K woman who opens her crotch with a vibrator and puts it in her lips with her own hands

On dates twice a month, Mrs. K did exactly what I wanted.

It was fun to teach her various things including the shakuhachi every time I had a chance to train her to my liking.

"Come on~ I think I'll put it on soon. Do you want my thick mala?"

In the region where I live, the phallus was called "mala".

Lady K's female lips are vertically long.

In addition, when she gave birth, her vagina was narrow, so she had the experience of giving birth after inserting a scalpel into the anus side and widening it a little.

Therefore, the opening of the vagina is wide, so it was convenient to be able to insert my mala easily and smoothly.

Since the vaginal opening is wide, there is no resistance to the mala, so it was convenient to be able to freely change the angle to the front, back, left and right even if I was doing a piston movement.

The tightness is a little bad, but other than that, it wasn't a pussy that forced me to feel any inconvenience.

I was more worried about getting pregnant when I gave her a vaginal cum shot, but I had heard that Mrs. K had a body that made it difficult to get pregnant, so I always cummed her. was

They didn't say no to my requests, they were obedient to everything.

She was a really obedient woman who accepted the mouth launch without resistance because the sperm sticking to the mala after firing into the vagina was cleansed with her mouth.

as a side note.She said that she never licked or drank her husband's sperm, so she was a K-lady whose cuteness was conveyed more and more.

One time, I put a full-length mirror on the floor and asked her to straddle it and squat down while looking at her vagina reflected in the mirror. He gave me ona with my finger.

It also straddles and puts the vibrator in and out of the vagina reflected in the mirror.

The act itself should be obscene and embarrassing, but it seems that Mrs. K felt the pleasure welling up from the bottom of her stomach while being watched by me.

I became more and more fond of Mrs. K, and I was overjoyed to be able to enjoy her lovely and horny pussy without worrying about getting pregnant.

At that time, I had bought a digital camera, although it was a little expensive, so I took hundreds of pictures.

Everything is stored as a treasure video on an external hard disk.

In addition, the video camera was also set up on a tripod, so it is also stored as a video.

I turned to the video camera and told my mistress K, "Tell me that you like me because I'm fatter than your husband!" I was asked to lick the rod while saying many times.

It's wonderful to see him screaming out loud from the beginning to enjoy sex and getting himself drunk.

K calls my cell phone.

My husband was away from home and had a part-time job himself, so on his days off from work, he took plenty of time to invite me over.

The figure that seeks pleasure that can not be obtained by the husband was the female dog itself.

My first mistress was an unexpectedly compatible married woman, so I felt like I was enjoying sex myself.

If you look at it, there are big merits and demerits of the husband.

It's just sex, but women who have never been satisfied with sex long for pleasure.

And my husband, Mara, is said to be only as thick and long as my little finger, if I were to put it in an overhand way.

That's why, with my thick and ferocious phallus, I can fully enjoy the pleasure of the body that I've never felt before, so it seems that I was quite fond of my mala.

Because she wants to enjoy sex from the beginning, she has a strong desire to enjoy herself, so when I hold her, she screams embarrassingly from the beginning.

The appearance of K who is disturbed by exposing her husband's used pussy generously in front of me is a really erotic woman.

K lady who sticks out her waist and tastes Mara more deeply

"So cute~~ K is really cute~"

“I want to eat it.

"It feels good~"

I hugged the petite K and slowly put it in and out as if enjoying the inside of the woman's lips with a thick phallus.

K clings tightly to my body with both arms.

I forcefully spread the inside of the vagina to the fullest and push it in and out as if to create a pleasant sensation.

I think it's really erotic to see Mrs. K move her hips violently and pant due to the trembling pleasure that wells up from my cock, which is incomparable to her husband.

"How is it better than my husband's?"

"This is the first time~~ Mr. ○○'s mara is wonderful~"

"I'm going to be useless~~"

While having such a conversation, I look at K, insert it more slowly, and give him a kiss as if licking his lips.

"You're so cute ~ K, I'm a happy person ~, to be able to get stuck in such a nice pussy."

