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Can you earn money just by eating as a dad?Active pj will teach you! Vol.1

I think there are many people who are worried that "I want to start dad activities, but I have resistance to sex with my uncle...".

if you can,tea and food onlyYou want to make money with

So this time, I will introduce how to earn money only with tea and meals!

It's my personal experienceAnd it's reproducible♪ Please use this article as a reference.

Build your profile well!

In the first placeIf it is determined that you want to meet by looking at the profileDaddy life doesn't start.Arrange icons and text to make them want to meet you!

Here are some tips for your profile.

Tip XNUMX: The icon should be a photo of your face and not too big

It is recommended that the icon be a photo of your face.

I've tried both "no icon" and "hidden face with a stamp", but both were not well received by my dad and it was hard to match.

The face is firmly exposed, and the processing is thinwas the most well-received, and I was not disappointed when I met him in person.

Some dads care about their body shape, so if possiblefull body photoLet's also put

Tip XNUMX: It is NG to strengthen the processing!

I have met many dads so far, and they all said that the damage they suffered wasprocessing fraud.

I've heard a lot of people say, "When I actually met him, he was a different person."

I've gone to great lengths to prepare for my dad, but if someone said that to me, it would hurt me too, wouldn't it?

From the beginningDon't set your expectations too high and keep yourself well-groomedetc., be thorough.

Tip XNUMX: Write brightly and politely!

Polite sentences while adding brightness using emojiLet's make

As for the contents, if you write the following, it will be solid and a good impression.


It's okay to say something about your personality, what kind of work you do, etc.

·Dream for the future

I need money for my dreams, and I'm working hard to achieve my dreams.If you appeal such things, dad will want to support you.

It would be better to be able to explain specifically in case you actually meet and talk to your dad.

・What kind of dad are you looking for?

It would be a good impression if you write "those who support your dreams" and "those who are friends for a long time".

Also, from the first day we met, there is a dad who wants to be an adult.

at the time of profile"I'm sorry for adults from the beginning" and "First of all, please get along with tea"By stating such as, you can filter out such dads.

send polite messages to many dads

Start by finding a good dad.The foundation of Papa KatsuTherefore, choose a strong person.

Message content

Be proactive and send likes and messages.

It's easy for daddy to say "Nice to meet you! I'm 〇〇. Nice to meet you ^ ^".

Then, most of the time, daddy will propose conditions and allowances.

It is impolite to list the conditions and allowances immediatelySo let's stop. (In rare cases, some dads want you to tell them the conditions and allowances first.)

Also, some dads want to chat to some extent before talking about conditions and allowances.

Even if you keep chatting, if the other side doesn't touch on the conditions and allowances, make a proposal yourself.

Suggestion with respect and courtesyIf you do, the other side won't be offended.

If the conditions and allowance match, let's decide the schedule to meet. (If you do not check the conditions and allowances at the time of the message, it will cause trouble.)

The day before and on the day of the meeting, I sent a message asking if we could meet as planned.let's

There are quite a few cancellations at the last minute, so confirmation is essential.

Also, I heard from dads that there are quite a few people who cancel at the last minute even at pj.

there,Make a good impression by sending a confirmation message from here,Differentiation from other pjI can.

You should hit the number first

Copy and paste is fine, so let's send a message to a lot of dads. ("Nice to meet you! I'm 〇〇. Nice to meet you ^ ^" etc.

Even if you prepare your profile and pay attention to messages, you may not get a reply.

The more you send, the more replies you getSo let's start counting for now.

Also, most dads are looking for an adult relationship.Therefore, the relationship will not last long if it is only casual.

To make money on the fly,To pull until I become an adult, to meet a lot of peopleis going to be the trick.

If you meet a lot of people, the probability of hitting a strange dad increases accordingly, so that point can be said to be a disadvantage.

However, as the author, variousIt was a very good experience because I was able to meet him and hear many valuable stories.

If you choose a dad who has a decent message and profile and meet him, you won't basically hit a strange person.

Summary | Do not cut corners on profiles and messages!

・Step XNUMX Create a solid profile!

・Step XNUMX Send a polite message to many dads

This time,The basics of how to start a dad activity that earns only with riceWas introduced.

I think it's pretty useful information, so please take a look at it.

In Vol.2, I would like to tell you about the characteristics of dads you should avoid and information from where you actually meet them.

See you in Vol.2!

Gappori only with rice!Introducing the techniques and experiences taught by an active female college student pj ♪ Please use it for your own dad life ^ _ ^

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