An interview with a male member of Gentosha PLUS "Papa Katsu Joshi" has been released!

Inside the chest of a 60-year-old man who wants to regain his life that was ruined by his wife by becoming a “papa”


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Atsuhiko Nakamura (Author), released on November 2021, 11 Daddy live girl (Gentosha Shinsho) Shinsho de
Chapter XNUMX “Dating club” that functions as a model for dad activityI was interviewed by an active member of Universe Club.
After that, what kind of people are the men who will become dads in Papa Katsu?In order to find out the truth about the "papa-katsu-joshi" that was highlighted in the male interviews, Mr. Nakamura wrote an exclusive interview with Universe Club members on Gentosha Plus.
What is happening at the actual site of dad activity?Please take a look at the raw voices of suffering in it.
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