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My dad life rules 2024 Vol.9


Discussions on Papakatsu are kept strictly confidential.

When you're a dad, you can meet men from all different genres.

That's why it's common to wonder, ``How could a man who looks like this do such a job?'' In my case, I always don't understand until it's explained in detail. (Probably because it always exceeds my imagination.)

So, if you are a woman who has been a father for a long time, you probably understand, but have you ever had a moment when you think, ``It would be bad if I divulged this topic?'' In my case, she once met a man who was a former government official.

Just hearing the stories from that time made me think, ``Isn't that just an urban legend?'' (Now that I think about it, there is a high possibility that it is true)

Honestly, when I'm working as a dad, I get to hear all sorts of interesting stories from my dad, so that's part of the fun.

However, there are quite a few topics that make dads think, ``Is it okay for you to tell me that?''

I've seen many scenes in which Dad himself adds, ``Keep this a secret,'' and when he says that, his words are quite rich.

Many of the men you can meet through dad-hunting are rich.

Therefore, they know a lot of information that ordinary people don't know, and ``unrealistic topics'' often come up.

So, what would you do if you heard such a deep story?

Maybe you'll say, "I want to teach this to my generation!" Don't you think, "It's a waste to have to taste this kind of information alone?" Embarrassingly, I will.

Depending on the topic, you may report it to your friends on LINE etc. several hours later.

Because it's so new that I can't help but want to share it with someone.

Don't you think this is true for women? In particular, I think many women who are working as fathers, myself included, are surprisingly lonely. That's what I think.

Also, in my daily life, I don't have many interesting topics to share with my friends. (Especially, there are many scenes where dads are concerned about men. There's no point in offering topics that are a bit tiring.)

Is it more like saying, ``I heard about this big topic from my dad'' or ``I brought some knowledge!!!''? Do you know what it feels like to have your desires fulfilled all at once? I guess you could say that I end up talking about it because I want to see the surprised reactions of my friends.

However, this behavior is really not good.


This is because if you look at being a dad as a job, I think keeping confidentiality is also part of the job.

It's only natural that the more time you spend with your dad, the more relaxed you become.

Therefore, just because the other man answers all your questions, don't be complacent.

If women also view fatherhood as work, don't they keep it a secret? I thought, ``If her father has forgiven her and is talking to her, then maybe he should stop talking about it right then and there out of love for her.''

I'm sure there are many women who, after reading this much, will think, ``Isn't this obvious?''

However, this common sense is surprisingly difficult.

That's why the stories I always get to hear from my dad are so dense.

There are other reasons as well.

Depending on the content of the conversation, there may be things that should not be revealed publicly.

For example, there's no end to personal information or my dad's work details.

Just because such personal information was only revealed in a conversation does not mean that it is okay to handle it arbitrarily.

I want women who are trying to become fathers to think calmly.

If we get serious, we'll be in a position where we can find out as much information as possible about our dad.

This is outrageous, and even a single word from us could cause trouble for Dad. (Even though he is always a dad and takes care of me.)

In our case, we do not manage personal information on computers.

I have to keep in mind the conversation I had with my dad, remember it in my brain, and manage it.

Isn't this a really important part of being a dad? That's what I've been really thinking lately.

In other words, you shouldn't casually talk to so-and-so about being a dad today.

If the father's information is not carefully stored and managed by each contracted woman, it will be a big problem.

On the other hand, in my case, I think, ``I haven't had many troubles so far.''

I would like all women who are trying to become fathers to reconsider this ``keeping it confidential'' part.

Some women have a considerable amount of personal information about their fathers.

Even I have quite a few.

It's not like I'm going to abuse it or anything.

How do I know where daddy lives? By the way, I occasionally send congratulations and presents to my home, where I live alone.

I think the first time was when my dad told me to send him here.

In the case of a different father, he would invite me to ``Let's drink wine on the terrace of my house,'' and when I went there, I would get his address.

Papakatsu cannot completely manage personal information like a company.

However, I think you should at least be able to abide by what you heard from your dad on the spot by not talking about it elsewhere or telling him about it, and if you can't do that, I think it's better to quit being a dad. (These are the words I've been telling myself lately)

Even my friends usually drop in lines saying, ``I'm meeting the former president of ____ tonight.''

Now that I'm more careful, I realize how stupid this is.

In fact, there are cases where out-of-touch kids are posting photos on SNS saying, ``I'm from the same family as ex-XX'' even though they're active dads.

Lately, I've been trying to warn close friends of mine.

I wouldn't want it if the dad I had a contract with talked about me to other people. (This includes the content of SEX, etc.)

Therefore, in 2024, I made a rule for myself to be even more thorough in this area.

I've heard in the past that women with tougher mouths are more popular with men, so I don't think things will go in the wrong direction.

For all the women who are working as fathers, please be careful when talking to people your age.

If you're not a little careful, your mouth may slip.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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