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My dad life rules 2024 Vol.8


Be patient with your requests to daddy to the extreme

When you're working as a dad, you inevitably get into the habit of being spoiled.

I think there are many women like this.

Honestly, I'm one of them.

By all means, all the dads I have contracts with are kind and willing to listen to whatever I want if I tell them.

For example, if I asked him to buy me an apartment, there is a father who would buy it without hesitation. (As expected, I would not make such a request.)

There are times when I feel like I'm living in a place far removed from the real world when I'm working as a dad.

Of course, being a dad is a business, so it may be allowed to some extent.

But the scariest thing is when you return to reality.

If you spend your private life with the feeling of being a dad, it will be a big deal.

First of all, you will only be able to talk to and play with children who are doing the same thing as dads.

The reason for this is simple; bringing the common sense of dad life into your private life is, in a sense, the same as bringing the ``unreal world'' into your life.

So, for example, it's impossible to talk to someone who works in an office during the day, and there's no way they can spend money and have fun together.

Needless to say, if you do that, the other woman will be turned off by you.

That's certainly true.

Normally, I would go to Hermes with my child, who is the same age as me and work in a daytime office job, and buy a Birkin.

No matter how you look at it, it's not normal and shows a complete lack of consideration for the other person.

So, every year I think that this is bad and try to be more careful.

After all, I am a private person.

Of course, it's important to have female friends who are also working as dads, but it's also important to have some time to look at "reality" and have conversations, and that's when you talk to your friends who are doing jobs other than dads. I think I can't do it without it (this is a real story).


This is just my personal feeling and may be wrong.


However, when I looked back at myself, I was sure that there was a part of me that was starting to feel this way a long time ago.

I felt that I needed to be fully aware of the difference between my senses of ``reality'' and ``unreality,'' and to keep this in mind somewhere.

I think this is especially necessary when it comes to being a dad. (Just my theory)

So, where am I starting to go crazy? It was necessary to trace its roots.

Then, the answer came to me easily.

``That's right. I feel like I'm asking too much of my dad too casually, and it's becoming normal.''

It's just like humans, when things get easier, we get into the habit of running away.

When she makes a simple request to her father and it comes true, things escalate.

And wishes that normally would never come true can easily come true when you're a dad, so it becomes commonplace, and the more it becomes commonplace, the more it affects your private life, and you start bringing it into your private life without any hesitation. Put it away. (Probably, if you analyze yourself, it will flow like this.)

I'm sure there are many women like me who are working as fathers across the country.

It's certainly understandable that it's normal for dads to be pampered, and most dads probably want that.

The reality is that many fathers feel that they would be happier if they were pampered by a woman. (I am speaking based on the fathers who have contracts.)

But is it okay to soak in such lukewarm water? I would say that there are many parts that I personally have doubts about, or should I say, ``questions that were born after serious consideration.''

By controlling this part yourself, your relationship in private will be enriched, and it will also lead to showing a more natural version of yourself to your father. I started thinking that.

It's the so-called common sense part.

Honestly, it's quite difficult to control this when you're a dad.

Any woman who is a father should understand that.

Intuitively speaking, I'm sure some children feel the difference in temperature from the moment they enter Disneyland to the moment they leave.

Some dads allow me to have ``luxuries that I would never be able to enjoy''.

That's why there are some dads who treat me like a princess every time I go about my daily life as a dad.

I'm sure there are many women who can't break out of that loop and become addicted to fatherhood.

There are also women who abandon their private lives and only think about being a father.

However, I am not the kind of person who would say that, and I believe that I have a private life, and I want to cherish that.

This is because my private life is the only place where I can show my true self and where I forget about work.

So I thought about it.

What if you had some patience with your father and tried to be a father while keeping in mind the part of ``asking within common sense''?

Of course, I will receive allowances as per the contract.

I'm talking about something else.

For example, if you say that if you want a brand-name bag, you buy it yourself, or that you don't rely on your father for anything, it might be easier to understand.

I feel like if I just keep this in mind, I'll make a big difference, and I'll be able to get rid of the feeling of taking things for granted when my dad does something for me, and I'll no longer waste money recklessly in my private life, and I'll be able to meet up with friends and make new friends. I think you can play with the same stance.

Also, my dad won't have to spend any unnecessary money on me, and most of all, when he compares me to other women, I don't think it will ever turn negative.

However, not all women who are working as fathers will agree with this idea.

This is because most children who engage in daddy activities are doing it for the purpose of pampering their daddy.

However, when there are many women like the ones mentioned above, I thought, ``Would it be a good way to differentiate myself from others if I tried to become a father with the same ideas as I did?''

In the end, for me, other women who are active fathers are nothing more than rivals.

There are many girls who are younger and more beautiful than me, so if I don't find a point where I can win and appeal to them, my career as a father will come to an end one day.

In the end, if I can't find a good father and sign a long-term contract with him, I won't be able to make ends meet.

Therefore, I am the one who knows best that even if I rush to sleep with my dad right away, it will be invalidated.

This kind of thing is really cumulative.

So, in 2024, I decided to have this part as ``rules to control myself.''

When it comes to daddy life, if it truly gets out of control, it can escalate to no end.

Everyone, please be careful.

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