"I won't let go of K anymore, isn't my Mara good? Huh? How is it?"

"Isn't it better than my husband's Mara?"

I love repeating the piston while comparing sex with my husband to a married woman.

K is his mistress, but I was there, looking at him with the illusion that I had already become his own woman.

"Ah~~ nice~~ Mr. ○○'s Mara is nicer~~"

"I'm going to be captivated by Mr. ○○'s mara~~, hey, poke me more and make me cum already~~"

Lady K opens her crotch wide and sticks out her waist to taste my mala more deeply.

Married Woman K Is A Digger Who Is Trained By A Woman I Like

"Is that so? Do you want to live? Then, I'll go crazy with my mala."

I violently move my hips in and out and thrust deep into my vagina.

"Oh, good, good~ I'll hit you all the way~ Feeling~~ Feeling good~~ Already, I'm going~~"

But I pull back and pull out the penis here.


"Hey, don't be mean~ Hey, please, make me cum~~"

As I lean forward

"Do you want to live? If you want to live, from now on you will call me 'danna-sama'."

I said that because I had already trained K freely.

I made such a promise only when I met and had sex.

That's how it came to be, "K is the husband's woman."

"An, master ~ K is the woman of master ~~"

“Let me squid~~Please let me squid~~”

After hearing that, I slowly put my cock into her lips again, and slowly moved it in and out.

"K, from now on, I'm going to call the penis 'mara', and K's part is called 'omancho'. Got it!"

"An, I understand. Husband~~ An, An, good~~"

"Hey, poke more and more and stick to the back~"

I'm quick to be mean

"What, where are you going... Look, if you don't tell me properly, I'll pull you out again."

"Hey, don't be mean, poke my pussy with your husband's mala~~!"

"Okay~ I'll drive K crazy with my mala. Look, how do you like it! How about it!"

"Ah, that's good~~"

"Iku, Iku, Iku~~"

In this way, on this day, I had my second acme.

K keeps it a secret from her husband It seems that the secret SM play until the grave was fresh

I wanted to destroy the way of sex that couples have built up over the years.

In order to gradually turn the ingrained habits of my husband and wife into the woman I like with my mala and words "candy and whip", I gradually use my body and words to train K into a woman I like. It was going to be done.

It was a promised play only when we were dating, so K may not be conscious of being trained to my liking, but at least I liked that act unbearably.

"So cute~~ K is really cute~~, I'll hug you a lot from now on, are you happy?"

Next, I caress K's breasts while pushing K up from the bottom while she is in cowgirl position.

K, who started to have sex with me, felt relieved that her husband was away from home, and he became open-minded and seemed to burst out at once.

It may have been that the sex that my husband was not satisfied with, and the loneliness of not having a husband helped me, and I happened to feel like I was filling it unexpectedly.

K's husband is a civil servant, so he comes home several times a month on weekends and then returns to his new post.

I never saw my husband's face.

I think that when my husband comes home, K will pretend that he doesn't know anything about our relationship.

Probably, I think that K had sex with her husband on the weekend when he could return to a normal marital life.

However, I don't think she was satisfied enough to faint after experiencing an endless series of orgasms like when she had sex with me.

K has two children, one in middle school and one in upper elementary school.

So I don't think I was able to enjoy lewd sex with my husband at home.

By this time, I was not surprised by my requests for SM play.

And gradually my "training" began.

I felt like I was in paradise on earth, and I was having sex crazy

Every three times I met K, I tried to give him a present as much as possible.

On this day, I bought a short-sleeved white dress that fits perfectly on my body.

In the past, I had to wear high heels, skirts, and silk blouses, and there were times when it was difficult for me to be a cheap office worker.

However, I acted as if I had enough money in my wallet to buy K's favorite things (laughs).

However, K, who never dreamed of such a thing, trusted me more and more as I expected.

In my mind, at this time, I bought K what he wanted, occasionally let him eat at a luxurious restaurant, and even gave him a dreamy and wonderful "pussy" that he had never experienced before. I was proud of the fact that I was doing my best, so I think both K and I felt like we were in paradise on earth.

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