Announcement of the release of [JOIN], the highest reward amount in affiliate history

This time, we will introduce a new affiliate system to acquire new members to the Universe Group.

▼What is JOIN?

In Japanese translation, it means "to join".
We would like many male and female members to join the Universe Group.
And I want you to make it a turning point in your life, triggered by joining.

For that reason, I think it is important to get people to know about the Universe Group, and to get people to come to the Universe Group.

Currently, we have received introductions from many affiliates for both women and men.Since it is also a special fee system, we introduced a new affiliate system in order to introduce it to more people. I'm going to hit the acquisition of members.

As a promotion concept for this JOIN,"High remuneration as much as the matching industry pulls".

All the staff will consider this and will return the referrer with the following reward amount.


▼Reward amount

The following amount is the reward amount of JOIN.Reward per person.



▼Comparison with other companies

A clear difference compared to other companies! It is the reward amount of JOIN.Reward per person.


▼Flow of introducing JOIN

1. Application and examination
After you contact us from the application form, we will conduct our default examination.We will reply within 3 days after the application.

2. Delivery preparation
As soon as it passes the examination, we will issue an ID and PASS for the JOIN management screen.There is a special ad tag, so please obtain it.

3. Operation start
Please post the acquired ad tag on the registration site and actually start operation.Just wait for the results.

In order to improve convenience for affiliates and strengthen services, we will continue to evolve into a more attractive affiliate system with innovative challenges and work to improve services.


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Sell ​​others.


Universe Club PR Enma Mamiya