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The number of dads who want to play free man is increasing rapidly? The risk of doing dad activity on SNS and apps

Daddy live girls expose their opponent's dad on SNS...I've seen it a lot lately.It seems that the main reasons for exposing daddy are "running away" and "the allowance was super cheap".In fact, recently, when dad life has become mainstream, it is said that the number of “papas for free man” who have sex for free and run away without paying allowance is increasing rapidly.Why did the number of fathers who want to be free man increase?I asked a writer who is familiar with the dad life circumstances.


Is there a rapid increase in the number of dads who are aiming for Tadaman?

Due to the impact of the new coronavirus, the number of women who start working as dads has increased more than several times over the past few years because they are out of work and can no longer earn money at night bars.


However, since there are more women than dad matching apps and SNS, it is no longer easy for men to choose.Daddy live girls are no longer in a position to choose their dads, but to be chosen...As a result, Papa Katsu Joshi began to catch men on the papa side by significantly lowering the market price.


Also, sometimes I hear the voice of a man on the father's side saying, "I don't like daddy girls looking for money."What men are looking for is a pseudo-romance, not just a physical relationship.Therefore, it is said that there are dads who do not want to pay even a penny to daddy girls who are greedy for money, no matter how cheap it is.


Under such circumstances, it is said that the number of women who are working as dads without any allowance is increasing.They first appeal that they are not looking for money, and they take their time and slowly fall in love with their father.And after making my dad fall in love with me, I will make a contract with a large allowance.A man spends a lot of money on a woman he falls in love with, so he initially does "no allowance" in order to surround his dad firmly.


However, there are more than a few dads who are not into sex love and who are freelancers from the beginning. Papa, who once learned that he can have sex for free, tricks me with words such as "If you're happy to have sex first, I'll make a contract for ◯ 1 a month."As a result, there is a rapid increase in the number of daddy girls who get away with having sex with their dads without any allowance and expose their dads on SNS.


Daddy activities on apps and SNS are full of risks

Recently, more and more women are looking for daddy partners on social media, but there are actually many risks involved.


First of all, it falls under the Anti-Prostitution Law to engage in papa-katsu with sexual intercourse on an individual basis.There are no penalties for prostitution itself, and the prostitutes (women) are mainly punished for soliciting, waiting for customers, and mediation. The act of proposing yourself to an unspecified number of people on SNS can be subject to punishment.


Also, it is very dangerous to recruit a partner for dad activities on SNS.If it's just money troubles, it's fine, but there are also reports of damage such as "I was beaten by my dad at the hotel" and "I was about to be secretly filmed during sexual activity".


Remember that meeting a stranger behind closed doors is always dangerous.


On the other hand, are the growing number of dating apps safe? I think the risk of being arrested is less compared to personally recruiting dads on SNS.


But just because it's an app doesn't mean it's safe.In fact, a woman who said she had met a man on the Papa Katsu app had a man run away with her money while she was taking a shower at a hotel.


After trying to report to the management of the app, the man has already withdrawn.If you go to the police, you can request the management to disclose the criminal's information.But she is a college student.She couldn't tell the police that she was working as a daddy, so she had no choice but to cry and fall asleep.


Dating Club for Safe Daddy Activities

There is only risk in doing dad activities on matching apps and SNS.Also, the more women who do dad activities on their own, the more likely they are to lower their allowances and be targeted by dads who are just freelancers.


If you want to do dad activities safely and securely, a dating club that only sets up dates is the safest option.Papas who are registered in the dating club are only male members who have paid a high admission fee and passed a strict interview.


In addition, since the female member can set the market price of the allowance first, the male on the father's side cannot bargain.Much more than a daddy who wants to be a free man.Only male members who have enough money can meet a nice dad safely.


Recruiting dads individually has a lot of risks, such as being targeted by dads who are looking for Tadaman.For those who want to do dad activities safely and securely, it can be said that it is safe to register with a dating club.


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