Notice of partial specification change of profile for male members

From 6/14 (Tuesday), there will be some changes to male member profiles.


・Addition of default public function

Old: If the profile is not set, it will not be published for female members.

New: If you have not set your profile,Avatar, randomly assigned alphabet, registered branch, agewill be published to female members as a simple profile.

~Setting screen for male members~

~ Preview of the screen that will actually be released to female members ~

For male members who have not set their profile, at the top right of the member site Profile not set It will be displayed.

If you have set your profile even once, it will not be displayed.

* Currently, we have removed the display of the simple profile.The display time is undecided.We apologize for the inconvenience. (As of July 2022, 7) *①

・Addition of class public and private selection function

Old: Classes for male members are not open to female members.

new:Male members can choose whether to make classes public or private for female members.

~Setting screen for male members~

If you want to make the class private, please check the private checkbox in the red frame above.

・Addition of date available area selection function

In addition to registered branches,You can select a new dateable area by yourself and publish it to female members.It looks like

・Publication of favorite male members to female members

Female members will be able to check male members who have liked them.

* This function is not related to * ①, but a simple profileIt is open to women. (As of July 2022, 7)

~ Female member side screen ~

*Precautions for specification change*

・The default avatar cannot be deleted or changed.You can change the image to any image by yourself.

・By default, the same branch as the registered branch will be selected as the date available area.

・If you want to completely hide your profile for female members, please set it to private yourself.