Redesigned membership site

4/20 The member site for Universe Club members has been renewed..

Please note

  • To see pages other than the list of women on your smartphone, please select from the upper right MENU
  • Please let the staff know if there are any problems such as the display being strange or slow.
  • From a smartphone, there are buttons that are difficult to press and the screen is difficult to understand.In this renewal, we have not modified the screen layout or design.After the system stabilizes, we plan to change the display layout and display design to make it easier to understand.
  • In the list of women, the women of all branches are displayed.Please use the geographic filter

・Uniform usability regardless of device such as mobile, PC, tablet

No matter what device you use, you can enjoy the same operation feeling.

・High functionality of search menu ・Renewal of design

The search function will be expanded and multiple searches can be performed from any terminal.

・Play videos of female members from thumbnails with one button

You will be able to quickly access videos from the list of female members.

・The same function is supported even when using the English version.

You will be able to use the same functions in the English version as in the Japanese version.


In addition, with this change, the internal structure of the site has also been unified,
The speed of service development has become even faster.

Please look forward to new functions and service expansion in the future.


Development Group Information System Team Kato


* With this update, the mobile version site, which has been patronized for many years, will be abolished and integrated with the PC site version.
* You can continue to use the membership site on your mobile device.
* The woman displayed in this article is not a real female member.