You're going to have "two husbands" from now on, you know!

Even if Mrs. K is doing well in her life as a mistress, since she is a married woman, she may feel sadness and sorrow for some reason.It's a proof of deep thinking and rather human.I looked at her and gently hugged her and led her onto the futon."what up?","Hmm? What are you sad about?"In a different way than before, she said a gentle voice and hugged her body.

"Ah, my husband, there are still times when I don't know what to do."
,“Then, are you going to break up with your husband and become my mistress?”,"Uh-huh...I can't-I can't leave my children."I shook my head weakly.

"Then, can K break up with me?"
While saying that, I put my finger on K's lips and caressed."Ah, ah~~ No, no~","It's sad~, what should I do?"She was a K-lady whose body sought pleasure even though she knew it in her head.

"K's body is clean, it's not dirty."
,"But if my husband and family saw my current appearance, they would certainly think 'dirty'.","But that's K's true form. K's true form is a 'masochist.' Do you know what this means?"

"Do you want me to keep your pussy from now on?", "Yeah, I want to!"

"That's why K should just live a normal life as before.","And only when you're meeting with me, all you have to do is show K's true form.","That's fine!","Oh yeah... K will marry me.","K will be my wife.","But... I can't leave my husband..."

"I can't do anything to destroy my current life.","I don't have to break up with my husband for anything.","It's fine if we get married only in my heart and K's heart!","Do you understand?""in my heart?""Yes, K will have two husbands from now on."

"In other words. To put it simply, the normal K should hide his 'masochist' appearance and live a normal life with his husband and children as usual.","When your body begins to ache, become my wife several times a month and return to your true form!","But what about the two husbands?","K means that I will have two husbands from now on!"

“And I am loved by my two husbands.,"When you become my wife, return to K's true self and enjoy 'SM sex' to your heart's content.","I'm the only one who can love K for who he really is.","We just need to continue that relationship!"

"K likes me, and I like K too, so let's continue this relationship without getting caught.","Does K like me?","I like it","Would you like to have me as your pussy from now on?","Yeah, I want to.","Do you love me as much as your husband does?","Oh, I love you, husband."

Then someday, let's have a wedding just for me and the two of us!

"K loves my husband, I want to have a pussy too...","Then, you just need to continue your relationship with me without throwing away your current life.", In this conversation, I seemed to understand the meaning of "having two husbands".She must have thought this was the nicest and best solution for Mrs. K.

However, if you think about it carefully, it only means that you will sleep with K lady from your husband.I had come to the point where I could not throw away the convenient relationship when my body ached with each other.I don't know if I can continue to live like that forever, but I come to the conclusion that I have no choice but to move on without thinking too much about things.

Mrs. K was happy that she would not lose her mistress relationship while cherishing her family."K, I'll make a chance someday, so let's have a wedding just for me and the two of us!","And let's be husband and wife!",I'll definitely find a chance, so let's go on a honeymoon just the two of us to a hot spring somewhere.","Isn't it good?",“Ah, husband… I’m so happy!”

And then, Mrs. K clung to me and kissed me as if devouring my lips.From now on, I can insert an erect penis into Mrs. K's female lips.And it is possible to invite to the world panting for continuous "acme". You can see the world where K is immersed in the sea of ​​ecstasy.When I think about it, I can't help but feel that this secret happiness is more important than anything else.

Carrying a blanket, the two of us went down the side path.

“K is my only woman.,"Because I won't let go of K. I won't give it to my husband. K is my only woman.","Ah...I'm so happy~, I'm your husband's girl~~","Oh, that's fine~~, don't give it to anyone~~"

"Ah, ah, I love you, I love you~~", I was already a K lady who said that if I left it to her, everything would go well.She trusts others from the bottom of her heart and is able to entrust herself to others.This is absolutely necessary in a relationship.And... we were drunk on the sweet words of 'a wedding for just the two of us'.

However, although I said that I would hold a wedding ceremony for just the two of us, the opportunity did not come so easily.This is because in each other's daily lives, the dates and times that overlap exactly had to match.It was finally implemented the following year.

After that... time passed and the day of their wedding promised arrived.I left home because my wife had a one-night golf business.She left home for a short trip with her girlfriend.By this time her children are in high school and middle school.I had enough time to go home until the evening because I had to study and do club activities.

We had an early lunch at a soba restaurant in a relatively large town called "N", and then trekked into the mountains for about 20 minutes to arrive.Carrying my usual bag and K carrying a Boston bag and a blanket, the two of us descended the side street.I came out to a stream in a deserted valley.When I spread a blanket on a sunny stream surrounded by trees, I pulled Mrs. K up and kissed her while entangling her tongue.

K's defecation and urine being washed away by the water of the stream

The wedding I was planning was first and foremost outdoor sex. I had already told Mrs. K about this, so when I thought that we were going to hug each other here, my body was flushed with heat."K, let's have a wedding ceremony here for just the two of us." "Now, take off your clothes."While saying so, I also took off my clothes and became naked.

A naked wedding ceremony is held in the nature of the mountain where there is no one.When I took off my clothes, I exposed each other's naked bodies generously in the bright sunlight. K sat down on a large rock and shaved the pubic hair that was barely sticking out of his head with an electric razor.Next, she is made to crawl on all fours in the swamp and an enema is given with milk.

It was the beginning of September, so it wasn't too cold to be naked outdoors.I think I had a hard time defecation because of the milk that had accumulated in my stomach.As usual, I tie my upper body while tying my hands behind me.Break a tree branch with your hands and use it as a whip to lightly beat your buttocks. Mrs. K endures intermittent bowel movements.

