I am the one who knows more about Mrs. K's body than my husband.

Mrs. K let out a groan of "Uuuuu...".I have used clothespins on my nipples and labia minora several times, but this was the first time I had weights attached.I urged him to stretch while shaking the weight that was hanging from the little ones.

I will whip the roses on the buttocks as it is. Lady K yells and leans back and writhes her body.The weights hanging from the villas collide with each other and make a sound.While wetting the horny juice from her female lips, I asked for further blame.

After more than 5 years of dating Mrs. K, I think that a pattern has been formed in my "SM sex".First of all, I will do intense "SM play" and blame until I satisfy my sadistic feeling.Next is the method of inserting the penis into the mouth, female lips and anus.Then, after I was satisfied, I finally released Mrs. K.

After that, while taking a break for a while, talk about everyday topics or work in a relaxed way, together with the meal.When it was over, I was tortured with sticky "SM sex" this time.The usual "SM play" is over, her rope is untied, and Mrs. K, who is held in my arm pillow, is immersed in the pleasant afterglow of acme and feels like burying her face in her chest.

I think that Mrs. K may be immersed in a sense of superiority at times like this, saying, ``My husband likes my pussy better than his wife.''She always takes pictures and records videos while doing her pussy.

Alternatively, if I have a little time to spare, I may ask Mrs. K to strip.I sit naked on the table, open my crotch myself and expose my lips in front of me, bend my buttocks and open my lips with my fingers and beg "Look inside ~", and do dildo I put it in the woman's lips and make a suspicious gesture to invite me with an upturned look.

The season when you can reflect on your betrayal to your family a little

K's husband is away from home, but he sometimes calls me after XNUMX:XNUMX at night. K is also the moment when I have to cut off the afterglow of SM sex with me.When her husband calls me the night after we're done dating, her heart beats 'thumping' and his head gets confused, thinking she's somehow found out. It seems that there was

However, it may be a matter of course.I was ordered to play the shakuhachi and was made to hold the penis in my mouth, and the erected penis put the K lady's hand on the table, violently thrust the piston from behind, and plenty of lukewarm sperm deep in the woman's lips. Because it is spit out.If her husband finds out about that, it will be a big deal.

I can't stand the fact that I hold a married woman and it makes my brain numb.So if this mistress life is gone, the tension to live will be gone.I don't feel like hugging young single women anymore.Time flew by, and by the middle of December, K's husband was a civil servant, so he had XNUMX days to finish his work.

Both Mrs. K and I have families, so the time has come to return our awareness to each other's homes.We, who enjoyed the "rich SM couple" more than the real couple, will be in a relationship with strangers here.They will spend happy family time together.

It's time to forget about the scorching "SM sex" we've been having and enjoy New Year's as a family.When they were spending time at each other's homes, they said, ``The shameless acts of the past seem ugly.''And it's also the season where you can reflect a little on the betrayal you've done to your family.

Who put the "condom" that came out of the vagina?

I heard later that on the night of the XNUMXth, K seemed to be living with her husband for the first time in a long time.She seems to have had normal sex like any normal home.Still, I think her husband was excitedly waiting to have her beloved wife.

I don't ask her what kind of sex she had, but after the sex was over, she said that when she was doing post-processing, "skin" came out of her vagina.And the "skin" is"Did you put it in on purpose?"He said to me in a slightly angry tone.

We had never had a fight before, so I was a little surprised.Of course, I strongly stated that I had no recollection of putting a condom on the spot. With Mrs. K, raw insertion is always the standard, so she should know that too.

On the contrary, I"What is that?", "Didn't you have a pussy with someone while I wasn't seeing you?" I questioned K lightly. K is"No! I didn't do anything!" "Trust me!", says.From the atmosphere, it didn't seem to somehow deceive this place.

"Then why did you come out of your pussy?", "Didn't you come out of your husband's mala when you had a pussy?", "Did you forget that over time?"In the end, the story settled down to the conclusion, but if her husband was there and found a "condom", I couldn't imagine what would have happened (laughs) ).

When I heard about the incident later, it was a funny story, but it had only been five years since Mrs. K's betrayal of her husband began.We only have a few hours of "SM sex play" with each other, but if asked what is there in exchange for the carnal pleasure obtained from that act, we will change to something else to satisfy our feelings. I couldn't find anything that would give me.

Sex with a married woman is too great because we pursue each other's comfort

For us, the happiness of the couple that has been accumulated up to now, the happy family life that will continue for decades to come, and the fact that "Burned SM Sex" is a set for us. , can never be thrown away.It was the two people who seemed to be the most important things in the world that could not be replaced by anything.

