'm sure I posted a picture of Omotesando on SNS at the time.

And I was surprised when I actually made a reservation and went with my dad.

The interior of the store is all designed by a Living National Treasure.

From the entrance, you walk down the stairs to the basement, but it's stylish anyway. (It was also GOOD that it felt like a hideout)

According to the store owner, it seems to be the most expensive store in Omotesando. (It seems to exceed Prada in Omotesando)

And since private rooms are well prepared, it's the best place for daddy girls who care about their surroundings.

It feels like a Japanese restaurant, so it's quiet and you can have a lively conversation with Papa.

Also, the food is incredibly delicious.

I think even women who can't eat a lot can finish it lightly.

How many million are you going to spend on alcohol?It is prepared to the level of sake.

That's why I think dads who like alcohol will definitely be pleased.

I've been to a lot of shops as a dad, but I don't know any other shop that looks as good on Instagram as this one.

Good quality and good atmosphere.

Recently, a store opened in Ginza, and I would like to go there with my dad next time.

The shops where women can comfortably interact with their dads are limited, so these shops are really precious to me.

Butcher Republic Shinagawa

When you're a daddy, you often meet at Shinagawa or Tokyo Station, don't you think?I am definitely there several times a month.

However, if you don't know the shops around there in advance, it's hard to find them.

There are certainly many restaurants, but if anything, it's a business district.

So-called land where businessmen's offices are lined up.

However, I think that even in a place where you say that you are active as a dad, you have to have a good antenna.

So, what I would like to introduce is the Butcher Republic Shinagawa.

You can eat pizza here as well as steak.

Do you know Chicago pizza?It's from Chicago, but it's a really thick pizza.

It's probably about 15 centimeters hot.

If you're a woman, you'll be full with just one slice.

The steak is thick and delicious.

However, this place is recommended for daytime dates.

It's a little too noisy at night, so I wouldn't recommend it for dinner.

To the last, I would like to recommend it in the category of going with my dad in the afternoon.

The location is also on the 2nd floor of the season terrace in Shinagawa, so the scenery is surprisingly good.

Also, personally, I recommend it for daddy women who come to Tokyo from the countryside.

Surprisingly, I hear that recently there are many women who come to Tokyo to earn money as dads.

However, I hear a lot of stories about people staying at hotels in Shinjuku or Roppongi because they don't know the geography of Tokyo.

But Shinagawa is good for hotels.

There are a lot of them, and it's a city with a lot of business people, so the price is cheap.

Of course, it would be nice if Papa would pay, but I think there are cases where that is not the case.

In that case, it is convenient to stay in Shinagawa and move around from here.

The Shinkansen also stops at Shinagawa.

And if you meet your dad during the day, it might be a good idea to use a shop like this to negotiate your allowance.

If I use this store, I guess it's my dad who I've been dating for about half a year or more.

The reason is that there are a lot of dads who are basically alcoholic and a little maniac.

However, these shops don't offer such good sake at a slightly lower price.

That's why I use it lightly as a date.

After that, I use it with people of the same age in private.

Please try using it with Papa.

I'm sure you'll be pleased.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

Articles by Kumiko Mine

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