No matter how many women you hold and experience, you will never be able to unravel the mystery of the female body.

Before I met Ms. K, she was a typical housewife living a peaceful life with her husband and two children.My relationship is now "Mistress SM Sex", but we often talk about each other's private lives and personal stories. K has many friends and colleagues from his part-time job.

At one point, he told me about such a friend, and one of them told me about a colleague at work named F-ko. F-ko is a divorced parent who moves back to her parent's house where her mother lives alone to raise two children.My living expenses are my mother's bereaved family pension and part-time income, so I'm not too rich.

F child's personal story is said to have been a divorce because she was disgusted with her alcoholic husband who had a small income.After that, F-ko worked hard to raise her children while changing her occupation from one job to another.

Up to that point, it's a story that can be found anywhere, but it seems that F-ko had a physical relationship with a man named H while receiving "salary" because of her future life. In her relationship with Fko, she became pregnant twice, but since she was not married, she chose to have an abortion and continued the relationship.

The conclusion of this story is that after that, it was time for F-ko to break up with the man, but K listened to the story and told me about it. It is said that the life of the family as a motherless family was saved thanks to that dating a man named H. Later, I thought about why K would tell me such a story.

I think she wanted to emphasize that even though she became H's concubine, she ended up breaking up with him.I think she wanted to tell me about that, identify herself with my feelings, and point the finger at her current love relationship.Of course, her colleague F-ko had no idea that K was my mistress.

In the case of Koko F, ​​she is divorced, so she is free to go out with a man named H. In the case of K, she has a husband and is living a secret “lust life” with me. Both F-ko and K have a "mistress contract", but in the case of F-ko, there are unstable factors such as supporting her life because she is a single-mother family.

In the case of K, her husband is a prefectural government official, and she also earns a part-time income, so her life is stable.Even though it's the same Mistress Life, K's relationship is not for living expenses or saving money, so I can see that he's easy going with me.

 If you continue to pierce one hole, you will see the "mystery of the female body"

When I heard about this, I will talk about it at a later date, but I will never allow K to experience the hellish days of suffering when his husband finds out that he has been enjoying his mistress life. and! I think that was the message.I think it was a confession of a woman's heart, telling her not to shed tears of regret and repentance.

From now on, let's enjoy the lewd and shameless "SM play" that will make you forget everything, and enjoy "extramarital love" forever.I think it was a passionate wish from K. According to K.“My husband and I love each other more than anyone else! ’. "I'm different from other people, my husband won't abandon me no matter what happens..."I think I wanted to emphasize that.

As an aside, I spent my school days in Tokyo.I am currently living in my hometown, but I have dated more than 18 women since I was 50 years old.There were times when we had sex once, and times when we had sex several times.

Now, when I look back at the past girls who have passed by, I conclude that no matter how many women I hold and experience, I will never be able to unravel the "mystery of the woman's body."However, if you continue to pierce one hole, you will come to understand that a woman's body has a wonderful personality.

The mistress who made me understand this clearly is M-ko, who is six years older than me. I won't go into her story with her M-ko here, but she had a 12-year relationship with the girl who taught her the "mystery of the female body."

"Mystery of the female body" is what it's all about. I would like to, but since it is Mrs. K's story now, I would like to put it back.

 I feel the happiest moment when I decide to have a pussy in my head

I experienced a couple exchange, and I was able to show off my body by letting others hold K's body, so I was satisfied with my life as a mistress.K is really cute as she holds me and plays foolishly, shedding tears of joy and having acme many times.Around this time, she didn't even suspect me anymore, she trusted me completely, and as I held her in my arms, she seemed to think, ``She will be the woman of ○○ forever.''

I also had no intention of deceiving her, so I felt bad for her husband, but I was planning to let K's pussy go on forever.At the end of September, I called him several times and asked him if it would be convenient for him to wait for me at the parking lot around eleven o'clock tomorrow.

"I'm going to love K for the first time in a while."I say with a nasty smile. Of course, K's heart fluttered because it was the first meeting in a long time.I didn't have much time in the middle of July, so it's the first time I've ever played "SM sex" at a hotel since I had a pussy in the car.

The day has come.In order to prepare for my thick mara from the morning, I change my favorite panties.Before that, this morning, K was busily moving around in the bathroom, as usual, while he was hunched over and showered only on his pussy.