It's an extraordinary experience, so it's understandable.This "SM Sex" is a set that can not be lost because it is a happy daily life with a family, a mistress life and a fun play.

If the readers of this column look at us, they will probably think that our actions are disgusting and that we are just using each other as a tool to "dispose of sexual desires".Therefore, you may think that you should spend your days in hell, repentance and regret, except for the carnal pleasure of "SM sex".

A body that does not burn with a married couple but burns with another's wife.What is the reason for this?Because it is immoral and forbidden pussy that married comrades do."Jakucho Setouchi", a writer and monk, also said this in his book, and I can understand the meaning that sex between married couples burns the most.

Even though I know it's not good, I can't stop it because in my case, it's a mistress relationship between married people.The reason why sex with a married woman is too great is that they earnestly and greedily pursue only pleasure with each other.

The reason why you can forget your daily life and immerse yourself in sex is because you are a married woman who has a pussy that has been taught to some extent by your husband.Therefore, married women have the advantage of smoothly entering into a relationship where they can both pursue their feelings of comfort.

It's spring and it's a good season to do "masochist slave training"

People seem to get excited when spring comes.I remember reading in a book that spring is called spring because it makes people's hearts bounce like springs. "How's it going? ... next week, after a long time... how's it going?"

My husband was also working at his new post, and the season was mid-April.I wanted to have my futomara play a shakuhachi and drink my sperm. "What are you going to do? Can we meet?", I think Mrs. K made me feel like a 'masochistic slave'.That's because I still haven't hugged him since I held him in February.

If you talk over the phone, you can tell that Mrs. K's lower abdomen goes numb at my nasty whispers, and she gets wet for the first time in a long time.Sex in a mistress relationship while knowing that each other has a home can give you the best excitement and a sense of immorality at the same time.

I get horny just thinking about the situation where a married woman moaning while being played with a different sex technique than her husband. You should have experienced that compulsory sex with Mrs. K's husband is not pleasant.

It is said that the number of couples who do not have sex after marriage is increasing because many women are tired of forced sex.If you wonder if it will continue like this forever, you will still think about having sex with other people in order to satisfy each other's sexual desires.

And once you step into consensual sex with another person, you can never get out of it.There is no escape from the sweet taste of honey that draws you to the depths of hell.That's why, for Mrs. K, my voice over the phone shudders, and the feeling of her thick sperm entwining her throat in her mouth is revived.

And Mrs. K has never even drunk her beloved husband's sperm, but she is fucked, played with, and shot in her mouth as she pleases with my mala.She is fucked all over her body with mouth, hands, baramchi and mala.She, no, she defiles not only her body but also her heart as a "masochist slave".

Get pleasure and stimulation that you can't experience in married life with your mistress's two holes

From the moment we finish talking on the phone, we start to look forward to the day of our appointment.Because when you have sex with your mistress, you are freed from obligatory sex.This is because the joy of being able to have sex that pursues pleasure as your instincts lead explodes.

So, there are many advantages of being married to someone else.It is a pleasure and stimulation that I have never experienced in married life.If you have "SM sex" with such a lover for many years, you will not be able to live without having sex with your lover in the future.

Such frustration makes "SM slave sex".If you go through the door of the hotel, you can easily imagine that "rich SM sex" will be unfolded, which you can never show to other people.Now, Mrs. K's eroticism and sex techniques make her aggressive like a wild beast, and on the contrary, she asks me to do it.The level of sex and eroticism is high.

Now, when I criticize her with words, the heart of a 'masochist slave' reacts and I can't help but get tears in my eyes."Let's do an enema again!", "I'm the only one who can love K's 'masochist' heart", "K loves me the most too!" I'll lick it, so K should play my shakuhachi deliciously too!"

While playing with words like this, Mistress K, who can play with her pussy to her heart's content, is now able to easily insert her fat mala into her beautiful butthole after an enema.I repeat wordplay. "Who was tied up, enemated, fucked up to the butthole and went crazy! ? "

"Who do you think can do all of K's favorite things?", "Ufufu...it's me, right?", "I'm the only one in the world who knows all of K's secrets, right?"In this way, I whispered to Mrs. K, who was capable of doing shameless and lewd things, and struck her lips with my fat mala.

I know more about K's body than my husband.

Every time I call her, K-lady makes her lips wet and drives me to the motel in my car.Next, I put two fingers on her lips and moved them to scratch them out."Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh"My fingers furiously move in and out of her lips.

"Ah, ah, good, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah"It seems that it gradually climbs up and the waist begins to convulse violently.Once I pulled my finger out, this time I fell face down and hit my butt hard.She loves having her buttocks spanked and scratched with her nails.

