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PJ talks about conversation techniques to keep dads going

Do all the girls who are working as dads communicate with their dads?It is said that many papa-katsu girls have the problem that even if they get to know their papa, the relationship will soon be cut off.

Even if you meet a good dad at a dating club, you can only meet once and you won't be able to earn money after that.The important thing to have a long relationship with your dad is to keep it going for a long time.Here are some tips and tricks for longevity.

Mindfulness to stay with dad for a long time

①Thank you contact is essential!

After meeting your father and receiving an allowance, it is good manners to contact him to thank him. “Thank you for today. I had a great time,” she says.Be sure to thank him later in the day, and don't do it too late when he's home.

XNUMX) Offer a good time when you are together

When you're meeting with your dad, keep the conversation up and having fun just like you would on a regular date.Daddy doesn't want to pay for a girl he doesn't enjoy being with.It's important to make your dad think that it's worth seeing, even if it's not love affair.

③ Spend time together on common hobbies

Even if the conversation is innocuous at first, the longer you talk, the more you can see the hobbies and personality of the other person.If you have a common hobby, doing it together will deepen your closeness with your dad.If your dad always decides the date plan, why don't you try suggesting "Let's do what dad likes together" once in a while?

④ Hand over a small gift

If you give a small present to your dad who is indebted to you, your favorability will go up.Some dads have families, so a casual present is fine.For example, giving small chocolates for Valentine's Day, or handing out small souvenirs when traveling...Don't put things that you don't want your family to find, such as message cards.

④ Be careful of the time zone when contacting

Many dads have families, so pay attention to the time zone when contacting them.Just taking care of your family, such as refraining from contacting him on weekday nights and holidays, will increase his affection for you.The best time to contact him is during lunch or in the evening on weekdays.

Conversation Techniques for Lasting Daddy

① Conversation with Daddy

It's a basic thing to have a conversation with the other person.You can liven up a conversation just by making a back-and-forth and listening.Of course, don't just listen to what the other person has to say, but also talk about yourself.Let's catch the conversation skillfully while looking at Papa's atmosphere and gaps.

②Be interested in daddy's story

The first and most important thing in a conversation is to be interested in the other person.Love is the same as dad life, and I feel good about people who are interested in me.It's important to listen carefully, but if there's something you're curious about, ask more questions to liven up the conversation.

③Sometimes have deep conversations

I think there are many women who only have casual conversations in Papa-katsu.However, the distance between you and Papa will not be shortened by light conversation only on the surface.Sometimes it's a good idea to talk a little bit more privately.When you have a deep conversation, the first thing to do is to confide in yourself.She only talks about her family and when she was a student, and she thinks, "This child trusts me and confides in me." think.Let's delve into it little by little while watching Daddy's reaction.

④Conversation according to TPO

Try to change the content of the conversation you have with your dad depending on the TPO.Talking about allowances is OK in a noisy restaurant, but not in a quiet cafe or bar where you might be able to hear conversations around you.In a restaurant with a good atmosphere, it is better to talk calmly about business and economics rather than informal content.Try brushing up your conversational skills to match your dad.


In order to have a long relationship with daddy, it is important to have a little consideration and consideration.If you improve your communication and conversation skills to match your dad's lifestyle, you will surely be able to think of him as "a woman you want to date for a long time."Even if you get to know a good dad, it's a waste if the relationship ends after just two or three meetings.Please refer to what I explained this time and build a good relationship with a wonderful dad!

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