Even though K has vowed to marry me, deep down in his heart, he constantly blames himself, saying, ``I feel sorry for my husband.'' I think it was.In that regard, I have repeatedly felt the same way about my wife.

However, the moment you decide to have a pussy in your head, the momentary future becomes irrelevant. K thought that I was "my most important husband" and opened his legs to me.I think he felt the happiest when he said that he could be a real couple that he promised in his heart that he would be able to hold me.

 K's naive heart that wants to please me by shaving his own pubic hair

On the other hand, for me, who lives by sleeping with a married woman, it is my greatest pleasure to rape a married woman, make her submit with my cock, and humiliate her as much as I like. I didn't lose sight of "K and Owata no Kokoro Marufu".Last night, K thoroughly washed his whole body in the bath, shaved his pubic hair by himself, and became a shaved pussy himself, thinking that he would be pleased with me.

From around this time, K was supposed to perform "Shaved Tsuruman" himself.Before I met him, he always told me to make him a 'shaving-haired Tsuruman' before we met.If my husband notices a shaving hair, I can say that I shaved it because it was a hot, stuffy summer.

K had already decided on my favorite underwear to wear when we met today.It is a black garter belt with black net stockings and a small pink rose.And a black lace scanty that shows the white pattern on the small front part because it has become a shaved pan.It is a lace bra with a flower pattern on the chest that is set with it.

In order to meet me, K must have been walking around the room looking at the mirror with his face puffed up, almost naked, in underwear that no one had seen.And... I got a cell phone call from K."I just arrived at the parking lot", "I'm heading there now".

K gets out of his car and walks toward my car.The two of us got in my car and headed for the love hotel. Based on my experience, K knew that every time I met him, he was up to something.So what are you doing today to have fun with me? (laughs)

However, she was secretly imagining with joy that it would be to insult and insult her.

 Fucked from behind naked with only garter belt and stockings

Even before K arrived at the hotel, her masochistic female lips were trembling with anticipation and overflowing with hot horny juice.I know why, because her underwear was wet every time I got to the hotel.The moment I opened the hotel door and it was locked, K expressed his welcome by jumping up and hugging me."Oh~ I missed you~"and asks for a kiss.

After a long deep kiss on the spot, I quickly set up the video on the tripod while keeping the room bright.Use the remote control switch to take pictures.I undressed her as usual. "K, you look sexy today," I complimented her underwear.

Before taking a bath, Mrs. K kneels in front of me as usual, unbelts my trousers, drags out the long-awaited plump cock, and there is K who devours it in her mouth. increase.Few women can have an unwashed smelly cock in her mouth because she hasn't even had a bath yet.

However, K has become a masochistic woman who can do it while sniffing the smell.She is so cute to me.And the M woman K is laid on the bed and she is fucked by my cock to my heart's content.After that she is stripped naked with only a garter belt and stockings and her hands are tied behind her back as usual.Next, I tie her breasts up and down several times to squeeze out her breasts.

When K's mouth is gagged with a handkerchief, K's body is already turned on by the switch of M woman.Of course she pokes her violently from behind, but in her case, she likes to have her glans pressed against her womb and her waist is turned around, so she does it many times to her heart's content. Raise.

And at the same time, she received acme while standing.After this, the two of them go to the bathroom together.Sometimes the bath comes first and then have sex, and sometimes it starts as soon as you enter the hotel with intense hugs.

K doesn't know which one it will be every time, but I always decide what to do before entering the hotel.I tried to stir my imagination about what she would do, so I think it was exciting and fresh.

Compared to the time she first became my mistress, her female lips were overflowing with nasty juice.It's definitely evidence of a relationship between a sadist and a masochist.Being embarrassed and humiliated and exposed to shameful exposure is proof that the womb, which is the second brain of a woman, is reacting.

Which is your favorite word, "Orgasm", "Orgasm", "Acme", "Iku~~".

I sometimes think that the ultimate in sex will develop into SM play.Dogs, cats, and monkeys all have mating periods, and at that time they have sex to procreate their offspring.

If she so desires, she can be ecstasy in ecstasy with tears in her eyes at any time.It is not enough to just have sex for the sake of estrus and prosperity of offspring, and only humans who never do animals play SM.

