Trajectory of a poor dad #3 Dating type B, Rina, R Kaori, extra edition (1/2)


Hello, my name is Yossan, a column writer!
He's just turned 50 and has a normal build, but he still has a strong sense of adventure.In fact, she is a platinum member of the Universe Club and is also registered with the Universe Lounge.

Currently, I am building a close relationship with a talent I met in the Universe club.Her experience as a dad is still in the beginning, but there are successes and failures in it, and she is full of feelings that she wants to talk to someone.However, she couldn't easily confide in her acquaintances, so she decided to write this column entitled "The Trajectory of a Lazy Dad."
By the way, I send the URL to the celebrity I'm currently dating each time it's posted, but I'm very worried that she might get stunned and lose contact with me lol.

This column doesn't contain groundbreaking information, but it may give you the courage to try new things.Nothing would make me happier than if you could learn something from my experience.I would appreciate it if you could join me.

[One step to a new challenge]

As I mentioned in my last column, I was passive for a while after my initial trauma.However, by updating my membership to platinum class, I wanted to challenge platinum class women.I felt that I still needed to get used to it, so I applied for a letter date to two women in the standard class and the gold class, and received an OK.I was proceeding in parallel in chronological order, but here I would like to talk in order.

[Dating type B, standard class Rana]

This is my first date with a standard class woman. There was nothing particularly noticeable about Rana's profile comment, and I got the impression that it may be difficult to develop.However, I liked her appearance, so I offered her without worrying too much about it.

— Initial email —

Nice to meet you, I'm Rana!
I was able to get in touch with the Universe Club, who gave me their contact information.
Thank you for the letter date invitation, I look forward to working with you☺️



Thank you for contacting us!

In response to my profile with a comment
I applied because it was a very nice person!
If there seems to be no problem with each other after exchanging e-mails
I hope to meet you in person.

I hope you will get along well ☺

good mountain

Hello ☀️
Thank you for your reply 🎶

Sorry for the late reply!
I am very happy to hear that you are feeling great!
I would like to talk a lot and become friends, and I would like to have meals together ☺️

I want to hear a lot of Mr. Yoshiyama's story!
I love to talk and listen to myself, so please talk about anything!



Thank you for your reply.
I will reply at Rana's pace in my spare time.
It's okay if you can respond!

Ryozan is my registered name, so please call me Yossan.
You mentioned that you like sushi, so if you'd like
If you are meeting for the first time, how about a sushi course?
I have a feeling that it will overlap with other offers, so I will match this to my liking.

In the hotel lounge so as not to be a burden as much as possible
I think it would be nice to just have a cup of tea.

Feel free to ask any questions


Good evening 🌃✨

If it's a day off, I can get back to you as soon as possible, but if it's a work day, I think I'll have time to reply. 
Thank you for matching my page 😭

Then, I'll call you Yossan ◎

Thank you for visiting my profile and remembering me!I like sushi...♡ But I also want to have tea in the hotel lounge...Is it okay if I want to have tea first and then sushi? 💭 

It would be helpful if we meet basically on Thursdays at noon🙇🏻‍♀️

Thank you in advance 🎶


Thank you for contacting us 😊
Regarding the reply, I will respond in my spare time.
I think you should prioritize your work.

If it is convenient for you at noon on Thursday
〇Monday 〇〇〇〇In a hotel lounge
How about around 14:XNUMX?
After meeting with you, we will discuss your next plans.
I'm thinking about it.

For the first allowance, please refer to Universe Club
1 yen according to the rules at the time of the regular offer
It is supposed to be handed over when you arrive at the lounge.
About time, I think it's about an hour.

The schedule can be adjusted for the next week, etc.
Please consider!


(Somehow the activity hours don't seem to match...)

I will omit the details after that, but we decided on the date and place while exchanging emails, and proceeded to the actual date.

[Dating type B, date with Rina]

On the day of the date, I made an appointment for an hour from 14:1, so I skipped work and headed to the hotel lounge.From the exchange of e-mails, I felt that there would be no last-minute cancellations, so I was able to meet with Rana safely without feeling particularly nervous.Although she was in the standard class, she was a slender and transparent beauty.She was originally aiming to be a CA, but she gave up due to the corona crisis, and she is now working at the hospital reception.As she talked, I could see why she was in the standard class. Rana is very quiet, and she may be nervous (I don't think she's intimidating...).Although it was difficult to catch the conversation, I was able to remember to tell her about her allowance.

The content of the conversation didn't leave much of an impression on me, so I'll just write down the main points (laughs).

Q: What kind of relationship would you like to have through Universe Club?
A: shopping

Q: Is there a convenient time to meet you in the future?
A: Around 16:19 on weekdays.I want to be home by 30:XNUMX because my mother is worried about me.

Q: Are you worried a lot?
A: They ask me where I am one by one.

