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Recently, I decided to incorporate some consideration into my life as a father.


You can learn by watching other women who are active dads other than me.

Every day, when I'm working as a dad, I almost always come across another woman doing the same thing.

Maybe it's because the restaurant or hotel I request from my dad is stylish and popular with young people? At the worst of times, with the table in between, all four seats looked like couples who were clearly trying to be dads. (As expected, I felt a little uncomfortable.)

See, there's a big age difference between men and women when it comes to daddy life, right? That's why it's easy to find out...

Of course, it may really be a father-daughter relationship, but if you've been a father for a long time like me, you can tell by the distance between the chairs they're sitting in, or the way they're sitting across from each other at the table and conversing. . (I end up activating useless skills in places like that.)

In particular, if you see a couple with an age difference who are using their smartphones during a conversation even though they are eating, you should definitely think about it.

And if the location is a hotel lounge or the woman is dressed in a flashy manner, the chances of this happening go up considerably.

However, let me tell you, even though I am active as a father, when I use my smartphone in front of a man, I often hear things like, ``Oh, you're not being active as a father,'' or ``You're a rude girl,'' or ``Maybe. , I wonder if he's the type of person who would immediately cancel the contract if something like that happens?'' This is just from my perspective, but it makes me think about a lot of things.

Of course, I would never behave in such a disrespectful manner while working as a father, and even if I am relaxed, I try hard not to make such mistakes.

Well, there's something I thought about when I saw someone else's life as a father.

That's how you're going to appear in front of your dad.

This is what I felt when I saw other people working as dads.

As I wrote above, when you enter a hotel lounge or restaurant because of the age difference, people's eyes can be surprisingly cold.

This may be just my personal opinion, but I guess I can say that I notice them more clearly than the average couple.

I guess it would be better to just look at it and say, "Yeah?"

Of course, it would be nice if we could see some kind of atmosphere, like a conversation between a parent and child, but I think most people would realize that they can't see that. That's what I think.

At that point, I too thought, "Ha!"

Do I feel the same way? I felt like I had to think about it a little.

I think most men who become fathers probably don't care about this kind of thing.

In the first place, if you were concerned about it, you wouldn't have registered at a dating club.

However, no matter how much men don't care, isn't this a problem that women can solve with just a little bit of consideration? I thought to myself.

First, calm down your appearance a little.

What does this mean? This means that depending on the place you are going, you may use makeup or camouflage your appearance.

For example, let's say you go climbing Mt. Takao.

Of course, in order to go mountain climbing, you need to be prepared and dressed accordingly.

Isn't it weird to wear mules on your feet when you go mountain climbing? Besides, you wouldn't bring a stylish branded bag to go mountain climbing, right? This is exactly what I want to say.

Depending on the place you're going with your dad, you should try to dress calmly.

Most women who are working as dads are probably more likely to wear flashy make-up and dress than women who have day jobs.

In the first place, there is a huge difference in income between being a father and working a day job, especially if you are young. (Daytime work refers to general office work, etc.)

Naturally, women have also become more fashionable and are starting to carry bags that are not normally available, something that I have experienced as well.

And it's only natural for her to start wearing makeup to match that and become more and more flashy.

Of course, Dad would be happy to see that, and the more beautiful the woman he has a contract with, the more enjoyable his time with her will be.

But think about it.

Would the same thing be true if you had a long-term contract with your dad?

I basically have a long-term relationship with every dad.

So, I can tell you that it will take about 1-2 months for daddy to be happy with the baby's appearance as explained above.

When the contract with dad starts to exceed that, he doesn't react as easily as usual, and I think dad is happy, but I wonder if it's safe to say that his tension becomes a little more stable.

However, once a woman changes to a flashy appearance, it is difficult to go back to her plain appearance, right? I guess you could say that she gets a little nervous when her makeup wears off.

That's exactly what I want to say

I'm talking about changing things a little, or shifting my brain as a way of showing consideration to my dad.

My examples include diluting my makeup a little and bringing a pair of fancy glasses, or changing what would normally be a flashy white and red dress to a predominantly black one, and adding red rouge to it.

After all, if you don't dress up in that place, other people won't look at you carefully, and you'll have more fun eating with your dad than ever before, and you won't have to worry about other people's eyes. Yes.

And I think that's a direct way of showing concern for my dad.

I think dads don't want other customers to look at them in a lewd way, and since there's an age difference between them and women, I'm sure it's a little awkward. (I don't think she will show it to women though)

Isn't it important for dads to notice this as soon as possible? That's what I thought, and this is something that you won't notice unless you see other people's fatherhood activities, so if you find a woman other than yourself who is also active as a fatherhood, please take a look.

Personally, I can learn a lot by thinking, ``Is this how others see me? So next time, I'll try to do the opposite.''

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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