This is going off the rails a bit, but why do women feel better when they have sex?The question arises.To summarize, since ancient times, human sex has been aimed at species preservation.Without the continuation of life, there would be no life on earth.

However, if sex work is done only to maintain the continuity of life, people will not do troublesome work such as sex.However, in order to preserve the species, it is necessary to do troublesome sex work if it is an animal.Therefore, God gave a certain reward to humans.

It is a “reward called pleasure”. "If there is no pleasure, people will not do troublesome work such as sex in order to preserve the species (laughs).Because there is pleasure, we have sex for the preservation of species, and the continuity of all life on earth is achieved.If you feel good, anyone can have sex, and the preservation of seeds has continued for tens of thousands of years.

The animals will be in heat next year and the year after next, and they will work hard at sex.But here comes the big question.The question is why do women feel more physical pleasure than men?If you think about it carefully, you can understand the answer that came out.

Women have a job of being 10 months pregnant.Therefore, I personally hope that gentlemen will continue to provide women with sex that will make them feel very comfortable, while maintaining the continuation of her life.

By the way, when a woman climaxes, she shouts “Iku~~” in Japanese, but the word “orgasmus” is in German.In English, it's ``orgasm.'' In this column, I use the term ``orgasm'' depending on my mood, but I personally like the French word ``acme.''

This is because the French use the term "little death" to describe the sensation of climax.The woman's ecstasy and the way her soul voluntarily escapes expresses the meaning of human consciousness ascending.As an aside, I hope you understand that the continuity of life is maintained thanks to the pleasant feeling.

Over time, Mrs. K had completely become my "female slave"

By the way, I will return to the topic.I hug him tightly, remove his gag and suck his lips.She is naked with only a garter belt and net stockings, and her hands are tied behind her head.Ropes are wrapped around her chest several times to squeeze out her plump breasts.Hang the rope with both hands tied on the hook.

After restraining her body, the next thing to do is to put clothespins between her nipples and attach lead weights used in sea fishing to mercilessly pull down and torture her.Maybe I'm more excited than usual today. Attach a weight to the clothespin and pull on both of Mrs. K's labia minora.

She is enduring it, but probably, in her heart, she probably doesn't want her to stop quickly. knew from previous experience.The proof is that even in her pain, her face is lifted and her pussy looks alive.

Thanks to Mrs. K, I am making things like movies and novels a reality.That's why, while playing, I sometimes verbally abuse him, and sometimes I praise him while giving him praise."You can never show your husband such an outfit!", "You did a great job! K is my girl!", and whisper sweet words.

At this moment, Mrs. K has completely become my 'female meat slave'. "Oh~~ Master~~ I'm your master's female slave. Bully me more~", "Please have fun with me as you like~~~" That's it.

Hearing these words from the woman in front of me... I can't help but feel hardened, and I don't think there's a man in the world who doesn't perform warrior choreography for women.

I think the most important thing is trust.

Regarding this SM play, the first thing I would like you to remember is that “the most important thing is a relationship of trust”.Even if you say that you enjoy masochism, doing something that the other person really dislikes is nothing more than abuse.It also requires extreme caution to avoid accidents and injuries.

That is SM play, which cannot be established without caring for the other party.I don't think it's possible to measure how far you can do it without a relationship of trust.If you don't have enough knowledge or experience, it's better not to overdo it or be unreasonable.Some people mistakenly believe that if they call themselves S, they will not be allowed to behave in any way or use words.

However, as long as you don't have a sense of trust and respect for the other person, I don't think you will become a slave to them, no matter how much they call themselves M.I can only understand that when I'm tied up with a rope, but I think that SM is an act done by people who care about their partners.

I think that the charm of SM is the relationship of trust with partners, not the usual play that is tied up with strings or something. S gives M the pain and shame that M desires, and M enjoys the torture given by S.For that purpose, M must trust S and give everything of himself, and S must respond to it as much as possible.

I think that trust is a kind of affection.And no matter how neat and clean a woman is, there is a lewd bitch inhabiting her.You can enjoy the best sex if you release this female's horny beast part.For that, you should take the time to tease him and then give him plenty of blame.For that reason, SM is an essential tool.

Depending on how you use it, it will be possible to bring out the true nature of a lascivious female that cannot be imagined from a woman's usual face.I would like to continue this story in my next column.

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