As usual, I will repeat pressure with two left fingers on the point that is slightly inside the opening of the woman's lips.You can see that the man juice is overflowing.I will repeatedly scratch the butt meat with the nails of the five fingers of the right hand.Man juice and squirting alternately overflow.I purposely slurp it all while making obscene noises.

By making the sound of slurping this mixed juice and squirting juice, you can see that K is excited from the back of his body.He knows K's body better than my husband.Did the fire burn violently?"Ah~~, that's fine~~ Master~~", and still the fingers of both hands wriggle nonstop only for the purpose.

K's one leg is put on her shoulder and the blame on Nurenureo Mancho and buttocks covered with pussy juice continues until she says "forgive me"."U~gyaaaa~~!” K’s terrifying scream resounds.Today, I especially insisted on putting pressure on her left finger, so even though she was slippery, she must have endured it considerably. K's scream turned into a gasp of pleasure.

It's about time that the masochistic feeling of masochism is overflowing and you're getting excited,"Moe chau~~ no~~ ah~~ go~~K, with his legs on my shoulders, shakes his whole body and writhe in agony while continuing to weakly resist, but he welcomes acme.

Kiss K on the lips.While making me agonize, K puts his tongue into my mouth. Sucking each other's saliva while making a sound "jurujuru"."Husband... don't humiliate me too much..."Even as he said that, K dyed his face pink and stared at me with anticipation in his eyes.

I twisted K's left hand up behind his back. “Oh! Atmosphere is important in SM sex.SM sex is not possible with strangers. 

Even if a woman is verbally abused by someone she doesn't trust, her feelings will cool down more and more.She's just a trusted partner and she's surprisingly excited and reacts with her body. SM is a play that is made possible because there is a relationship of trust, and you can experience a very sensual play with people who have the same tastes and tastes.So, no matter how much awareness of M, a woman's reaction will change depending on the other party.

If you don't think that you can do anything to this person, even if you play the same game, the reaction will be completely different.Even if you say SM in a bite, each person has different tastes, and if there is no love, there is nothing but violence. One thing to keep in mind when doing SM is that women are not objects.

I have never been hated for overdoing masturbation while showing each other

There are too many niwaka S men who only refer to AV, and I feel that there are many women who are misunderstood.So I think that matching is determined by how much the S man can match the taste of the M woman.

No matter how much you blame the female body based on the knowledge you have acquired, there are many things that the other party can not be satisfied with.The reason is that S men and M women are based on give and take.I tie up the K woman and I can't say anything about the expression of the М woman, and I feel loved.

I think it is necessary to have self-control to take care of Mrs. K.SM that only hurts is different, so a master-slave relationship is necessary.If you are addicted to this relationship, both of you will find pleasure in each other.Protect your partner's physical safety and privacy and private life, and do not do anything that the other party dislikes.

It is important to try to satisfy the other person's M temperament instead of imposing your own S temperament.I am enjoying SM while keeping in mind that women don't like "self-proclaimed S temperament" who don't understand such things.

For that reason, I often let K lady masturbate in front of me. When K's mood rises, I also masturbate while holding my thick mala and show it to K.The important thing at this time is to do it while staring at each other's eyes.

We treat each other's genitals while staring at each other until we want each other."K Do you want my fat mala?? Do you want to put it in?", "Can you still hold it?"And show masturbation to each other while repeating verbal abuse many times.

By showing each other masturbation, I think that those who have experience will understand, but both S and M understand each other's feelings, so not only the body but also the mind will be absorbed. .From my experience of having a pussy with any woman, I have never been hated for overdoing it.

A man can have sex with a woman with confidence, but it is also effective as a source of excitement for a man to show that he feels good.When you see the time, start by blaming the entrance of the pussy.

The most sensitive part of the vagina is about 3/1 of the way from the entrance, so it is effective to insert the tip of the mala from the opening of the vagina to this part and take it in and out. It's important to give it a taste.

After that, I use one of the SM techniques that I always do, the trick to pull the hair in a bun. By grabbing K's hair and changing the direction of his head, I will raise the feeling of "obedience".K who was hit by this becomes a sexual stimulus.

In addition to the psychological effect, stimulating the scalp is accompanied by a pleasant feeling, so the effect will be doubled.I will introduce it secretly only to my column readers, but as a trial, if you grab the hair while it is still on and do this motion, you should be able to feel the contraction of the vaginal wall and the feeling of the mala sticking to it. (smile).


However, it takes a little trick to pull the hair.It is to grab a lot of hair roughly.If the amount of hair to grab is small, it will give unnecessary pain.In the end, the purpose of this is not to inflict pain, but to promote the feeling of submission that "I am forced to listen to what I say", so it is effective for women.

I will continue this story in my next column.

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