Notice of release of display function by male class

Released the male class display function.

What is male class display?

Until nowFemaleMen were represented equally in any class if were enrolled.

However, can it really be said that it is equal to be displayed at the same time in the upper class and the lower class?
It seems that the question has long been

This time, it has been changed to change the display time depending on the class.

In particular
Femaleis registered, first
Displayed only for black class men.
2 days for that period

platinum, gold and standardFemaleEven
For the first 2 days (the day of registration and the next day)black class menPriority display will be given only to

This ensures priority to be offered before Platinum, Gold and Standard Men.

onlyXNUM X daysHowever, I think there is still an advantage to being able to offer first.

and the nextXNUM X days(2 days and 3 days after enrollment date) are only visible to Platinum and Black men.
With this, even when offering gold women and standard women
Priority will be given to Black/Platinum men.

nextXNUM X days(4 days and 5 days after the registration date) will be displayed up to Gold Men

The entire displaywill be 6 days after the date of registration.

And whether or not this whole display is
casually on the list,BPG displaybecause it is done
Now you can see if it's a limited display woman.

BIf it is written, it is displayed only for black men

BPIf it is written, the state displayed for black men and platinum men

BPGIf it is written, it is displayed for black men, platinum men and gold men.



If nothing is stated, it will be a woman displayed for all men.
(Since there is no display on the woman's own page, I don't know how far the woman herself is displayed, but I think I can guess how many days have passed since the registration date.)

Also, there is one other subtle change.

one class above the men's classFemaleis no longer displayed.

This is a function implemented to relieve women's anxiety.

I think there were a lot of women who didn't like the fact that it was displayed to men who couldn't offer them.
Reflecting that voice, I changed it so that only women in the class one level above the men's class are displayed.This is not a day limit, it will not be displayed forever.

The reason why one class above is displayed is that it is necessary for men to decide whether to move up one class or not, so we are trying to display up to the women's class one class above.

In fact, thisFemaleThere is also a man who said that he upgraded because he wanted to make an offer for

Since classes two or more above are no longer displayed,FemaleI think that anxiety has decreased somewhat.