I stand on the raised rock and have her shakuhachi on my penis.She is finally allowed to defecate with her butt sticking out on her middle waist and shakuhachi.The white defecation was vigorous and fell into the swamp flowing down in an arc.Next, she was tied up in a grove and committed while standing, and then committed again while being tied up in the place where the blanket was laid.

“As I thought, a rope bridal dress suits K best.”,"From today onwards, you'll be my one and only 'meat slave wife'!", and this time, I lay on my back, and while she was straddling me and tied up, she vigorously shook her hips and did yoga.

Husband is my second husband

"Oh, it's okay~~, it feels good~~",“From today onwards, you’re my husband’s wife.,"I belong to my husband~, I love you~, I'll go again~", we were intoxicated with outdoor sex while being wary of our surroundings.

There is something special about having sex in the open air, not in a hotel room.Because I'm nervous that someone is watching me.While being nervous, they hold a wedding ceremony and vow to each other as wives out of wedlock."K has two husbands from today!", "But I'm your first husband, and my husband is second (laughs)!"

"Yes yes (laughs), my husband is my number one husband.","My husband is second (laughs).","Well, I'm going to finish the wedding three or nine times, but drink sperm instead!", I pulled out the penis that was piercing the woman's lips, and screwed it into Mrs. K's mouth and released the sperm.

After that, drive to your booked hotel. "It's a love honeymoon." In order to have the sweet and indecent sex that two people want, it's decided that a closed room is the best.At the hotel, Mrs. K bravely washed my body in the still bright bathroom.They feel like they are married.I also washed Ms. K's body, but it felt more like caressing than washing (laughs).

I stand up and sit on the edge of the bathtub. Mrs. K plays the shakuhachi while making a sound mixed with saliva with her phallus facing the sky.From the gills to the back streaks to the rod, you will feel a sense of accomplishment at the same time as you feel that the results of the training you have taught so far have been demonstrated.

At this time, Mrs. K's husband should still be at work.There is no way I know that my wife is holding her other person's stick in her mouth.The pleasure of stealing someone's wife is addictive because there is the pleasure of stealing the husband's wife who works during the day.

Now it's my turn to use the pussy that my husband used without permission.The pleasure of stealing someone's wife is the best woman's play for me. Mrs. K tried to take her mouth off the cock, but she wanted to hold onto her for a little longer, so she let Mara stay in her mouth.

 I finally made my SW debut, but there was a lot of charm that I could get into.

The wedding with Mrs. K is over, and after that, the time between the two of them has passed indifferently. Five or six years have passed since then with Mrs. K.It was about time for the two of them to feel like they were in a rut.The two came to want some fresh stimulation.

With that in mind, one day I made a proposal to Mrs. K.It was a proposal to see if you would like to see "husband and wife swap".I and Mrs. K will participate as husband and wife. I was afraid that Mrs. K would turn down my proposal to participate in the couple exchange in "Impersonating Couple", but Mrs. K showed interest, so I decided to make arrangements two months later. Did.

The first thing to prepare is the question of which of the photos you have taken so far to send to the other couple.I took hundreds of photos, so I was at a loss, but since it was my first time, I decided to choose a safe photo that wasn't too extreme.

We agreed to refrain from SM photos, so I immediately asked a couple, and received an email from the other party with a photo of his wife.I also sent an email back with a picture of Mrs. K's perspective, and the other party liked it, so for the time being, we exchanged several emails about the latest situation, and both of us seemed to like each other. , The SW debut has finally arrived.

For the place, I decided to call it a certain car hotel with a slightly larger room.There is also a XNUMXP where four people enter and enjoy each other's sex, exchange wives and have sex, and two men blame a woman.We boldly escalated to the world of "husband and wife exchange".

While continuing the "lover relationship", they participate as a pseudo-couple and play while watching and being seen sex in front of them.It's secretly popular among maniacs as an adult game, but I think it's rare to see a "lover couple" that goes this far.

 The other gentleman goes behind Mrs. K, who is playing the shakuhachi, and immediately gropes with his fingers.

We had agreed to bring lunch together at the spa, so we were all set.Since one car can enter, I parked my car in the parking lot and decided to ride in the other car with Mrs. K.After a quick greeting, we head straight to the hotel.

I was a little nervous, but I was relieved that the other couple seemed to be accustomed to this world and was a nice couple as shown in the picture.I've heard that many of the couples who step into this world as husband and wife are gentlemen, and I was right, so I think I was blessed for my debut match.

We decided to take a bath together as a couple.Each other's couple rises from the bath, and it's finally time to start playing. Mrs. K was a little hesitant to let a man other than me see her naked, but more than that, she was more embarrassed that another man could see me holding my penis with a shakuhachi. .

On top of that, the thought of being able to see my "Truman" made me feel an indescribable throb in my embarrassed body.At that time, the other gentleman noticed that K's labia was already wet with lewd juice.The gentleman of the other party goes around behind Mrs. K who is playing the shakuhachi and gropes my penis with his finger.

The wife of the other party is sitting on the sofa and looking at the scene with a smile.The gentleman of the other party is on all fours and licks the wet place of Mrs. K, who is drenched in lewd juice.The gentleman repeats the caress to lick the whole body.

Through the mirror, I can see her screaming and writhing in agony, but Mrs. K sometimes catches a glimpse of me, still gasping, as she shakes my penis.It was the beginning of 2P where Mrs. K was invaded by two men while enjoying mutual appreciation.

In addition, in this column, I would like to proceed by calling the gentleman Mr. A and his wife Mrs. A from now on.I will continue this story in my next column.

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