[Official] Announcement of male ambassadors

We become indebted to.This is Nozaki from Universe Club.

We are pleased to inform you that [Male Universe Ambassador] has been created.

Why am I an ambassador?

“Dating club” and “enjo-kokai”, two words that are similar but different, have become one of the big problems in modern society.However, there are distinct differences between them.
The dating club is a service that mediates encounters for men and women who are looking for encounters, and within the Tokyo metropolitan areaSubmitted a date club business notification to the Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety CommissionWe are operating above.
Aid dating isinterpersonal prostitution for monetary gainand is a crime.Minors may also be charged with other crimes, such as fornication.

However, now the dating club has changed its name to Papa Katsu, and it has taken off on its own.Papa activity = compensation datingThe image has become established.
So we wiped out that image, and to improve the image,Appointed as an official ambassador of the Universe Club with cooperation from two male membersI received it.
With the desire to make the dating club, which is still said to be underground, more refreshing, to add color to life, and to add one of the new options for romance, we created a PV, and it is being released on a special page, so please come by. Please take a look.


PV situation and commitment


"Life is more fun"
Ladies and gentlemen, isn't your life just about work?

Are you giving up on what you want to do because of your age?
In this PV, we took on the challenge of filming under the concept of a so-called successful man who freely fulfills his work and private life.
Also, recently, dating clubs are often introduced in the news and media with a bad image, so when creating this PV,Cleanliness,SecurityIt is made by pushing out to the front.The filming takes place from early in the morning until late in the evening, and is designed to give a close-up view of a real man's day.

I think that men in their 40s and above have survived the turbulent Showa era and the Heisei era, where everything is brand new.However, aren't you caught up in the unique Japanese culture that you have to live your life while always worrying about how others see you?The era of keeping things in line is over.
In the Reiwa era, the world is about to change.Japan is no exception here.Genderless society and accelerating globalization, but I feel that there are still many things that are not understood in terms of love between men and women, and it is going backwards.

In Japan, where it is still difficult to breathe, we are making videos that remind us of the ideal life for men.A drive in a luxury car, a night view from Tawaman, a beautiful woman standing next to you, etc., is not it a manifestation of a successful person?

Don't regret it.
You only live once, why don't you start a new challenge called a dating club?


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Following female ambassadors, male ambassadors have also been released.
There is also a PV, so please take a look.

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2 men have registered as ambassadors.
This time, the photos and videos are posted on the ambassador personal page.