Q: Would you like to meet again in the future?
A: We would love to hear from you.

It was like that.The time came on schedule, so at this point I didn't feel like I could have a fun relationship, but I said, ``Let's exchange details by email assuming that we will meet next time,'' so we tentatively decided on the next schedule. Then the date ended.

[Dating type B, exchange after a date with Rana]


Thank you very much for your time today! 😊
As I said earlier, is it okay if we meet next time around XNUMX:XNUMX to XNUMX:XNUMX on XNUMX/XNUMX?



Thank you for joining us today!
I regret that I was so nervous that I couldn't talk much😵‍💫

Will it be difficult if it starts at 13:14 on 〇月〇? XNUMX:XNUMX is fine, but the earlier the better 💧I think it's convenient for you, so I'd be happy if you could just consider it⭐️

Thank you for your support ✨


Thank you for your reply!
You must have been nervous lol I don't have any plans yet, so it's okay if it starts at XNUMX:XNUMX.



Then, let's do it at 13:XNUMX on 〇月〇. ✨
where shall we go? 💭
I'll leave it to Yossan🫡

I'll do my best to talk more next



Please be at XNUMX:XNUMX on the XNUMXth of the month!
I thought it might not have been communicated well, so let me clarify the allowance.

XNUMX.Meal (about XNUMX hours)
XNUMX.Adult (about XNUMX hours) ・・・

As for socializing at meals, we assume dinner time on the premise that there will be occasional socializing with adults.
Since it's a daytime relationship, is it okay to go with the latter this time?
If it seems difficult because you are still scared, I will give up, so please feel free to tell me



After all, I'm still scared, so I think it's good to meet a few times and talk and build a relationship of trust.I'm cautious, so it may take some time...I'm sorry💦

Also, regarding the allowance, is it correct that it's only for meals... only for adults?I've been thinking about it for a while...I'm sorry that I couldn't say it directly yesterday, but I was thinking that I would like an adult... so is it difficult? 🥺💭

I hope you will consider it!Thank you for your support!



I think that this is something that we both agree on, so it would be helpful if you could present it in concrete terms.

I feel like I'm thinking like this, so I think there are people with better conditions 👍
There's no need to bargain!

If it's a one-off, it's fine, but it's my best proposal considering the continuity in the future, so if you feel like it, feel free to contact me!



Thank you for your reply✨
I will consider it as an adult.Um, I don't know what to say in return, but can I put some conditions on it? 💭
If the conditions I put out are okay, even an adult is okay.

I'm afraid to connect with too many people, so I would like to meet a few people.That's why I don't want to cut off with someone I've talked to once as much as possible. .It's my choice 💧

Thank you for your support! 🫡
I would appreciate it if you could consider it ⭐️



Thank you for your reply!
What are some conditions 🤔



There are conditions! ⭐️

① Touching is fine, but kissing is not.
(Because bacteria in the mouth can cause tooth decay😵‍💫 Also in this day and age✕)
② Make sure the room is completely dark.
* It's okay if the light is vague under your feet, as long as it's not too bright💦
(Because it's embarrassing 💧 it would be helpful if you could remove your glasses 🥺)
③ Be sure to attach the rubber
(Just in case, it is a measure against venereal disease. It is not allowed to splash semen on the face or body.)
④ It's okay to be licked, but I can't lick it!

This is what it looks like when it pops out!Sorry for the many requests...
I would be happy if Yossan accepted this condition😌💭
Sorry for the late reply!Are you sleeping💭
When I talked to you the other day, you said that you go to bed early💦 Sorry for the long post!I hope you read it 🫡

Thank you for your hard work today, good night✨



thank you for the details
I think that the condition is very good as a risk countermeasure
Of course, I feel the same way about rubber, but other than that, I felt a little lonely.

I think it would be different if we could slowly build a relationship of trust without rushing to overdo it, but I think it would be difficult because our activity times don't match.

Please feel free to contact me if anything changes!


Rana seems to have made up her mind and made up her mind, so I am grateful for that.However, I don't particularly enjoy eating or drinking together, and I only want to act according to the rules for a short time during the day (I don't have any special propensity, so what I want is normal). Not really interested.Also, I couldn't imagine the development of a relationship that would lead to the essential human relationship that I was looking for, so I ended up with the above email.very sorry.


At first, I was thinking of writing Rika-san's story and the story of the interview at the Universe Lounge together, but it seems that the number of characters will be more than I expected, so I will divide it into two parts.I don't want to restrain the other person for a long time every time, but I felt that it would be difficult to deepen the exchange in the limited time of 1 to XNUMX hours.I guess the way of thinking about this is the feeling.I realize that there are still many things I do not know and that I have a lot to learn.

Trajectory of a poor dad #3 Dating type B, Rina, R Kaori, continue to the extra edition (2/2)!

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